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    No One Is Careful All The Time.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013
    Carly comes to Franco's rescue, Diane gives Morgan advice about Sonny, and Ava asks Derek for a favor.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, October 16 2013 07:41 PM

    Poodles – You should know by now that the only things that are easy on this show are getting knocked up by Sonny and recovering from major surgery. Everything else is more complicated than a Rubik's cube to a color blind person. By the time Kinky and Moron get to court, they'll probably be suing for custody of Spixie's baby, and the rights to Pickle Lila.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, October 16 2013 07:42 PM

    Poodles-- I thought Morgan needed an attorney, but as Jumps & Lovesdogs pointed out, in a no fault divorce state--you don't even need an attorney. In a lot of states there is a separation time line. Here in LA it's 180 days.

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, October 16 2013 08:03 PM

    Scrimmage - yes, I should know better. LOL. I was just hoping that for our sake, they wouldn't drag out Kiki & Morgan 's marriag woes. The less I see of those two, the better.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, October 16 2013 08:07 PM

    Speaking of Spinelli, it's hard not to notice that while we've been alternating between the Ben Kidnapping storyline, with Anna, Luke, Robin, Nik, Britt, etc., and the romance storylines featuring the Teens, the Ick / Alexis / Carly / Frodd quadrangle, Sam and Slimas' foreplay, Ava and Moron's disturbing fantasy role playing, and Sonny and Oblivia's (I think?) budding relationship, that we haven't checked in on Maxie, Spinelli, Dante, and Nulu in almost a week? And except for a brief scene with Patrick, Liz and especially AJ have all but disappeared off the canvas. I think it's just a case of poor planning by the producers to leave storylines hanging long enough for them to lose all momentum, and for viewers to lose all interest. So much has happened in the meantime that it seems like Connie was killed a year ago.

    Posted by poodles at Wednesday, October 16 2013 08:12 PM

    Bayou - Morgan needs to go to the nearest legal aid office. He can't have it both ways, either respect his parents, benefit from their contacts, their wealth, or totally do it himself. I don't think the moron gets that concept.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, October 16 2013 08:20 PM

    Poodles-- I wholeheartedly agree with you on Morgan. He's just so petulant. And also mentally challenged.

    Posted by thundering herd at Wednesday, October 16 2013 08:30 PM

    The divorce should be so easy maybe that's why Diane took is pro bono.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, October 16 2013 10:13 PM

    Hi everyone
    Show was boring today as most of the show was just run-on as what they had already said. I don't understand about this divorce as both Kiki and Morgan want it so I'm sure the judge would grant it as they were only married like a couple weeks.
    Also agree that is fall so Sam should not be wearing a summer top any more. The hospital is not the place to be flaunting about.
    Saw a movie the other night with James Franco and still think of him as Franco. If they couldn't bring back that actor who held that role so prefect they should have not brought him back at all. The actor playing him now could have been brought in as a new character.

    Posted by bash20 at Thursday, October 17 2013 12:25 AM

    I really do look forward to scenes with Diane. I loved how she laid it all out for Morgon. If his parents (and Mother-in-Law) can't do it, then I guess it is up to Diane.

    Wednesday's show wasn't as action-packed as Monday's; however, Sonny and Shawn did manage to build the suspense around the Julian Jerome mystery.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, October 17 2013 06:38 AM

    Re Morgan's divorce, or they could complicate it by Kiki getting pregnant.

    Scrimmage ~ I agree with you on all the story lines put on the back burner. One of the reasons I am not watching live so much now. The show really drags on and on.

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