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    I Am Julian Jerome.

    Wednesday, November 13 2013
    Connie's custody hearing begins, Scott visits Julian Jerome, and Franco worries about being Heather's son.


    At the courthouse, Diane congratulates Scott on the news he has a son. He doesn't want to hear the name. Diane doesn't think Franco's bad but denies being his girlfriend – Carly is the only woman for him.

    On the phone in his room, Julian tells Ava he hasn't spoken to Sonny and answers Alexis' knock. She comes in with his newspaper. The headlines read, "Good Morning Port Charles, I am Julian Jerome." She asks if he's proud but jokes she must really want to be there after their kiss last night. She slaps him when he asks if she's come back for more. She just left someone who was in the mob and tells him not to go near Sam or Danny. He wants that to be Sam's decision. Besides, there's no proof he's after Sonny and he'd never hurt Sam or Danny. He cares about Alexis too and thinks something's going on between them. What they have now is more mature, like red wine. His lies by omission have soured the wine for her and she leaves for court. Scott visits later, knowing that Julian was responsible for the recording of Lazaro conspiring with Corinthos. He realizes it wasn't out of the kindness of his heart and asks what Julian wants. Julian claims he's a legitimate business man and offers to do a spread of him and Lucy in his paper. He remembers Lucy was involved with his dad…and responsible for his death. He insinuates nothing will happen to Lucy, knowing he and Scott can work together.

    Sonny asks Olivia to talk about what happened last night when she wakes up in his bed. Olivia reminds him how upset he was about learning that Julian is Danny's grandfather. She's glad she was there but it doesn't have to mean something. He reminds her she's been there for him always, even when she gave him room to be with Connie. He doesn't know where this will go but tells her how beautiful she is. She thanks him and gets up but he's not ready for her to leave and they kiss.

    At the Metro Court, Luke's eager to get to the cops instead of the hospital. Dante overhears at the door and wants to know what Tracy doesn't want the cops to know. Tracy fusses over Connie while Lulu hugs Luke. She's worried he has to go to the hospital. It's just a checkup. Tracy and Luke are surprised but supportive to hear about a custody battle for Connie. They agree to babysit during the hearing.

    Carly wakes up in Franco's room and kisses him. He asks if in the cold light of day she thinks this is a mistake. He's the son of a second rate D.A. with a crazy mother who hates his guts. Carly corrects him, Heather hates her guts but Franco wonders if this is when she dumps him and goes back to Derek. Carly's not interested in Derek and wants Franco to stop pushing her away. She showers while he answers the door. There's a delivery of dead roses for Carly and a note ' to stay away from my son'…signed Heather Webber. Carly rejoins him and asks why he got her dead flowers. He hides Heather's note and chases Carly back to bed to make love.

    At GH, Ellie thinks she's the luckiest person alive to have Spinelli and regrets she can't accompany him to court. She wonders about Diane's strategy and Spinelli shares he was advised to marry Maxie. Ellie's worried but Spinelli wouldn't perpetrate fraud. When he walks down the aisle, he plans on doing it with Ellie. Later, Ellie's pleased to see Luke doing well but wonders what he and Tracy are doing with Spinelli's baby. Luke and Tracy think a judge will have a say in that.

    In the courtroom, Felicia hugs Maxie for Mac while he's busy tracking down Robert and Anna. Maxie's doing her best to not look like an unfit mother but is really scared. Diane and Alexis come in and Spinelli joins Maxie. The Falconeri's arrive, followed by Sonny and Olivia. Alexis confirms to the judge she's there to show Maxie is an unfit mother. Elizabeth takes the stand. She's not Maxie's friend and shares how Maxie had an affair with Lucky, supported his drug habit, and faked a pregnancy and miscarriage. Maxie apologizes to Spinelli. During the break, Dante's sorry Maxie had to hear that. Alexis asks how far they want to push this. Lulu's ready to go all the way but Dante has reservations. Nearby, Maxie worries who they will call next. The judge restarts the proceedings and Alexis calls Maxie to the stand. Maxie regrets what happened to Lucky and Elizabeth but that doesn't make her an unfit mother. Alexis asks, "What about the fact that you are a murderer?"

    Elizabeth returns to the hospital and tells Ellie that things aren't going well for Maxie and Spinelli.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Patrick wants to meet Luke's doctor.

    Robin worries about Patrick at any time.

    Britt knows Obrecht is lying.

    Brad yells at Ellie for her bad timing.

    Maxie asks Lulu how she could use Robin's death against her.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by warlock at Wednesday, November 13 2013 12:50 PM

    Hate that Scott Baldwin is back at all, besides being the new DA. Guess we're stuck with this jerk again.

    Why didn't Diane bring up to Elizabeth that all her kids have different dad's and one son is dead because she didn't notice he went outside?? Diane is usually ruthless and up to date on things. Really surprised at that.

    Also, Maxie a murderer??? NOT!

    How about LuLu's abortion because she didn't want to be a mother???

    Come on Diane, get hold of this situation.

    Don't like that Spin still wants Ellie. Still believe he belongs with Maxie. They have a lot more passion and emotion for each other (in a good way).

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, November 13 2013 12:52 PM

    Seen it Julian and it's not all that.

    He's right, his father was an azz too.
    Alexis needs to run as fast as she can back to Shawn and beg his forgiveness.

    Carly would be getting the absolute worst mother-in-law in the world!

    Sonny and Olivia pillow talk. So cuddly and so cute.

    Maxie killed someone? So did Lulu.
    Have to say, i'm not enjoying this s/l. It's so sad for these close friends to become enemies. So much hate and hostility.

    Maxie must be really pregnant to be wearing that dress!

    Liz looked GREAT! I can see why she would tell her story. Maxie was awful to her.

    Ellie and Spin are about as hot as Alexis and Julian. Both FLOPS.....

    Posted by girlinthewind at Wednesday, November 13 2013 12:55 PM

    Wow how long have Tracy and Luke been back and they are just now getting around to letting anyone know and go to the hospital? I'm confused LOL. I guess I forget that what is a week for me is a day for the soaps.

    I kind of like how Julian veils his threats, now everyone knows he is a live, shouldn't the WSB or someone be looking for him? They don't like it when you walk away from witness protection.

    I think this trial is going to be tiresome and ugly and I really hate that they are doing this to these particular people.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, November 13 2013 12:58 PM

    warlock ~ Elizabeth is not on trial, it's irrelevant to this case what she did in her past. She only gave testimony to what Maxie did to her and Lucky.
    Happy to see Spinelli not falling into the trap of marrying Maxie just to have a better chance of getting custody.
    Really dislike this story line and hope they wrap it up soon.

    Posted by WatFan at Wednesday, November 13 2013 12:59 PM

    Warlock - Liz's past and "fitness" are not on trial. Its Maxi's.

    This is going kind of like the last episode of Seinfield isn't it? Too bad they can't have ghosts on as well. We need Logan Hayes and Georgie oh the Alcarzar girl (can't think of her name). All of them would have a few things to say about both Lulu and Maxi.

    Posted by Bookwerm98 at Wednesday, November 13 2013 01:00 PM

    Kirsten Storms is pregnant by Brandon Barash ( ex Johnny) in real life.

    Also I really don't like LuLu anymore. What a hypocritical witch.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, November 13 2013 01:01 PM

    Ransomha ~ Look on pg 2 of GH Happenings spoilers for a pic of KS showing off her baby bump.

    Posted by WatFan at Wednesday, November 13 2013 01:03 PM

    Well maybe Heather will leave Sam alone now as she has CArly to focus on.

    Derick has now got a DA in his pocket. Score Team Jerome.

    Gosh I really want him to form a relationship with Sam and Danny. It would be nice if they would portray that side of him even more than they already do.

    Sonny is more concerned about the latest woman in his bed than his kids as usual. If it wasn't for Liv's interest in Dante - he'd still be in bed and not there for his son.

    Posted by queensheila at Wednesday, November 13 2013 01:05 PM

    Hi! I am new to posting so forgive me I do not type very fast. Not only did Lulu have an abortion of a Quartermaine but killed Scott's son and Scott was out to get her for that. She also spent time in Shadybrook so her mental state isn't that great. Finally she had a fling with Johnny Z. spent time with him in New York. So she is not so innocent. Heather needs to stay gone but it looks like she is going to be a thorn in everyone;s side.

    Posted by WatFan at Wednesday, November 13 2013 01:09 PM

    I'm glad that Lulu is fighting for the baby. That takes dedication. Use all that is necessary to fight Maxi - but be prepared - turn about is fair play.

    Speaking of fair play - isn't public sentiment have the battle? Get the people of Port Charles on your side. It will help if they think Julian is a good guy. It would also help to do a little more things in public service. In the meantime - keep publishing bad things about Sonny - like what most of us realize - he's a thug and bad for Port Charles - other than he insures the populations of the city doesn't go into decline.

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