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    How Could You?

    Tuesday, October 29 2013
    Kiki and Michael celebrate, Lulu plans a getaway, and Sam and Silas get the truth from Delia.


    A romantic meal awaits Kiki at Pozzulo's Restaurant when Michael greets her to celebrate. She agrees to celebrate since her marriage is over. Michael announces Sonny put him in charge of the restaurant. They hug. They have champagne and kiss. Michael admits Morgan freaked when he found out he was working for Sonny. He wishes he could get through to Morgan. It was obvious Morgan was at the warehouse to make something right. Kiki wonders who Pozzulo's chef is and Michael admits he wants to poach the Quartermaine's chef. Later they curb their lust after a kiss and toast each other.

    Derek interrupts Morgan and Ava at the penthouse to talk to Morgan about Sonny. He wants a guarantee that Morgan won't tell Sonny that he's Julian. Sonny chose Michael over him again thinking he doesn't have what it takes to work for him. Morgan can't be loyal to Sonny now and has no problem working for Julian. Derek's worried but Morgan doesn't have a reason to go back to Sonny. He doesn't know how he can prove it to Derek. Derek promises to keep Carlos on reserve if things change. Alone, Derek lets Ava know that Alexis and Sam found out who Sam's father is. He hasn't learned whose DNA was used and confirms no one suspects them…but there is the matter of Ava's boy toy who knows. Morgan rejoins them and wonders what he has to do to convince Derek he's serious. Derek refuses to trust his word. Ava asks if Derek is threatening Morgan again. Derek denies he is, but if Morgan means what he says, he is going to have to prove it.

    At Ryan's, Delia insists she doesn't know the woman associated with Victor Jerome. Sam and Silas aren't there to make trouble. Sam admits her reasons are personal…she's looking for her family. Delia believes if Ava is a relative then she should ask her. Ava lies a lot and Julian is dead. Delia feels compelled by Silas and is interested when he mentions Ava has a daughter. She's upset Ava didn't tell her she had a granddaughter. Delia shares how she gave up Victor's daughter but Ava returned one day and was happy to learn she was the daughter of a powerful man. She never heard from her again. Delia asks if they know of her granddaughter. Silas admits they do and he and Sam share what they know about Kiki. Silas shows Delia a picture and she realizes Silas is Kiki's father. Silas admits Ava didn't tell her he had a kid either. Delia gives Silas her number and asks him to tell her granddaughter she's welcome there. She warns Sam watch out for those Jeromes.

    At the coffee warehouse, Olivia asks Sonny if he plans on killing Julian Jerome. Sonny knows what he's doing - Julian Jerome could be planning on killing him. Olivia doesn't want him in the line of fire. Sonny promises to disappear for a while but Olivia wonders how safe that will make his family. She thinks Sonny should have Dante talk to Julian. Sonny refuses to have his son go after Jerome to protect him and promises he'll be around for a long time. She doesn't need to worry about him.

    Maxie's happy to see all the work Spinelli's done for Connie when she arrives at the apartment and worries that they don't know anything about being parents. Connie could want Dante and Lulu. Spinelli's scared too, but having Connie is right. Diane arrives and breaks the news that their court order was denied. Maxie's confused. How can they keep their baby? Diane admits they are claiming that Maxie's an unfit mother. Maxie can't believe Lulu would do this. Spinelli knows Lulu wants to keep Connie at any cost.

    Dante and Lulu discuss Alexis' plans at the apartment. If Diane wins a court order they'll have to hand Connie over to Maxie today. Dante explains what happens in situations like these. If the judge rules against them, there's nothing they can do. Lulu believes they should take Connie and run. Dante wants them to rely on Alexis but Lulu starts packing and planning how Sonny can help them. Dante wants her to stop and think. Alexis arrives. Diane's court order was denied and Alexis has filed to sue Maxie for custody as an unfit mother. She reminds them this will destroy Maxie and wants confirmation they want to fight this. Lulu confirms before Alexis leaves. Alone, Dante admits tearing Maxie apart will feel weird. Dante's interrupted when Olivia calls. She wants him to meet her at the pier. He takes Connie with him and Lulu promises to make a list about Maxie. Later, Maxie arrives and asks, "How could you do this to me?"

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly confronts Ava.

    Lulu tells Maxie she's responsible.

    Ellie tries to stop Spinelli from leaving.

    Michael wants Morgan to get out.

    Sonny calls Julian Jerome.

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    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, October 29 2013 12:34 PM

    Julian is such a punk.
    Can't wait for him to be gone.

    Michael running the neighborhood hot spot could be fun.

    Roxy ( Delia ) is a good addition to the show. She'll always be Roxy to me.

    Lulu is so desperate. You can see Dante is turned off big time.
    What a mess......

    Glad olivia is on Sonny's side.

    Not much else today.....

    Posted by k_swain at Tuesday, October 29 2013 12:52 PM

    A little boring today, except for Delia, I know must of you younger people know her as Roxy on One Life to Live, but to me she will always be Delia Reed Ryan Ryan Coleridge Ryan Crane. I used to love hearing her say her whole name on Ryan's Hope.

    Posted by Fedup 2011 at Tuesday, October 29 2013 12:58 PM

    Lulu......How could you stoop soooooooo low. NOW I HOPE THAT YOU DO LOSE CUSTODY OF CONNIE!!!!!!!!! Morgan GROW THE HELL UP!!!!! Both of these character are selfish spoiled brats and deserve what they get...........

    Posted by phbatl at Tuesday, October 29 2013 01:07 PM

    Agreed this episode sort of boring..

    Don't care about Michael and Kiki.

    Are the writers trying to make this OLTL 2? Too many new characters coming in to create the back story lines.

    Like Olivia and Sonny together. She is the only one that will really stick by Sonny. Can she her and Sonny fighting side by

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 29 2013 01:45 PM

    I knew it! Oblivia wasn't out of Sonny's sight for two seconds before she called his son Dante to rat him out. Some girlfriend! If anyone is going to be successful taking over Sonny's territory, it'll be Oblivia!

    I'm not surprised that Alexis blocked the court order, but I agree with everyone that there's been no legal, admissible proof that Connie ISN'T Dante and Nulu's biological child that Maxie contracted to deliver. As far as the court is concerned, all they have is Brad and Maxie's word, and we all know what THAT'S worth. Brad's testimony is hearsay anyway, although it might be admissible in a case like this. Why do they insist on dragging this out? Surely this isn't a major sweeps storyline.

    Another week, another new relative for Kinky. This time, it's a grandmother, and a strange one at that. Let's just say she's no Audrey. I'm not familiar with the actress as some of you appear to be, but her acting style seems a little over the top to me. If I met someone like that, I'd think she needed to adjust her medication. Basically, she doesn't come across as a “real” person, more like a spoof of a soap character, like Ellen does sometimes.

    I really don't know what the point of this trip to a bar from yet another cancelled soap is supposed to accomplish. Ryan's Hope has been gone since 1989 for cryin' out loud. Can't these guys let anything stay dead?

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, October 29 2013 01:49 PM

    Olivia, Dante is NOT Sonny's personal cop.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 29 2013 01:49 PM

    How can Moron prove his loyalty to Ick? Hmmmm...

    He could wear a shirt two days in a row, preferably a different one.

    He could quit banging Ick's sister.

    He could quit calling him “Dude.”

    He could shoot himself to save Ick the trouble.

    He could set Ick up with his mom.

    He could wear a vest full of dynamite into Michael's restaurant, and ask Kinky for a light.

    Please feel free to add to the list. The possibilities are endless!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, October 29 2013 01:51 PM

    I don't know why Maxie is so shocked about what Lulu is doing. Look at what Maxie did to her. The only reason they are at this point is because Maxie inability to tell the TRUTH.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, October 29 2013 01:59 PM

    Alexis can get Lucas's DNA all the way from the other side of the country & have it run in a matter of days, but she doesn't consider having Connie's parentage proven once & for all? That is bizarre, to say the least. Exactly what legal evidence are they presenting in court?

    Posted by AuntieTT at Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:01 PM

    Lulu might loose Connie, if she keeps doing what she is doing. Yes, Maxie has made lots of mistakes and that can prove that she might not be the most suitable parent for Connie. But, Lulu has made mistakes, as well as questionable family members that could make a judge take pause. She has a father in law who is a alleged mobster, a brother in law(Michael)who was shot in the head, laid in a coma for a year, just because someone want to go after Sonny and he got shot instead. A mother in law, who has hallucinations and who has premonition from being injected with high dose of lsd. People who know Olivia knows that she gets premonition, but to a judge may think she is crazy. Not to mention who the baby is named after, Connie suffered a from mental illness. Then there is Lulu's family. Nikolas who comes from questionable family that likes to take people and freeze them, kidnap, torture, brain wash. Yes, they're dead, but it seems they always end up returning up alive. A father who takes off months at a time and like to break rules and work with questionable people. A mother who spend most of Lulu's childhood in a catatonic state due to a childhood trauma that Laura suffered.

    Lulu keeps this up, baby Connie may end up in foster care and the judge determining that they're both unfit.

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