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    Last One Standing.

    Friday, October 25 2013
    Morgan decides to keep Derek’s identity a secret, Morgan begs for his life, and Britt reacts strongly to Patrick’s engagement news.

    Nik, Britt, Faison, Obrecht and the baby arrive at Wyndemere where there is a disagreement about who is giving orders. Obrecht threatens to call Jerry to harm Anna and Robert if they don’t comply. Britt has had enough of the bickering and wants to take Ben to GH. Robin wants to go too but Obrecht refuses. Alone with Faison, Robin tells him that Jerry is no match for her parents. Plus, an old friend in Port Charles will save her. Robin is glad Jason will be the one to kill him. Faison doubts it considering he already killed Jason. She doesn’t believe him. "Google it," he says. Robin reads about Jason’s disappearance online. She thought he would always be there for her when she needed him. She lashes out at Faison and he grabs her wrists – she is spirited and willful just like her mother.

    Anna and Robert try to find a way out of the lab on Cassadine Island. Anna is sure the heat is on Faison and hopes Duke will be looking for them. She tells Robert that Duke has gone legit and works for Derek Wells. Robert tries to hide a reaction. Anna demands he spill and he tells her Derek’s real name is Julian Jerome. He was taken into custody after he was shot and Robert was told by the WSB to tell everyone he was dead. Jerome cut a deal and in exchange for info he got protection, a new identity and a new face.

    Duke finds Mac at the Floating Rib, worried about Anna. They compare notes and realize something must have happened at the prison. After a few calls they find out Faison and Obrecht are at large.

    At the hospital, Sabrina and Patrick share their wedding news with Felix, who gives them a big hug. Patrick gets to work and Sabrina tells Felix about the call Patrick thought he got from Robin. Felix thinks it was Britt, but Sabrina still thinks it was Carlos. Meanwhile, Britt and Nik arrive with Ben. Patrick has a lot of questions and Nik reminds Britt to not say anything about Robin. In the exam room Sabrina joins them and Britt is shocked by her engagement ring. Britt tells Patrick he can’t marry Sabrina and he demands to know why not. Britt admits she was out of line. Nik quickly wraps things up and gets Britt and Ben out of there. Later, Felix warns Sabrina to keep an eye on Britt.

    From his office, Derek gives Carlos orders to kill Morgan. Ava desperately tries to make them see this would turn into a bloodbath. Ava reminds Derek they are in a partnership but he wonders what she even brings to the table. He is the one who does all the work. She tells him she is the one who has to face all the questions because of her last name while he hides behind his alias. Ava begs him not to do this but he tells her it is just business. Outside his office Ava calls Morgan, but Derek grabs her phone from her hand. He thinks it’s too bad she has fallen for the kid because it is too late.

    Morgan overhears Sonny and Michael getting close at the warehouse. They notice him and Morgan has something to tell Sonny, but not in front of Michael. Michael reveals he is working for Sonny and Morgan gets upset. Once again Sonny chose Michael over Morgan. Morgan is sick of Michael feeling entitled to everything, including his wife. Michael asks Morgan to run the restaurant with him. Morgan can think of a million other things he’d rather do than work with his traitor brother. Morgan changes his mind – he has nothing to say to Sonny. Outside, he misses Ava’s call as Carlos approaches him with the gun to take him back to Derek. Inside, DA Lazarro got everything Sonny needs on Julian. Sonny realizes Julian and Derek are the same person.

    Carlos drags Morgan back to Derek’s office. Morgan begs for his life. He promises he didn’t say a word to Sonny but Derek has no idea if that’s true and orders Carlos to finish him. Derek ignores a call from Duke, who tells him he has to go away for a few days. Morgan tells Derek that Sonny doesn’t deserve his loyalty. Morgan asks to come work for Julian in exchange for Sonny.

    Nik and Britt return to Wyndemere with Ben. Nik can tell Robin is upset and she tells him what she just learned about Jason. Nik confirms it. Britt wants to tell Robin what they learned too but Nik tries to stop her. Britt worries it will be too late for Robin if they don’t. Britt tells Robin that Patrick is engaged to Sabrina.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Word of Patrick and Sabrina’s engagement spreads.

    Nik promises Robin she will see Patrick and Emma again.

    Alexis tells Derek that Sam’s father is Julian Jerome.

    Sonny doesn’t want to lose Olivia.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Love29 at Friday, October 25 2013 12:35 PM

    Well Morgan you a fool now you going to help Ava and Julian take down Sonny.Morgan should of went to Sonny first.Sonny trying his best to get you to forgive him but you choose not to cause he loves Michael more no Morgan he loves both of you.I hope nothing happens to Sonny like get shot.Morgan thought he was going to get shot he got scare.I hope Morgan forgives Sonny and Michael one day.Sonny going to take down Julian also.let it begin.

    Posted by pemi at Friday, October 25 2013 01:02 PM

    Wow! Today's show didn't disappoint. For a brief moment there I almost thought Morgan would actually tell Sonny about Julian, but, true to form he let his jealousy of Michael take over whatever little thinking he does and he almost got killed for it. It would be so cool if he only toldJulian he would help him take down his father but in reality he plans on becoming a double agant of sorts. Wonder if he's capable of this kind of thinking?
    Poor Robin, finding out a lot of unpleasant things today. I expected a lot more emotion when she found out about Jason though. Guess we have to wait til Monday for her reaction on Patricks engagement.
    Still loving Faison and Dr. O. These two could have their own show. Perhaps "I Love Leisl" or maybe "The Odd Couple".

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, October 25 2013 01:09 PM

    Actually Morgan is acting like a typical adolescent male. They only see how things affect themselves and don't see any farther into the future. It's really great acting on the part of the actor playing him.
    All of the drama of Morgan telling Sonny who Julian is and then not is moot. Sonny found out on his own. Pretty soon everyone will know, Robert told Anna.
    How is Morgan going to betray Sonny? He is not even close to Sonny's business, other than Julian holding him hostage to get Sonny do his bidding I can't see what use he will be.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 25 2013 01:12 PM

    How hard would it be for Nikolas and Britt to overpower Faisy and Frau Blücher, and then call the WSB to tell them where Robert and Anna are? I'm just sayin'. At this rate, the biggest dangers to Robert and Anna are starvation and a lack of bathroom facilities. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Robert was in on Julian's Ick-ification since he was mentioned so prominently in the report of Julian's “death,” but I am surprised that he would keep that information from Anna. Isn't Julian the one she holds responsible for the loss of her child with Duke? I'm really asking, because I'm not familiar with the circumstances surrounding that miscarriage (if that's what happened), or what part Julian played in causing that tragedy. How was he connected to that?

    Moron is a sniveling crybaby who calls his brother a traitor (over a WOMAN??!!), and then turns around and betrays his own father by joining forces with a man who wants Sonny dead!

    From the very beginning, Moron has displayed NO redeeming qualities whatsoever, and there is absolutely nothing to like about this guy. If he were on Star Trek, I'd be hoping for him to beam down to the planet wearing a red shirt (if he could find it), just so he wouldn't be coming back. He makes Trey LeDouche look like an Eagle Scout by comparison.

    One of the problems with recasting formerly dead or introducing previously never-before-heard-of characters, like Ick and Ava, is all the time spent on establishing their backstory. This business with Slimas and Sam trying to track down Ava's mom is a complete waste of time since Moron and Sonny already know Ick's identity, and his relationship to Ava. What's the point in pursuing a parallel investigation into a mystery that's already been solved? As inept as Sam is as a PI, they probably won't figure it out until Ick puts a couple of before and after pictures of himself and Julian 1.0 on the front page of his own paper.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, October 25 2013 01:22 PM

    Well, Capt'n Morgan didn't disappoint me. I was pretty sure he would show his weasel colors and he came through. Sniveling is not a very manly feature, but then neither is whining like a baby or calling your brother a b!tch. I was hoping Michael would show him the floor. Maybe next time.

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, October 25 2013 01:30 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Loved today's show, lots of characters and drama. This will be an episode I'll watch again in the quiet hours of the early morning with a cup of coffee.
    Faison and Obrecht are fast becoming the comedic odd couple, it almost makes me like Obrecht.
    Not surprised by Morgan's decision to work with the Jeromes against his father, I think we all saw that coming. The best outcome for this story is if Morgan double crosses Julian in an attempt to show Sonny the worthy son he could and should be over Micheal.
    I like how Robert revealed his part in Julian Jeromes new identity to Anna, just as Sonny was learning the same thing from Lazaro and the file he brought.
    Too bad. Robin was counting on Jason to figure out what is going on and rescue her. What a way to find out he's dead. Faison calmly told her how he took swift action to eliminate Jason and suggested she google it. The boy with no past and the girl with no future were a good pairing, who helped each other at a critical time in their life, before Carly and Micheal entered the picture.
    Robin's reaction, much like a lot of viewers, is that no body was found so that means he could still be alive. Nobody knows that now better than Robin. Jason will resurface with a new face and personality when the time is right.
    If I were to guess which character will figure out the connection that Robin is alive, Faison and Obrecht's part in her "death" and help rescue Anna and Robert, it is Duke.

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, October 25 2013 01:47 PM

    Pemi...We think alike about the scenes that were played out today.

    Scrimmage...Good point. What could Sam and Silas learn that we don't already know or even care to know?

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, October 25 2013 02:10 PM

    I can't believe that Britt and Nicholas were so naive as to believe that Faison and Olbrecht would leave Anna and Robert alive as long as they kept quiet. Britt should know her parents by now. There is no way they would leave Anna and Robert alive to come after them. I was hoping that they would tell someone what was going on.

    Still, I did like Faison and Olbrect's bickering scene from 'Private Lives' and hope that the writers do not kill them off just yet. The writing has really picked up with this return to the WSB and DVX thriller. Those were the days.

    I know they won't do it, because they want us on the hook tuning in every day, but I wish they would kept the story lines separate and relegate them to a regular schedule, so that those of us who have to fast forward through the teenage angst, Heather and Franco, Sabrina and Patrick, can avoid the days when they are going to be on.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, October 25 2013 02:22 PM

    Hi everyone and what a good show today

    When Robin was telling Faison that her friend is going to help her, I was thinking of Sonny. But when she said Jason..duh I forgot she didn't know about Jason. It was like I heard it the first time like Robin and the emotion that came over me.
    It sure was hard for Britt and Nik to not say anything at the hospital. Like that Felix said to Britt does Brad know Ben is ok, the look Britt gave
    Scimmage, there must be a washroom in that lab because Robin was there awhile.
    I had a feeling Morgan would go against Sonny. Will he now work along side Michael? Maybe along the way they can become close again as they were before.
    I do love this mob storyline and it does involve many.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Friday, October 25 2013 02:29 PM

    I agree as I also enjoy watching Faison and Dr. Obrecht and hope they stay around for awhile.
    Yeah, Morgan was scared when Carlos had a gun on him but remember his age and he hasn't seen as much as Michael. But of course he is going to say anything to stay alive and Sonny did say all the things that made Morgan even dislike him more.

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