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    Friday, November 08 2013
    Olivia argues with Sonny about his plans, Scott announces he's D.A., and Heather makes a stunning announcement at the opening.

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    Posted by PickleLila at Saturday, November 09 2013 09:09 AM

    Well, it sounds like I am a lone voice shouting into the wind, but I like GH's direction.

    I have watched the show since I was 12 or so, before the Quartermaines hit the scene. Would fall off for a few to several years as work, children, disinterest occurred, but have recently returned viewing this summer (home for six weeks after surgery). This was just before the Nurses Ball which was perfect for me as so many characters from the past were featured (Note to Jackie Zeman: you are venturing into Catwoman territory, time to lay off on the procedures).

    The plots are as ridiculous as ever, and really, could anything ever top the Ice Princess weather machine for sheer sci-fi over the top comic book believability? And it will turn my shaky renewed allegiance if story continuity isn't maintained, i.e. explaining how Heather was pregnant at the same time as Susan Moore yet never showed it or how Franco is so genetically close to either Sam or Jason that he could be a bone marrow donor, etc. (is Victor Jerome Scott's bio dad?)

    Yet.... I like keeping many of my old friends on the canvas by alternating several story lines each week. I also knew RH from his premiere on OLTL and am amused by his quirky portrayal of Franco. Ditto Diane.

    My biggest objection has to do with the erroneous depiction of a bone marrow transplant as a cure for cancer. As an oncology nurse, it bothers me on a "truth in medicine" level that many people now believe that the transplant kills the cancer. It doesn't. Chemo and radiation eradicate the cancer as well as the bone marrow, which is where most blood cells are made. The b.m. transplant restores normal creation of red/white blood cells and platelets.

    Ok, done with my ranting....

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, November 09 2013 10:46 AM

    Well, I slept on it, but even in the light of day, things aren't looking any better. There are a couple of things about this turn of events regarding Frodd's paternity that stand out to me. First of all is the sheer ridiculousness of the suggestion that Heather has known all along that Franco was her son. Even if we ignore the obvious timeline discrepancies and the problematic age differences of the characters involved, it's still impossible to accept that an egomaniac like Heather wouldn't have at least tried to contact her son at the height of his popularity and artistic success the first time he came to town, or that she wouldn't have at least mentioned it to SOMEBODY over the last 40 years, especially after she was told Franco was dead. Up until two days ago, Heather's behavior has been completely inconsistent with someone who believed herself to be Frodd's mother.

    Going back to Sam's original visit to Heather in the loony bin, when the name Franco first crossed Heather's lips, her account of Franco's birth, and how he came to be raised by Betsy Frank seemed like pure fantasy (especially since Steve Burton is eight years older than James Franco), but we were expected to believe it because it was supposed to supply us with the reason for Franco's obsession with Jason. At the time, Heather was more than pleased to share THAT story in exchange for Sam's help delivering a letter to Heather's REAL son, and the apple of her eye, Steven Lars. Unfortunately, Sam was so shaken by the possibility that she was carrying a Frankenbaby that she didn't hold up her end of the bargain, which upset Heather so much that she eventually pulled the infamous baby switch, and later, tried to take Danny for herself. All that was just over a stinkin' LETTER, but in the many, many times Heather voiced her grievances against Sam, and explained why she held such a ginormous grudge against her, she never once bothered to mention that she was also a little bit miffed at Jason for KILLING HER SON! You'd think that might've come up before she hurled herself off the roof of the hospital, but Noooooooo!

    The second thing that stood out to me was the thought that that THIS was what TPTB envisioned as the HUGE, EARTH SHAKING, BIG, GIANT EVENT to compliment the return of Robin for November sweeps. Basically, we've got a wife coming back from the dead just as her husband prepares to marry someone else, yet another mob war that of course Sonny will win, and two “Who's the Daddy?” storylines, one dealing with Ben's true paternity, and the other surrounding a forty year old man and his fifty-something supposed parents! The problem is that even though I'm watching these concurrent storylines playing out with all the fascination of seeing a massive pile-up at a Nascar event, beyond that, I don't particularly care about the outcome of any of these ludicrous plots. None of it is what I would call compelling, or even entertaining television. In fact, it's barely watchable.

    Who cares who Frodd's parents are at this stage of the game? It's not like this changes anything for Frodd. He was already kicked to the curb by the Qs, and I seriously doubt if Heather and Scotty are going to have a custody fight over him, or if they'll all spend the holidays together, so what's the point?

    Who cares WHAT happens to Moron? Does anybody REALLY think that he, Ava, and Ick will prevail over Sonny? As far as I'm concerned, there's more suspense regarding whether Diane and Max get back together or not.

    And what difference will it make if Robin gets back in time to stop Drake Jr. from marrying Saboring? They've already been sleeping together for months, so stopping the ceremony won't solve anything.

    The last time the show was really hitting on all cylinders was when we had the Nurses' Ball and Luke and Laura's mission to rescue Nulu going on simultaneously. There was a HUGE buzz about the show surrounding the 50th Anniversary, and the return of some beloved GH alumni, and everything was going great! Then things started going downhill from there, and I don't think it's any coincidence that the slide into this mind-numbing mediocrity (and worse), began with the re-introduction of the OLTL3, which came immediately after the Nurses' Ball was over.

    That was when we were treated to such thrill-packed, immortal storylines like the tainted relish on the Chew, the search for the missing Q, the redemption of Frodd, the battle for control of ELQ, the incest/Graduate storyline, Connie's murder, Danny's illness, the return of the Jerome Family, Scotty and Laura's short lived marriage, Sonny's meltdown, Robin's ridiculous captivity and impending rescue, and now Heather's retroactive maternity.

    How can anyone at the network look at what's going on and think that this show is heading in the right direction? If GH was a college football program, they'd be winless, the Athletic Director and the Head Coach would be fired, the players would be kicked off the team, the stadium would be torn down, and the school would drop football altogether.

    Posted by theresao at Saturday, November 09 2013 10:47 AM

    I may be a minority of one as I'm glad Franco was revealed as Scotty and Heather's offspring. Never liked the idea of him as Jason's twin. Also didn't like a psychotic killer as a Quartermaine. I know Jason was a killer, but he wasn't psychotic.

    Given Heather's explanation as to when she got pregnant, the timing is plausible. Steven Lars was under 2 (can't remember exactly) when Jeff found out Heather had sold him. So Franco would be about 3 younger than Steve. When Heather and Scott tried to steal Jason's inheritance Franco would have been a year or so older than Jason. So that puts all 3 characters at 40 +/- a year or two. So again a plausible re-write of GH History.

    Franco's obsession with Jason could be explained by Heather having lied to Betsy about the child being Susan's. This is Heather we're talking about.

    So I'm staying on this side of the shark.

    Posted by nancy marie at Saturday, November 09 2013 11:03 AM

    Ouch! Those writers are serving up Heather's explanation of how Scotty and she got together to conceive "Franco" their son with a straight face? Huh? Not a story those of us who were watching GH at that time can accept.

    The hole TPTB are digging themselves (and the characters) just gets deeper.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Saturday, November 09 2013 11:10 AM

    Good Morning: I watched the cliff hanger last night - the cliff hanger that concluded the first week of November sweeps. To say it was underwhelming would be a gross understatement. First of all, my cable was screwing up and about every 41 seconds the picture and sound would freeze for a nanosecond. Annoying much - but pretty quickly into it I realized it really didn't matter. Not much of anything was really happening. And then I began to think the art gallery was a fitting setting, bland, flat, monotonous. The Charlie Brown sound track (wah wah wah) courtesy of my malfunctioning cable suddenly seemed right. The overload of eccentric characters doing their schtick....Moron doing his dour sad sack face, every once in a while like a comma in a long drawn out sentence.

    I am happy for those who enjoyed it. I know there was this kookadoodle-doo reveal about Franco's parentage, and Sonny showing up at the end to announce wah wah wah. But I am so disappointed. Like other posters, I will hang in there, but count me part of the "ye of little faith" crowd.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Saturday, November 09 2013 11:30 AM

    Oh and ditto what Scrimmage said. Obviously I waited until this morning to post just in case I would have a change of heart. My history with this show goes back to it's inception. I have watched it on and off through the years, in the three different states we have lived in, depending on work and life responsibilities. I got re-involved this year when Soap Net juggled the schedule and GH was on when I got home from work. I was loving the first part of the year with the whole 50 year anniversary thingee woven nicely with the SLs. But in the last month or so, not so much. I see Soap Net is going off in December, which only means I would have to DVR it. But if it does not improve pretty quickly, I am not sure it's worth that little bit of effort.

    Posted by AuntieTT at Saturday, November 09 2013 11:43 AM

    Good Morning, everyone,

    Haven't watch the last few days. But, going to this weekend.
    I just want to say to all of our Veterans and their families past and present.THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice.

    Posted by GHfan30+ at Saturday, November 09 2013 12:31 PM

    What a bizarre twist! I remember Scotty & Heather being involved a bit back in the early 80's. But Franco (RH) is way too old to be their son. Scotty & Franco are only 14 years apart in age, which is actually a bigger age gap than Sam & Julian have. Not very believable... but I'm really liking post-brain tumor Franco. He's fun, animated, & we're STILL trying to figure out who he is. Just think- this means that Laura is Franco's step-mother (until she divorces Scotty). LOL! Btw, is Laura EVER coming back??

    And can someone explain- if Franco isn't Jason's twin, then was there ever really a twin? And if so, maybe Steve Burton will come back to play that twin...if he ever comes back.

    Posted by pemi at Saturday, November 09 2013 01:12 PM

    Considering what we learned about Franco yesterday, I can't wait until the big reveal about baby Ben's parents. They could be ANYBODY!!!

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Saturday, November 09 2013 01:20 PM pose an interesting possibility re: Steve Burton ever coming back. Rather than having him come back from the dead as Jason...come back as Jason's twin. Perhaps that is why they cleared the deck of Franco as the twin. I mean they have put Franco through multiple transformations, so what's another. Ultimately if the very talented Robert Howarth/Franco ends up an interesting character that will be a very good thing. And if Steve Burton were to come back....well maybe GH can get it's groove back.

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