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    It's True.

    Monday, October 28 2013
    Maxie discusses Patrick's engagement to Sabrina, Robin and Patrick each remember their wedding day, and Alexis confides in Derek.


    At the penthouse, Morgan's eager to go after Sonny. Ava doesn't think this is a situation he should be involved in. Sonny chose Michael so Morgan's happy to be a Jerome. Even if the man Morgan wants to work for tried to kill him? Julian's a dangerous man who will take Sonny out. Morgan knows too much already and is willing to go down this road with them. She's worried for him…he's so young. He thinks he's not and they make love. After, Morgan confesses he's on whatever side she's on. He can't wait to see the look on Sonny's face.

    Olivia finds Sonny at the coffee warehouse and asks if he knows who trashed it. He has an idea. She wants to see the file on the desk but Sonny doesn't want her involved. Olivia knows something big and bad is going down and doesn't want to be shut out. Sonny's not doing that – the less she knows, the better. They struggle over the file on his desk. Olivia's surprised that it's true. Julian Jerome is alive. Now that he knows, he's going to eliminate the problem.

    At Crimson, Sabrina stops by to see Carlos. He reminds her that he's not responsible for the phone call Patrick received from his dead wife. Sabrina doesn't know how to tell Carlos she's engaged. He sees the ring and wonders if she wants a guy who's trying to prove something by marrying her. Patrick loves her. If that's the case why does she keep coming to see him? Carlos thinks she's not certain of Patrick's love and is trying to keep the door open. Sabrina finds Carlos arrogant. He thinks Patrick is the arrogant one and bets there is a two-year engagement in her future because one or the both of them aren't really committed. In Derek's office, Alexis arrives with Danny for a visit. He gives Danny a toy car while Alexis tries to make small talk. In an effort to avoid mentioning his lunch with Carly again she talks about Sam. She's in New York searching for information on Ava's brother who could be Julian Jerome. She doesn't think she should be talking to him about Sam's business but he's like family now. Alexis asks if it's off the record and Derek confirms he wouldn't hurt her or her family. She confides that Julian Jerome is Sam's father. They got a DNA test from another family member. She leaves after Carlos interrupts. Alone, Derek admits his daughter is close to finding out who he is and asks if there is a problem. Carlos confirms there is no problem, except that the woman he loves is engaged to marry another.

    Sam arrives at Ryan's Bar with Silas and doesn't think the place is Ava's style. She must have had a connection to bring him there. Delia introduces herself and thinks she knows Silas. She believes he looks like Johnny Ryan, her son. She drops the coffee pot when they ask if she remembers Victor Jerome. Delia's concerned they're cops. They're not; Sam wants to know if she knows anything about his mistress who may have had a daughter. Nothing's ringing a bell and Delia leaves to get their burgers. They know she's lying. When she returns Sam admits to Delia that she knows or is the woman they are looking for.

    Outside Kelly's, Maxie gets off the phone with Spinelli when Patrick bumps into her and announces he's engaged to Sabrina. Maxie didn't know they were serious and asks if he's sure. He is. While sharing memories of Robin, Patrick confesses he thought he heard her voice recently. Maxie remembers Georgie talking to her before she gave birth and thinks it's odd that Robin didn't come to her from beyond the grave. Patrick remembers it's the anniversary of their wedding day – the day Emma was born. Sabrina sees them and shows off her engagement ring. Maxie approves and leaves. Alone, Sabrina is eager for her life to change soon. He realizes she doesn't want a long engagement and agrees he wants that too. They kiss.

    Robin searches Wyndemere looking for a way out and is startled by Nikolas. He warns her of what will happen to her parents if she escapes. Finding a cure will take time while 'this horrible Sabrina person' moves in on her family. Nikolas knows that Sabrina is not how Obrecht made her out to be. She's kind and loves Patrick and Emma. Robin's upset over the video she made telling Patrick to find someone. Five years ago it was their wedding day and now Patrick's making wedding plans with Sabrina. Nikolas believes they'll be together soon.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Maxie wants Connie home soon.

    Lulu tells Dante they need to take Connie and run.

    Sam confronts Delia as the woman they are looking for.

    Derek doesn't plan on trusting Morgan.

    Olivia warns Sonny that he's putting his kids in danger.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by ransomha at Monday, October 28 2013 12:35 PM

    Carlos is right about Sabrina.
    Patrick is using her to get over Robin and she could call instead of dropping in on him.

    Enjoying Robin more and more. Can't wait for her return to her friends and family and Sabrina's reaction. I think Patrick will be so relieved.

    Maxie is getting her baby back today! Good to see she is getting everything ready. While we know it won't happen, i would love to see Maxie with her daughter.

    Poor Morgan has no idea what he's getting himself into. Does he really think he can kill his own father?

    Can't stand Julian. Hate when he puts his dirty hands on Danny.
    Alexis is still fumbling around and acting dumb.

    Oliva to the rescue. Stand by Sonny and help him!

    R O X Y , such a funny character and good addition to the show.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, October 28 2013 12:51 PM

    Maxie's not getting baby Connie back that easily.

    Posted by Fedup 2011 at Monday, October 28 2013 12:52 PM

    Her name is delia from when she played on Rayn's Hope (before R O X Y on One Life to Live)...

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, October 28 2013 12:58 PM

    Ryan's Hope, another good soap that bit the dust.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, October 28 2013 01:21 PM

    fed up

    When I first saw her in the show I was thinking of Roxy but then I remembered the actress was also on Ryan's Hope so long ago. I don't remember Johnny Ryan or if he was on the show who played him. Is this the same bar that was on Ryan's Hope?

    Thanks for answering my question.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, October 28 2013 01:27 PM

    I just googled Ryan's Hope and the bar was in Upper Manhattan run my the Ryan family. Johnny and Maeve Ryan were the parents. Not sure how Delia's son Johnny fits in. Maybe it will be explained later.

    Posted by FrenchSantee at Monday, October 28 2013 01:29 PM

    Never cared for the character of Delia on RH, but loved IK as Roxy on OlTL.

    Posted by runnergirl at Monday, October 28 2013 01:31 PM

    I’ve been reading all the comments when I can. I’m flying a new route, Chicago/Madrid. I hate what they have done to the characters of Maxi and Spin. I don’t understand the writer’s obsession with putting babies and children in harm’s way.

    I’m thrilled that Robin is finally coming home. I also hated how we never could have been invested in Sabrina & Patrick because we have always known Robin survived an un-survivable explosion. Personally Sabrina makes me queasy every time she is on screen.


    Lily Hunter- That soup recipe must be fantastic. I have never known the Poodle family to eat any type of process food. I had the little poodles over about a month ago while Poodles attended an Interior Design Market at the United Center. I gave them mac & cheese from a box and they wouldn’t eat it. Four years old who don’t like Kraft Mac & Cheese but will it sushi. My kids at that age would beg for cookies, Poodles kids beg for red peppers and cucumbers. I love Velveeta. I will defiantly be trying your soup. I had a friend from WI who gave me a cheese & beer soup recipe years ago and I lost it. This sounds a lot like hers. Thanks.

    SouthGA- Prayers for your nephew.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, October 28 2013 01:48 PM

    Maxie's right about Robin. Drake Jr. might give her a pass with the worn out “misguided” excuse, but Robin would be outraged and horrified by the stunt that Maxie tried to pull.

    Ryan's looks like Kelly's plus booze. The floor plan is almost identical. Is that Stevie Nicks? I always wondered what happened to her, and now I know. Is she supposed to be Ava's mom, or is that just one of those “Rumours”? Talk about someone being a few sandwiches short of a picnic, this broad makes Franco's mom, Betsy look like Diane Sawyer! For a waitress in her family's bar, she looks like she's never poured a cup of coffee in her life. I think she's trying too hard.

    As for the question about how to make her talk, ummmm, how about trying MONEY!!?? Haven't these people EVER seen a detective movie? Money ALWAYS refreshes a bartender's memory. Plus, she's a 60+ year old woman working behind a bar, for Pete's sake. Give her a hundred bucks, and she'll spill her guts. You might even have to give her another hundred to get her to shut up, but that's just the cost of doing business.

    Speaking of shutting up...

    What exactly is Alexis' problem? It's not as if she's never been around a man she finds attractive before, and it's not like she's been on a prolonged dry spell, with Shawn just barely in her rear view mirror (so to speak), so why does her brain seem to disengage whenever she's around Ick? It's almost embarrassing to watch. Not only is she telling him her daughter's personal business which has nothing to do with him (as far as Alexis knows), but she was on the verge of violating Lucas' confidentiality too! To a NEWSPAPERMAN! That's a fine way for a lawyer to act, especially after Lucas went out of his way to help her out, despite the fact that she's a perfect stranger. What a blabbermouth!

    Speaking of blabbermouths...

    I know why Sonny wants to keep his business from Oblivia. It's because she's a direct pipeline to Dante, and through him, to the PCPD. She may as well be wearing a wire. I do like them together though, but just watch. The first thing she's going to do, as soon as she leaves Sonny is tell Dante what she's learned about Ick and Ava.

    Happy Danny was extra happy today, and adorably ticklish too. I'm on the record as saying there are too many babies on this show, but between you and me, if they spent a whole episode in the GH day care nursery with the camera on Danny, Ben, and Spixie (and maybe Aiden if he hasn't started shaving yet) playing with each other and amusing themselves, while we listened the so-called adults talking off camera, it would be one of the more uniquely entertaining episodes in a long time, and an instant classic. In fact, they could just focus on the babies' faces, and we could pretend it was them saying the other character's lines.

    Carrllos and I had the same thought. Why did Saboring have to tell him about her engagement in person when a phone call, or even a text would've been much simpler? I believe the obvious answer is because she wanted to see his face when she told him. Just like Moron wants to see Sonny's face when he finds out that he's literally hooked up with the Jeromes, Saboring is looking for some kind of validation or vindication from Carrllos' reaction, but I don't think she found what she was looking for.

    Speaking of Moron...

    WTH is Ava doing? Is she TRYING to talk Moron into going to Sonny and blowing Ick's cover and revealing his plans? Does she WANT her brother to kill this kid? … Oh, wait! Now I get it. She WANTS Ick to kill Moron, just not right this second. She's not done playing with him yet. Okay, I'm cool with that.

    But I'm confused. Is today the anniversary of Patrick and Robin's almost wedding, or is it's Emma's birthday? If it's both, I would think that they both would associate that date with their daughter first, since their actual wedding was sometime later. I just don't see Robin waking up on her daughter's birthday and focusing on a wedding that didn't happen. That whole trip down memory lane was strange. It was like Robin and Patrick were telling the story as “We were supposed to get married that day and we had a beautiful ceremony planned, but we had to postpone when Robin's water broke, and hilarious hijinks ensued. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Emma was born on that day too.”

    Talk about burying the lead! Emma was practically an afterthought today. Where's the cake and presents? Where's all the balloons and funny hats and ice cream? Worst. Birthday. EVER! (Except for Sonny's that time Connie threw a party for him, and murdered the cake before jumping into bed with Johnny so Sonny could find them. SURPRISE!)

    Robin's constant mewing about wanting to get back to her family is growing tiresome. Anyone else in her place would say “To hell with Jerry and the cure! My parents can take care of themselves, and NOTHING, and NOBODY is going to stop me from seeing my husband and daughter and letting them know I'm alive.” If Carly was in a similar situation, I think she would be handling things much differently in terms of escaping. I think the modern phrase is Carly would be much more “pro-active.” Robin is just too “pro-passive” considering how desperate her situation is.

    All that's been accomplished over the last two weeks of this interminable storyline is to cure Luke and to move the proceedings from Cassadine Island to Spoon Island. The longer they keep dragging this thing out, the more it's beginning to look like “Gilligan's Island,” only less realistic.

    Posted by Fedup 2011 at Monday, October 28 2013 01:53 PM

    At this point if anyone should have baby Connie it's Maxie and Spinell, I don't hear her going off the charts like LuLu is (plus I believe Ben is hers and Dante's), I don't hear her talking about going after Lulu and bringing up every dirty deed her did but Lulu has no problem bering up Maxie's past. Lulu be careful don't forget just like Maxie has a past.....SO DO YOU!!!!!

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