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    Election Day.

    Tuesday, November 05 2013
    Sam confronts Ava about her father, Derek gives Morgan another task, and Heather previews the art before Franco's opening.


    At GH, Kiki hopes Silas wants to see her about a job. It's about her mother. She doubts she wants to hear anything about Ava. Silas mentions it's about Sam and Ava's brother, Julian Jerome. He's dead but her grandmother Delia is alive and would like to meet her. Kiki's not surprised given all her mother's lies but wishes she had a clue she was related to these people. Silas thinks Ava was trying to cover up her mob ties. Kiki's glad he brought her the truth.

    Sonny excuses Michael during their restaurant conversation when Max shows Lazaro in. Sonny thought he'd be busy with the election and Lazaro quips he has it in the bag. At the bar, Max gives Michael advice on being a brother while previewing desserts. Lazaro leaves and Michael asks Sonny why they've been meeting. He's worried about AJ getting a fair trial but Sonny doesn't want him to worry about that. Kiki arrives and shares with Michael how she didn't get a job, but she has a new grandmother, cousin and dead uncle. Michael explains who Julian Jerome is.

    Diane supervises the moving men taking paintings out of Franco's room. She hopes they can keep it undercover that he didn't paint them. Carly passes by and stops to find out what the secret is if Franco and Diane aren't a couple. Diane won't chance Franco giving Carly the truth and pretends to be infatuated with him. She kisses him and rushes off for the gallery. Franco grabs Carly's arm and she asks, "What's left to say?" He doesn't reply and she leaves. Derek was hoping to see Carly when Morgan arrives to his room. They listen in on Sonny and hear Lazaro ask for the file on Julian Jerome back. The county is digitizing their files and he can't take a chance that they find it missing. Sonny can copy it if he wants. Sonny has all he needs. He knows Derek Wells is Julian Jerome and doesn't tell Lazaro how he'll handle it. Derek's impressed that Sonny already knew who he was when they met and understands he's waiting for Derek's next move. Morgan asks if Derek is going after Sonny first when Carly knocks. Morgan hides as Derek lets her in. They agree to meet at the gallery for the opening and she leaves. Alone, Derek has a job for Morgan and gives him a flash drive. In the hall, Franco overhears Derek remind Morgan that their relationship needs to remain discreet.

    Scott stops Lucy from defacing Lazaro's poster and drags her into the polling place to vote. Heather watches nearby, dressed in scrubs with a surgical mask. She follows Scott into the voting booth eager to 'lobby the hell out of him'. She won't leave until she delivers her message. Lucy finishes voting first and notices Scott's not alone in his booth. She pulls the curtains and sees Heather. The three struggle while Heather extends an invitation to Franco's art show. Lazaro's surprised to see them exit the booth when he comes to vote. After he and Scott stop arguing, Morgan approaches Scott and gives him Derek's flash drive.

    Sam finds Ava at the gallery to chat about her father. Ava wouldn't know anything about her father but Sam thinks different, he's Ava's brother. Ava claims she doesn't have a brother but that's not what Sam heard from Delia. Ava calls Delia a money grubbing liar and wants to know what any of this has to do with Sam. Sam just wants to know anything she can about her father. Julian would have been a devoted father. Ava wishes she got to know the Jeromes better but they were gone shortly after she met them. Sam recognizes that Ava's not gone but Ava doesn't care that they're related. She only cares enough to worry what will happen to Sam when she learns what Silas is keeping from her. Ava suggests Sam use her investigative skills to learn more. Sam doesn't believe Silas is keeping a secret. Diane interrupts and asks Sam if she's coming to the opening, especially since a portion of the proceeds will benefit pediatric leukemia research. Later, Heather arrives early and is surprised to see her paintings hung in the gallery.

    Back at GH, Sam lets Silas know that Ava tried to divert the discussion back to his secret past. She respects his privacy.

    At the Metro Court, Carly lets Franco know she's going with Derek to the opening. Franco knows something about Derek. Meanwhile, Ava meets with Derek. Their plans could be blown out of the water if Sam identifies him. It doesn't matter. Sonny knows who he is. They listen in on Sonny's conversation with Max. He plans on taking Derek out at the opening.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Franco tells Carly that Derek is sleeping with her son.

    Silas wonders why Sam wants to go to Franco's show.

    Scott questions what Morgan knows about Lazaro.

    Kiki doesn't want Michael to tell Sonny what she knows.

    Ava's worried that Sonny will kill Derek.

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    Posted by TexasGirl1015 at Tuesday, November 05 2013 12:47 PM

    Boy for it to be a big story about Robins return, it sure is dragging out and not even showing it very often. And not even in the spoilers. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY MY GOODNESS!!!

    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, November 05 2013 01:09 PM

    Good afternoon everyone!
    I have worked elections... talk about voting violations at that precinct in PC!
    Off to vote... hoping no candidates show up in the voting booth with me!! ha!ha!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Tuesday, November 05 2013 01:09 PM

    Not sure I like Silas new haircut. I also wonder what his dark past is. Should be interesting.

    Robin's return has been dragging for November sweeps. Probably around Thanksgiving. Robin will be so upset when she learns what Patrick went through with drugs because Faison had her kidnapped.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, November 05 2013 01:21 PM

    WTH happened to Slimas' hair? It looks like Heather cut it with her butcher knife. What's really funny is that I'm growing my hair longer, and just yesterday, I took a screencap picture of Slimas to show my barber what I was going for. It's a good thing I took the picture a couple of weeks ago. She said she's a hair stylist, not a plastic surgeon. Just kidding. Actually, she's Vietnamese, and any attempt at humor on my part is met with a blank stare, but she's good at her job.

    I don't know if I want Carly and Frodd to be a couple, but this foreplay of theirs is SO repetitive with its longing glances and constant stupid misunderstandings, it's becoming tedious. If Carly wants Frodd so badly, she should just DO him, and get it out of her system. Nobody says she has to marry him, or even LIKE him to have sex with him. Sometimes I wish these people would act like the mature adults they're supposed to be instead of playing games like a bunch of hormonal teenagers.

    As I expected, Frodd's fraud of an art show at Ava's strangely nondescript gallery is shaping up to be the “scene of the crime/major disaster” for whatever big November Sweeps stunt they've got in store for us. The majority of the cast will probably begin to assemble en masse starting tomorrow, and then let the games begin!

    If there is any justice, Heather's highly insured "artwork" will be among the casualties. That would work out perfectly for Frodd. He'd get the insurance payout to cover his legal liabilities and expenses, and the evidence of his fraud would've gone up in smoke.

    Let's see, so far we've got Sonny sending Max (and not Shawn?) to the show to “take out” Ick, who will be meeting Carly, who will only be there to let Frodd see her with Ick.

    Meanwhile, Heather will be expecting to meet Scotty, but she already seems to have a bee in her bonnet about something at the gallery. She's probably upset that they hung her paintings vertically instead of horizontally. This doesn't bode well because we all know what Heather's like when she gets upset, plus Scotty's probably going to drag the “uninvited” Lucy along which won't go over well with Heather either.

    Of course, Sam and Slimas will show up for a good cause, while trying to avoid Ava, who will no doubt have her boy toy, Moron on her arm. I'm predicting that Sam will set a new personal record for the amount of cleavage she'll have on display. Now THAT'S what I call art! Alexis will probably get stuck babysitting Danny, so she'll likely be one of the few that everyone else will have to tell “what happened” after the fact.

    Patrick, Sabrina, Elizabeth, Felix, Epiphany, and Brad will probably be on hand to represent the hospital, but we've still got to figure out a reason why Michael and Kinky, Luke and Tracy, and the gang from Wyndemere will show up. Faison will probably try to lure Luke to the show so they can grab him, and steal his blood for Robin and Jerry, and hijinks will ensue.

    We've also got to get Dante, Nulu, Maxie, Ellie, and Spinelli in on the fun too, so we'll have to come up with a plausible reason why they would take in Frodd's show in the middle of a custody fight. Hey, I didn't say it was gonna be easy!

    Sonny will probably show up with Oblivia, whom I'm betting will be the hottest looking woman there, and maybe she'll finally get a vision of Ava shooting her, and perhaps even one of Ava shooting her cousin Connie too. THAT would make this party VERRRRY interesting. I wish there was a way to spring AJ from jail to see it, but whatever happens, at least this will be one disaster that they won't be able to pin on him.

    I can't believe Anna and Robert are going to miss out on all the action, so perhaps they'll escape soon and use the transporter to get back to Port Charles in time for the “Art Showdown.” They'd better hurry.

    Hopefully, the pace should start picking up pretty quickly now. It would almost have to, since it couldn't get much slower than what we've seen the past two days.

    Posted by ladyofhearts at Tuesday, November 05 2013 01:28 PM

    Tomorrow's spoiler: Franco tells Carly that Derek is sleeping with her son.

    I had to read that several times for it to compute. So Franco decides that a "relationship" between two men can only mean sex? Huh? Ever heard of a business relationship, Franco? Franco must think Moron is one hot pistol - swinging both ways at the drop of a hat. So stupid!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, November 05 2013 01:31 PM

    ******************SPOILER TALK************************

    Lady of Hearts ~ I think what Franco told him is that Morgan is in bed with JJ in the mob sense of the word.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, November 05 2013 02:04 PM

    ********************SPOILER TALK***********************

    After watching the scene between Derek and Morgan and seeing what Franco saw, Derek in his bathrobe and putting his hand on Morgan's shoulder, I could see him coming to the conclusion that Morgan and Derek were sleeping together.
    It's one of those things that you don't get by just reading the recap.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Tuesday, November 05 2013 02:27 PM

    Noooooooo! What has GH done to Michael E.'s beautiful head of hair. The have at times butchered Sonny, Johnny Z., even Jax's hair but no one should be allowed butcher the best head of hair in all soapdom.

    I vote we let Sonny track down this hair stylist behind the scenes and eliminate them instead of Julian J. This a crime against nature!!! Michael E. don't let them near your hair again.

    Posted by Casey1 at Tuesday, November 05 2013 02:41 PM

    Hi everyone,

    It 's looking like Ava's art gallery is going to be the backdrop for many revelations to come to light. Every citizen in PC should have a front row seat for the fireworks.
    How much money will Franco have for himself when he's finished giving a share to the hospital for children's leukaemia research, pays Diane's exorbitant legal fee, his Metro Court bill and Ava takes a cut? Will he have any money left to even buy a BLT?
    Sam failed to keep Silas (ME) occupied during their trip to New York and back to PC because he had time to get the worst haircut ever.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, November 05 2013 02:53 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I'm giving Kiki the line of the day: "This is a mess". It's too bad she didn't have a reason to add the word boring to that line. I had a hunch we'd be subjected to that other show today, but not that ME's haircut would be symbol of today's episode.

    I'm really sick of seeing Heather pop up everywhere. I guess the blackmail invitation she issued to Scotty in the voting booth is the way the writers are pointing to the revisionist history they plan to roll out. Big reveal Franco is really Scotty and Heather's son. A better big reveal is that this Franco isn't really Franco at all.

    So the guest list for Franco's showing so far includes Ava, Moron, Sam, Silas, Derek, Carly, Scotty, Heather, and Max. Scrimmage is right. If this is going to be the blow up that thins out this herd, then I'd like to see more characters on this list. I wonder if Brad is an art lover...

    In any case, if this mess is what the producer and his staff of "writers" think is Sweeps worthy, then they need to go on a writers retreat. I suggest a women's empowerment seminar lead by Frau Blucher and Anna Devane held in the tunnels of Wyndermere.

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