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    Wednesday, October 30 2013
    Sonny meets with Derek Wells, Carly finds Derek at Ava's place, and Spinelli and Ellie discuss their feelings.

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    Posted by frankie19 at Wednesday, October 30 2013 11:34 PM

    I think it is funny for Lulu to try to compile a list of Maxie's misdeeds because it if cam down to that then Lulu wins in the misdeeds department. And she had the audacity to throw the miscarriage in Maxie's face. It is not the carrier's fault for a miscarriage and to blame Maxie is not just low it is erroneous. This comes from the one who made the conscious decision to abort her baby. It shows volumes that Maxie didn't throw that in her face. Lulu killed Logan I don't remember Maxie ever killing anyone. The only really bad thing I can actually think of Maxie doing was helping Lucky get drugs when he was deep in addiction. But that doesn't hold a candle to the killing of Logan because Lucky is alive. I loved Marcy Rylan on GL even on Y&R but on GH I really can't stand her the writing for her character or her portrayal. This is really damaging her with viewers because she is spewing vile things. Alot of people could empathize with her before but when she said that line about Maxie killing her baby as in a manner that made it seem that Maxie did it deliberately did this is atrocious. And for them to subtlety say Lulu is being this way because she is now a mother weak move. And no person with decorum would throw miscarriage out there like it is murder. I am not saying Maxie is faultless in this matter because she kept a very serious thing a secret for so long but no person should ever have to lose their baby unless they did an actual crime and had to go to jail. But that baby should go to Maxie and Spinelli the only sad thing about it is Dante. I feel for Dante and I love how he is trying to be honorable but his wife is dragging them down a road that can really turn out to be a bad one. But in other news Morgan needs to go somewhere. We get it you feel neglected but instead of having a dialogue you talk or shout over people so they can't have a conversation with you it is rude and classless. This road he is going down can only lead him to really bad things. By betraying Sonny you betray your whole family because who can they ever trust you if they feel you will try to plot against them when they have a disagreement with you. I feel they might try to make Morgan develop Bi-polar because it can be passed down and the neglect he feels can only exacerbate his episodes. He needs to be checked out. I care nothing for Kiki she is annoying. I can't believe Kristen Alderson received a Daytime Emmy for being Starr I really can't she one over Jacqueline Macinnes Wood's Steffy. She is boring and honestly dimensionless. And now they will try to make her pregnant and the father's are two brothers because she felt "woozy". Cheap plot device it shows the writing department is lacking because they are having a baby boom who is next insecure Sabrina. Get her with Carlos because they are more appealing to watch then her with Patrick. Don't make Robin do typical bursting through the double doors on Patrick and Sabrina's wedding day it is cheap and won't have its desired effect because it has been done already. Hurry up with the dang cure because that storyline is so dead. Give Robin and Patrick the reunion they deserve. I hope I can see a Ritt (Robin and Britt) friendship. I liked how Britt didn't need to be tactless about Patrick and Sabrina's engagement she felt something for another person besides herself, son and crazy mama. I sincerely hope that Ben is biologically hers because I don't want her to lose this baby because she might lose Nikolas as well and she will be down for the count because we can see she is falling for Nik. She is my favorite new character it is not like she has any real competition in that department because every other new person is annoying except the Jeromes. We know she is going to check Elizabeth when she tries to go trick-or-treating to Wyndemere. She needs to layoff she looks funny because you have to take a boat to get to Wyndemere which means she drove to the docks, took a ferry just for some damn candy. She don't have neighbors? I get it if Nik was having a party for Spencer and they were invited because those are Lucky's kids but otherwise why would she lug her kids all the over there for some damn candy.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 31 2013 12:02 AM

    I was just thinking that if Diane told Maxie and Spinelli that Maxie's sordid past and her recent transgressions could cost them the case (and their daughter), and that their best and perhaps ONLY chance would be for Maxie to withdraw from the suit, and for Spinelli to marry Ellie, and petition the court for sole custody of Spixie, I can see where Maxie would encourage him to do just that, especially if he agreed to share custody after he won, and that the three of them would raise Spixie together. Heck, I can even picture Maxie standing up as as Ellie's Maid of Honor when she marries Spinelli, which would be ironic in more ways than one, and a very soapy twist. At least they wouldn't have to move for awhile.

    Even though a lot of us have criticized Nulu for the vindictive way she's been handling everything, I think we need to remember that she's the victim here.

    As she said today, she's grieving for the child she just learned she lost, while at the same time she's worried sick about losing the baby she's become so attached to. On top of all that, she's trying to wrap her head around the idea that her best friend has betrayed her in the most personal way imaginable, and is now trying to take that child away. I'm not saying Nulu is justified in trying to keep Connie, only that it's pretty easy to understand where she's coming from, and why she's so angry. She's acting like someone who's been traumatized, and isn't thinking rationally, and who can blame her?

    That's why Dante needs to step in and put a stop to this, but I doubt if he will, because if he gives Connie to Maxie, Nulu will hate him for it. She'll probably lose her mind too, which would make this an even greater tragedy, none of which is Nulu's fault.

    Either way, I think Dante and Nulu's marriage might be in big trouble.

    Posted by adamrocks at Thursday, October 31 2013 06:05 AM

    Ok after watching the show today I can only conclude that Lulu is bat sh*t crazy and a complete biatch. She thinks she has a right to Maxie and Spinelli's baby? Have Lulu and Dante suffered a traumatic brain injury lately that has rendered them both completely idiotic and selfish?

    Had to stomach watching Michael and Icky together. Icky making the usual weird/gross facial expressions (the patented snarl with the lips drawn back is a particular favorite), the voice like her head is completely stuffed up, and don't even get me started on how silly she looks trying to play sexy. Oh the horror, the horror......

    Nice try of the writers to demonize Morgan and make what Michael did with the nasty Icky okay, but it's not and no spin the writers put on it will make it okay. Bottom line, Michael is a slime ball. He needs his face punched in for two reasons. Going after Icky (with the emphasis on "ICK") knowing how much it would hurt his own brother, and for his rotten taste in girls.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Thursday, October 31 2013 06:21 AM

    Scrimmage you are so right about NuLu being the victim here, just recently learning about the miscarriage of 'her' bio child. Not only that it seems like 15 minutes ago she was rescued from the Walt Disney freezer in the Cassidine house of horrors laboratory, virtually brain washed. And then there is how she was before the brain washing. That said, I wonder why she was not also getting some kind of psychiatric Maxie. Just letting her wing it does not seem to be going well. Dante seems to know his wife is getting a little cra-cra, but thus far seems at a loss as to what to do. In fairness to him....he's probably running the police department in Anna's absence, his mother is coming at him with all the Sonny drama, and his wife is getting ready to crash and burn. I feel for him as he truely loves the baby, and he seems the most grounded person in the baby's life. Their scene on the dock when he tried to explain to baby Connie what was going on was heart wrenchingly sweet. I agree with you that Dante and NuLu's marriage may not survive, and I definately see NuLu spending some time in a home for the bewildered.

    Posted by FUBU at Thursday, October 31 2013 06:26 AM

    Good morning, 4My, Hera, EK, Poodles, Straight, Rans, Scrimmage, TXMN, Ring, Enad, Lilmafia, Da_Kid, Kini, Star, Fire, Storm, Lumi, CBRU, Cynic, Lillybee, Bean, Been, Beyond, Lucky, Lovely, Tipsy, TT, TN, NY, Cowboys, Blessed, Mamajj, Canadagirl, Ali, Dexdon, Isitso, Monkey, Dubbs, Akitas, Badgirl, Unicorn Girl, bayoubtr, PumpkinGirl, JMJasonLover, Dexdon, Zachto, raineysmom, Matthewsmom, DanaDee, AmberFire, scorpioqueen, smugrobin, MaxGirl, sladest38, Casey1, From, and anyone else I missed.

    Thank you GOD!

    I have had about enough of Lulu and I was so happy when Maxie told her fine, you know all my dirty little secrets but guess what that means I know all of yours too. Exactly who spent time in a mental institution because she killed a man? Glass houses Lulu, glass houses.

    I hate that they are at this point but I am glad to see that fight in Maxie that I know and love. I have never agreed with Maxie ling about the baby but I do not think it was done out of spite. I have never been a huge fan of Lulu’s and she continues to give me a very low opinion of herself. I can’t have a child so I am going to take yours. What is the difference between her and those woman who still babies out of hospital nurseries?

    As much as I can understand her pain over what Maxie did I have to agree with Dante. To purposely destroy someone that you once loved like a sister comes at a price.

    Maxie loved Lulu enough to try to give up her own child but all Lulu loves is what Lulu wants.

    I will be so happy when this story line is over……………Ugh………………

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, October 31 2013 06:40 AM

    frankie19 ~ You go on on on about Lulu killing Logan. She did it in self defense. He was trying to kill her, he had already assaulted Maxie. What was she supposed to do? Let him kill her? She was a victim, that is not a crime.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Thursday, October 31 2013 06:45 AM

    Good Morning and Happy Halloween One and All:

    FUBU..your points are spot on. NuLu is about NuLu and yesterday confirmed that. Maxie was selfless enough to be the surrogate for her friend. I too want this SL to conclude. Since Maxie actress Kirsten Storms is having a baby in real life...this might be a way to explain her absence during eventual maternity leave. She will hopefully gain custody of baby Connie, and will leave town (for a while anyway) to bond and get their lives started up. Because unless NuLu gets some serious help...she is the one who will stalking and window peeping and making unannounced visits to Maxie and the baby. And that too is something neither Maxie nor Spin have done to NuLu and Dante. They are respectfully keeping their distance while this thing plays out in the court.

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, October 31 2013 07:02 AM

    Lulu's jab at Maxie saying that she killed a baby on New Years Eve was an all time low, especially from someone who had an abortion against the wishes of the child's father. I don't know who Logan was, but Lulu set a fire which killed Luke's favorite Madame in Jacksonville and completely got away with it. I think Dante is going to see a side of Lulu that he never saw before, and he is right about Connie, young as she is, picking up on the bad atmosphere. Just raise your voices in front of a baby and see what happens.

    I LOVE seeing Ava one upping Carly. Ave might be a devious sleaze, and she sure knows how to put the booze away, but Carly is such a bully and has done a few devious things in her time so it is time someone gave her a dose of her own medicine. I also like seeing Sonny get a dose of his.

    I am really surprised that Morgan has not thrown it up at Michael that he is Sonny's 'real' i.e. biological son and that Michael is only adopted.

    Watching the latest developments in the storylines, I am sure that someone on the writing team is familiar with the classics. All this jealousy, revenge and murderous hatred for parents and siblings, plus near incest, has been packing them in for the last three thousand years and still enthralls.

    Writers, please don't get rid of Faison and Olbrecht for a while. They make a wonderful team and a great Halloween couple.

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, October 31 2013 07:21 AM

    I loved the program for the Thursday Afternoon Smackdown!

    Casey1 asked what Ellie and Spin's quick reconciliation today was all about. My guess is that Spin and Ellie will either marry or move in together, and when all the dirty laundry of Maxie and Lulu is aired, Spinelli will be awarded custody of his daughter, which he has more right to than the two airheads.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, October 31 2013 07:30 AM

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y'All! Haven't watched yet...just read the recap.Hope everyone is well today...don't let the ghost & ghouls get ya tonight!

    Well, I wonder if Sonny's plan is going to work...did he unnerve JulICK? Or is JulICK going to have the upper hand by placing the bug??? I'm sorry but, you just don't turn on your parents! Morgone is scum in my book! So now that Carly thinks JulICK is sleeping with Ava, I wonder if she will turn to "TQ" for comfort??? She is hot for him anyway...don't care what the girl says!!! Do wish she would beat Ava's smug azz!!!! Come on Carly!

    Glad that Maxie let Lulu know that she has some skeletons in her closet too! I also can't understand turning on your BFF like that...granted neither of my BFFs (I am lucky enough to have 3 (2 female & 1 male)& we have been friends for over 43 yrs) & I have secrets on them & they on me that will go to the grave...not even our spouses know these...& my best BFF's spouse & son have been trying to pry some out of me for years...never, never!

    OT....Lil Charlie...aka "Lil' BraveHeart"
    PLEASE keep one has heard from my niece or been able to reach her..all we know is she posted on fb that she hasn't seen his beautiful baby blue eyes in so long & she is longing I am guessing by that, that he hasn't been brought out of the coma yet...don't know daughter that lives near there can't go check on them cause she thinks she is catching a bug so she won't go around the hospital right now....I'm so worried..PLEASE keep Praying & thank you so much for doing so...I know the LORD will Bless you for it!
    Off to read some posts...have a great day all!

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