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    Thursday, October 31 2013
    Elizabeth takes the boys trick-or-treating, Felix tries to understand Brad's actions, and Duke wonders what happened to Anna.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, November 01 2013 07:30 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Loved the Halloween epi...glad it will continue through tomorrow! Midas...I have to agree with all your picks...Only thing I might change is the line...I loved him getting that Joss was a "Children of the Corn" (I thought of that last year when she wore it) I LOVED LOVED "TQ" as Warhol! He & Sexy Grumpy Kitty have so much chemistry...LOVE IT!

    Cesar was a scary Beetlejuice but I liked him yesterday, for once!

    I feel sorry for close, but yet, so far...I couldn't do it...I would have to at least hold my baby some how!!!

    Patrick needs to sit Miss Flirty Emma down & have a serious talk with her...but she is just so dang cute! GH's children are all so dang cute! Think about it...with the exception of Faison & O'B!tch there are no unattractive people in PC....


    Update on Lil'Charlie aka Lil'BraveHeart....they started the awaking process last evening but, he was waking up too fast for the doctor's liking (& Charlie was getting a bit agitated) so they slowed down the process..they want to make sure he can breathe on his own before he is fully awake so they can remove the least it looks like he hasn't lost any arm & leg movement from the brain damage...I am trying to look at it as a good sign that he is fighting his way back & has the strength to be more awake than they thought he should be at that time...of course I am trying to see the good in everything so I hope I'm not wrong...PLEASE just keep praying...I believe so much in the power of prayer & you can see it is working....GOD Bless Y'all & my sweet "Lil' BraveHeart"! Thank you so much for your prayers & well wishes! Em(his mamma/my niece), Corey(his daddy),Wendy(his grand & my BFF) Charlie,& I thank you & pray that GOD blesses each of you in a special way...we also send much love!

    Off to read the posts...gotta leave work early today...dr appt....ttyl, My Sweet GH Peeps!

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, November 01 2013 07:40 AM

    Ransomha...I'm not familiar with the characters or costumes Sabrina and Emma were wearing, but as a couple of posters have mentioned, it seems like GH was paying homage to a show in the 70's featuring a very popular soap actress, Deidre Hall, so I'm not going to question the costumes which are made to be authentic as possible. I really don't think the intention was to make Emma look slutty or sexy, for that, as Soap Bubbles pointed out, is where children's pageant contests are rampant. Something I'm totally against.
    As for Patrick's reaction, it is normal and Patrick is realizing that like most dad's he doesn't want to think of his little girl with any boy, or in the future with a husband who will take his place in Emma's life.
    Ransomha, I enjoy reading your posts and respect your opinions as much as anybody else's, I HOPE, your last sentence about different strokes was not another personal jab at me.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Friday, November 01 2013 07:42 AM

    SouthGAgirl...thank you for the update on Lil Braveheart. Thank God indeed. He and his beloved fam are in my morning and night prayers. Your news is most uplifting and makes my day as we get ready for our day at work out here.

    Posted by thundering herd at Friday, November 01 2013 08:12 AM

    Regarding Emma's behavior. I was a school teacher grades K-3, and while I don't usually comment on what would happen in real life vs soaps, I can say if she behaved like this in school, there would probably be some problems. First the boys parents would probably complain that this girl is hounding their son. Also, when a child acts in an overly aggressive manner such as the kiss me line, there would be concern about what is going on at home. Emma is a cutie, and I think this little storyline was probably written to be cute. But as I said this kind of behavior would not be allowed to continue at school.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, November 01 2013 08:25 AM

    Scrimmage- I certainly didn't find Emma's behavior "slutty". I wasn't her calling Cam her boyfriend that bothered me so much, as her technique in reeling him in. For me personally, I'm attempting to raise my little girls as strong individuals. I have no problems with them playing princesses or cowgirls. They play with dolls and Tonka trucks. I love watching them play house and mommies, but so far I haven't noticed any of them making moves on the little boys they often play with. I believe there is a time for everything. As 4-yr olds, I want them to flourish in being children, too explore, and be creative. I felt Emma's behavior was more in-line with eight and nine year olds. Childhood is fleeting , I want mine to savior it, to hoard it, for I believe it is our childhoods that make us the adults that we are today. I also believe children emulate what they see and are exposed to. Adults that play a part in the lives of children have a responsibility to set good values, teach compassion , and encourage good self-esteem. When my girls are ready to fly, I want them to soar.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, November 01 2013 09:03 AM

    Good morning everyone We had 35 trick or treaters come to the house.

    Joss was a corn last year and again this year but this shows some kids like a certain costume and wants to wear it more then once. My grandsons have worn there costumes 3 years now and said to one you are bursting at the I see nothing wrong with this.

    I also want flashbacks on how Faison and Dr. O met. They work well off each other.

    Looking forward to todays show.

    Posted by gmahoma at Friday, November 01 2013 09:30 AM

    Southga- I meant to tell you the other day it sounds as if your lilman is at the right hospital and I have been keeping him in my prayers. Thanks for the update- hope you see this, as I'll probably be the last poster on this board!

    on topic- I believe I heard Joss tell her mother she knew she was corn last year and that was what she wanted to be again- not a witch or whatever Carly suggested. She was precious... representing children of the corn!

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Friday, November 01 2013 09:34 AM

    Tipsy - flashbacks on "Fred" Faison and "Ethel" Obrecht would be great!!! Focus to be directed on their courtship and personal lives. Bust out the popcorn.

    Posted by ladysmom at Friday, November 01 2013 09:35 AM

    Possible spoiler:
    If what I read on Soapzone is true and they're writing Laura off (horrible timing with Lulu and the baby), does that mean we probably won't see Lesley again? I always liked the character (much better than Obrect) and at least she has history on the show. If they don't havae the budget for many veterans, she's one that should be a keeper.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, November 01 2013 10:42 AM

    Casey1" I would NEVER be disrespectful to you and ONLY meant, that we all see things in our own way.I don't know what you mean by "another" personal jab at you. Have I "jabbed" in the past? If so, please accept my sincere apology.
    While I may have strong opinions about things, they are just MY opinions and not more or less important then anyone else's .
    Again, no jab meant and respect everyones opinions and their right to make them.

    As far as "slutty Emma", I was just repeating Lily Hunter's JOKE. I'm sure she was kidding around by calling her that in her post. While Emma was glamed' up, I don't think anyone meant to imply she is promiscuous .

    Thundering Herd and Poodles, thanks for your thoughts.
    I sometimes think because i'm a "boy mom" only, my views come from there.

    SouthGA: YES, Prayer is powerful. I believe that with all my heart. Sending prayers and well wishes for this sweet baby and his parents. Look forward to celebrating his good health.

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