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    How Could You?

    Tuesday, October 29 2013
    Kiki and Michael celebrate, Lulu plans a getaway, and Sam and Silas get the truth from Delia.

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    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:09 PM

    Bayou ~ I have said all along that by not testing baby Connie's DNA, it will leave the story line open for a change of parentage at a later date. This whole story line is stupid. No court would grant a court order based on Maxie and Britt's statement that baby Connie is her biological child. Also no one has had proof to change the birth certificate. This is all just being done to have a very soapy knockdown drag out in court, with Lulu and Maxie at each other's throat trying to win custody.
    I think Maxie's shelf life on GH is coming to an end. I am totally over her character.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:16 PM

    I also knew Nulu would want to take off at the first sign that she'd have to relinquish Spixie to her parents. It's practically been a romantic fantasy of hers to re-live her own parents' adventures with Lucky before she was born. She's always felt like she missed out on something and was somehow cheated out of her Spencer birthright. Going on the run is something that she's ALWAYS wanted to do. That's why she unilaterally decided that the only thing for Dante to do is to not only throw away his career, but to also help her commit felony kidnapping, and go on the run to Sonny's island or someplace equally remote for the rest of their lives.

    What really frosts me is that she NEVER discusses these life-altering decisions with her husband ahead of time. Once she's made up her mind about something, that's it, and he doesn't have the balls to put his foot down and say “Enough is enough!” She'd hate him if he did, of course, and I still say Nulu will be on the fast track to Shadybrook if and when she loses Connie. If she really goes nuts, maybe she can join Heather in the All-Inmate production of “Oklahoma” at the Miscavige Institute for the Criminally Insane.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:16 PM

    ********************SPOILER/RUMOR TALK******************

    From what I have been reading TPTB are going to go into a very big Mob story line along with cutting the budget, so a lot of characters are going to go by the wayside in the next few months. My guess is that Spixie along with AJ, and at some point Sabrina and a few others will be written out in the coming months.
    After Robin returns and they wrap up all the loose ends, she will be going back on hiatus as well.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:18 PM

    Lovesdogs-- I completely agree about this storyline being stupid. I can't believe Diane & Alexis are playing this game, but I really can't believe any judge worth their diploma would even hear such a case based on he said/she said/they said. You're probably right about Maxie's shelf life. Her sell by date is wearing thin for me also.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:31 PM

    Lovesdogs980 wrote: “I think Maxie's shelf life on GH is coming to an end. I am totally over her character.”

    That's what I was most afraid of when Maxie first came up with the idea of passing off Spixie as Dante and Nulu's embryo. Once she started down this path, there was no going back. TPTB have completely trashed a character that was once almost universally loved, and now they're in the process of ruining another one, and completely obliterated one of the few female friendships on the show to boot.

    As a result, GH fans are taking sides over which of these legacy characters is acting more despicably than the other. They couldn't be doing a better job of turning viewers off with a distasteful storyline if they were TRYING!

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:43 PM

    OT: SouthGA: Sending lots of prayers for the baby. So very scary.

    Posted by roropant at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:52 PM

    Please Michael and Kiki are so boring I take my naps when they're on. They're are the worse couple in soap opera history!!!!! I still say bring back Starr, Cole and Hope. Lulu is getting on my last nerve. I'm rooting for Maxie and Spinelli all the way!!!!! I don't care what anybody says Morgans the best. Morgan and Ava HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:55 PM

    Scrimmage ~ And I always liked Maxie before this. I have also totally lost a lot of respect for Spinelli as well.
    He was really developing as a character with his relationship with Ellie, but now he's falling back into the same old pattern of enabling Maxie at the expense of his own life.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, October 29 2013 03:05 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I think there was a major glitch revealed today when Dehlia was talking about her daughter Ava. According to Dehlia, Ava was talking and making choices, but as I remember the show, Dehlia didn't have a daughter when she tricked Frank Ryan into a shotgun marriage. I think the writers wanted to rewrite history so that IR could be Ava's mother. The original SL sounds much more like Rae Woodard and her wild child daughter. Bad research, bad writing, and bad mugging for the camera by ME.

    Okay, so now we see Michael and Kiki as the Romeo and Juliet of the piece...Meanwhile Moron is becoming more and more the idiot in search of the village.

    Interesting conversation between Sonny and Olivia today. I thought she was ready to back him yesterday, but today she was trying to pull him to protect the "kids". Odd that she offered up her son to take care of Ick to protect Sonny's family. I guess she's not happy that Dante can't keep track of his swimmers and she doesn't have the grand baby she wanted. Of course Sonny countered by telling her that he wanted Dante protected from this fight. What's a mother to do...of course call your son to meet you in the most unsafe part of PC. I'm sure she didn't know he was going to bring the baby...

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, October 29 2013 03:11 PM

    At this point in time I hope that Lante and Spixie will decide to share custody of the baby because the outcome of a custody trial is going to land this innocent little girl in the care of Child Services. From the expressions on Dante's face today, I'm not sure he's still on team Lante particularly when Lulu suggested that they run and involve family members in their escape. I hear there are empty rooms on Cassadine Island these days, so perhaps Lulu does have a good idea after all if Dante takes his gun.

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