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    I Won Obrecht, I'm Going Home.

    Monday, October 21 2013
    Robert and Anna interrogate Obrecht, Diane offers legal advice to Maxie and Spinelli, and Sabrina's confused by Patrick's sudden proposal.


    Robert and Anna search Cassadine Island looking for Robin and Britt's baby. They rush into the living room and find Obrecht unconscious on the floor. Anna stops Robert from finishing her off and he hits Obrecht in the head to wake her up. Anna demands to know where Robin is. Obrecht claims Robin's dead – Faison would tell Anna anything to make her happy. Obrecht breaks down crying about Faison's request to bed her with Anna's mask on. Anna thinks she could hurt Faison by helping them find Robin and Britt's baby. Obrecht agrees to tell her what she knows after Anna identifies with her as a mother. What they are looking for can be found downstairs in the lab. Robert knocks Obrecht out. In the lab, Robin's surprised to see Nikolas and hugs him. She explains her death was somehow staged as a part of Jerry Jacks' plan. She's excited, thinking she got through to Patrick when she called. She asks why he didn't come himself but Nikolas knows nothing about her phone call. He's there looking for Britt's baby. Robin tells him she took care of Patrick's son. Nikolas explains Ben's not Patrick's son but needs to find him. They are both gone when Robert and Anna arrive downstairs. Robert thinks Obrecht lied about having Robin but Anna finds a picture of Patrick and Emma. Robin was there. Meanwhile, Robin and Nikolas find Obrecht knocked out. Nikolas leaves to find Ben and Britt while Robin declares she won…she's going home. Upstairs, Britt finds Faison with Ben. He's sure she means Cesar, but she corrects him, it's Ben and she wants him back. He was a gift from Obrecht and Faison plans to keep his own flesh a blood. Britt tells him he's wrong. Ben isn't his flesh and blood. Faison wonders if Britt is another man's bastard. Britt confesses she has his DNA but Ben doesn't. Ben isn't her biological son. Faison yells at her confused. He thinks it's a trick and orders her to leave but she won't – he'll have to kill her first. Nikolas approaches and warns Faison to let go of Britt or he'll kill him.

    Alexis is disappointed that the lab results aren't back at GH. She sees Lulu with Connie. She's upset that Maxie and Spinelli plan to take Connie away. Alexis understands her frustration and disappointment that Maxie and Spinelli want their baby back. Lulu's certain Connie belongs to her and Dante. Alexis is sorry that things don't look good for them. Connie is not legally the Falconeri's baby. Lulu's desperate to do something so Alexis advises Lulu to sue Maxie for punitive damages. Lulu just wants their daughter. Alexis doubts a judge will let them keep Connie but Lulu is eager to do anything. Alexis questions if that means destroying Maxie by proving her unfit. Lulu claims Maxie is unfit – there is no question. Alexis reminds her that Maxie is her best friend. Can she do this to Maxie? Lulu knows every bad thing about Maxie and is ready to go after her. She wants Alexis to file the paperwork.

    At Crimson, Diane listens to Spinelli and Maxie's desire to get Connie back. They're in good hands. Diane knows the contract will not hold up in court. Maxie doesn't think the Falconeri's will give up Connie without a fight. Diane takes off her lawyer hat. She finds Maxie's actions against Spinelli selfish but thinks she deserves a vigorous defense. They could charge the Falconeri's with kidnapping but Spinelli and Maxie don't want to go that route so Diane advises getting a court order for the surrender of Connie to Maxie. Diane warns that Alexis is a formidable lawyer. Things will get ugly. Maxie's ready to do whatever is necessary.

    At Patrick's, Sabrina asks Patrick what he just said. He repeats, "Marry me." He's sorry for blurting it out and should have planned it better. Sabrina doesn't know what to think and wonders where this is coming from – he hasn't gotten over Robin. He's over it and apologizes. Patrick explains how Elizabeth helped him understand how grief can play tricks on your mind. Whatever that phone call was, he's now certain it wasn't Robin. Sabrina confesses she just came from seeing Carlos. She was certain he had staged the phone call but he denied it. She wonders if he proposed because of Carlos but Patrick credits Robin for it. Sabrina offers to pretend the proposal never happened if he needs time. He won't take it back and gets on one knee to propose again. Sabrina happily accepts.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Mac tells Maxie it isn't going to be easy.

    Nikolas threatens to kill Faison.

    Emma wants to know what Sabrina and Patrick are celebrating.

    Robin points a gun at Obrecht – she's no longer anyone's prisoner.

    Jerry Jacks surprises Robert and Anna.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by ldiablo at Monday, October 21 2013 12:18 PM

    Enough of all the explaining of what happened talk after your safely off
    that Cassedine prison camp. You have nuts running around there and you are
    having tea and crumbkets instead of getting out of there? I was a fan of
    Patrick and Sabrina getting together but now that Robin is proven to be
    alive well SABRINA GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ROBINS MAN! Robert Scorpio you
    will regrett not shooting Dr. O'Heck its not like anyone will miss her! I
    am not into the Nulante and Spixie feud for the baby just throw them in a
    cage match to fight to the death. Forget about lawyers or courts. Say it
    already Dr. Britch WE ALL KNOW IT the baby is Nulantes kid! Patrick you
    loser go ahead and marry the boring Sabrina you don't deserve Robin. If
    I had a dime for every time someone says I WILL PUT A BULLET IN YOUR
    HEAD I would be filthy rich. Prince Nicholes you needed to just do it
    instead of saying it?

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Monday, October 21 2013 12:20 PM

    Lulu…..kettle calling. Glass house, stones …….ringing any bells!!!!!!!!!!
    How many mishaps can the writers think of before re-uniting Robin with EVERYBODY.
    Sabrina… had the voice of reason…what happen
    Robert……Very funny

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Monday, October 21 2013 12:27 PM

    I was so thrilled to see Anna and Robert decide to go together on their adventure to find their daughter Robin. I want to say welcome back Robert, we miss you! Happy to have you back Robert! Anna and Robert always made their adventures so interesting.

    I just want Faison, Jerry and Dr. Obrecht gone for good. I am getting tired of them already.

    Finally Nikolas saw Robin and know she is alive. He must be shocked to see her. He and Robin have a chance to reunion and catch up the news. Glad he told Robin that Patrick is not the father of baby Ben and now she know the truth.

    Please Nikolas, just shoot that sick man Faison already.

    I just hope the baby Ben is doing ok, I only want him to be safe and get away from evil people like Faison, Dr. Obrecht and Jerry. I will be relief once the baby Ben is back safe with Britt and Nikolas and return to home in Port Charles.

    Wow thing are getting real ugly between Lulu and Maxie. When will it ever going end?

    Wow Nikolas have been generous support and be there for Britt whatever she need. He haven't been left her side since. That what is really amazing me the most. She is lucky to have Nikolas in her life, I know they haven't dating yet. But he is the guy who she need right now. I can't wait to see more develop between Britt and Nikolas to grow into something more. Britt have been change so much and I can see she is redeemed now. Who do like to see Nikolas and Britt together? Count me in for sure.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Monday, October 21 2013 12:29 PM

    This is really hard for me about who I want Patrick to be with because I do like Sabrina and Robin both. I will support whatever Patrick's decision who he choose to be with for good.

    Posted by Johnieb65 at Monday, October 21 2013 01:15 PM

    Ok !!! Britt confronting Faison!! The child is not ...wait for it, wait for it .. Oh crap I guess we have to wait for it!! I still say this is Lulu and Dante Baby, I think they are dragging this out way to long, at this rate Sabrina and Patrick will do a Morgan and Kiki and go to the court house and be married and preg before Robin makes back to PC!! Where are the handsome princes guards? No wonder the island is home to the legion of Doom

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, October 21 2013 01:24 PM

    Why don't Maxie and Spinelli let Dante and Lulu keep connie and have another baby of their own. It would not be the first 'replacement' baby, conceived after an earlier child has died.

    Posted by gmahoma at Monday, October 21 2013 01:47 PM

    I'll bet Dr.O has a headache!!! I know I'm getting one from Lulu! Let's see, BOTH of you ladies could be deemed "UNFIT" mothers, then what? How does that help baby Connie? And, it's sad that while being so impatient about DNA test results for something that happened so many years ago, it still hasn't crossed Alexis's mind that they might need DNA testing for baby Connie.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, October 21 2013 02:03 PM

    gmahoma ~ It hasn't occurred to anyone to check the DNA on baby Connie. They are all taking Britt's word that Maxie miscarried and got pregnant the same night. I am sure that this is being done on purpose so at a later date they can change her parentage. More drama.
    I think that at some point when it appears that Spixie might lose in court Maxie will snatch the baby and disappear, since KS will be going on maternity leave soon, it would work into the story line. Also with the rumors of cast cuts, Spinelli is already on re-occurring status, possibly KS would be as well.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Monday, October 21 2013 02:16 PM

    Off work this week so get to watch in 'real time'. Wow...they really packed in the drama today. LovesDogs980 you make an interesting point about KS's impending real life maternity leave...they will have to incorporate that into the story line. Will she run for the hills with the baby, or if she wins the custody battle, will she still skedaddle not trusting LuLu. Also now with Britt stating there is no DNA connection to baby Ben....I am back to thinking he could be Dante and LuLu's. And someone on Cassadine Island with a functioning cell phone better call Patrick before he runs off to the court house with Sabrina.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, October 21 2013 02:24 PM

    Happy Monday Everyone,

    Big doings coming up. I can't wait to see the tag team girl fight (Diane & Maxi vs Alexis and Lulu). This time it's very personal and by the time these four are done Connie will be placed in a foster home. I'm really surprised that neither couple has ordered a DNA test before going off to be half-cocked parents. Interesting that Lulu considered running off with the baby - there's always Sonny's island, or better yet Cassadine Island. I understand there's excellent child care there.

    It's a good thing that Robin's parents are capable because her husband clearly doesn't have the sense that God gave a goose. Watching Sabrina and Hatrick today was almost as annoying as watching the dueling mothers.

    I have to give Robert the two best lines of the day, although one of them goes to his expression when Dr. O was telling Anna about Faison and the mask. Priceless. The other was his question to Anna" What's with the Mother Hen?" something we've been commenting on here.

    Nice to see Robin and Nicolas catch up at the same time Britt was telling her father that the baby Ben wasn't his biological grandson. I guess the writers are playing rock paper scissors to decide whose child Ben is. I have to say that I was a little surprised that Britt couldn't take down her father, but I guess Nicholas isn't done playing the hero just yet.

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