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    Wednesday, October 23 2013
    Carlos and Derek discuss bringing Sonny down, Sonny finds common ground with D.A. Lazarro, and Carly has breakfast with Derek.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, October 23 2013 06:28 PM

    bayou - Nite enjoy the game and the rest of your evening.

    Posted by pemi at Wednesday, October 23 2013 06:44 PM

    Nothing personal here but I am a born Yankees fan and I live smack in the middle of "Red Sox Nation" but its in my dna to root against them at all times. That being said even I have to admit they are going to be really tough to beat! Enjoy the series. I'm going to try to.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, October 23 2013 07:00 PM

    If the only work Michael can find is in Sonny's organization, and Moron joins up with the Jeromes, then all three of Sonny's sons will be in conflict against each other. Maybe they'll even spin-off their own prime time show. Prospective titles:

    “Mikey and Moron,” “Father Knows Nothing,” “Everybody Loves Mikey,” “Two Crooks and a Cop!” “Everybody Hates Moron,” or “My Three S.O.B.s” (situation comedies),

    “PCPD Blue Balls” (shirtless, semi nude crime/sex drama),

    “Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberer” (documentary).

    Bayoubtr wrote: “Didn't Ava pretty much admit to being the mastermind behind the bogus gambling ring that sucked Morgone in?”

    I am SO tempted to make an extremely suggestive remark about how Ava is handling that job personally right now, but I'm going to restrain myself.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, October 23 2013 07:12 PM

    Scrimmage - Ava can parlay that admission into a beauty regime, book sales, personal appearances, and infomercials, titled "How My Lips Stay Plumped Without Injections".

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, October 23 2013 07:27 PM

    Pemi- I don't think it can get much worse. Lets hope tomorrow leads into Fantastic Friday. I personally loved last Fridays episode . Today's show, well I'm sorry I wasted my time. I'm not a baseball fan, may the best team win.

    Posted by pemi at Wednesday, October 23 2013 07:43 PM

    Fantastic Friday would be fantastic! Lets hope.


    Father Knows Nothing and Everybody Loves Mikey. Too funny and too true!

    Posted by sfcom at Wednesday, October 23 2013 07:56 PM

    and the best investigator in port Charles public or private. ...... is......MORGAN! he is always at the right place at the right time. knows how to hide quietly in the background.

    when you say the A Team.... I think you mean not the all American team but the all International Team

    Robert & Jerry .... Australian
    Anna ..... British
    Duke ..... Scottish
    nicholas ..... Greek
    dr. O ..... German
    fiason .... Danish
    Britt..... German/Danish ?I think?

    and representing USA ... Robin and baby Ben!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, October 23 2013 08:07 PM

    Hi everyone:)
    Line of the day came from Diane as she said Morgan, I see you still have not found your

    I am happy both Morgan and Kiki signed the annulment papers.
    Morgan knows a lot so know what is he going to do and who side will he be on since he hates Sonny right now.
    It was nice seeing Lucy, Scott and Heather back.
    I do think Carly is only using Derrick as she knows he is connected to Ava some how.
    Loved when Lucy mentioned Ryans Bar as I used to watch Ryans Hope. For those of you who did not watch the show the actress IIene Kristen who played Delia was great on the show and I could picture her as Avas mother.

    Posted by aussie1 at Wednesday, October 23 2013 09:52 PM

    Happy Thursday all. Hope everyone is having a great day. Unfortunately, I had a funeral to go to for my great aunt.

    sfcom, Jerry has a British accent not Australian. I'm not sure if he's meant to be Australian though since he & Jax are brothers. That was never established. Jax & Robert are definitely Australian. The actor that plays Jerry is Sebastian Roche who is French/British.

    So no Moron-free day I see. God I can't stand these younger actors. Their storylines are horrible and they're over-exposed.

    I hope now that Alexis has clarified Sam's DNA, let's get the Julian reveal moving along.

    Hi South.

    Posted by raineysmom at Wednesday, October 23 2013 09:59 PM


    I'm a born Yankees fan too!!! I was born in New York and my mother raised me and my sister as Yankees fans! We still cheer them on to this day! Did you happen to see the special that FOX sports did on Mariano Rivera? I happened to catch wind of it last Sunday and recorded it. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

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