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    No One Is Careful All The Time.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013
    Carly comes to Franco's rescue, Diane gives Morgan advice about Sonny, and Ava asks Derek for a favor.


    At GH, Sam overhears Alexis giving a technician instructions and wonders what she's given consent to. Privately, Alexis explains it's about her father. It's only a theory but Alexis is trying to find out if her father is Julian Jerome. The Jerome family used to run organized crime in Port Charles in the eighties. Sam questions if the man she thinks is her father is a mobster. Alexis corrects her. He was a mobster…Julian Jerome is dead. Sam's upset that Alexis lied to do tests behind her back. Alexis wanted to have Lucas tested first. They discuss the pros and cons of knowing the truth. Sam decides they should do the test.

    At his office, Sonny's overhears Kiki tell Michael her mother has a brother. Kiki can't imagine why it's fascinating to Sonny. Michael points out there are concerns over Ava being connected to the Jerome mob family. Sonny's interested in what Silas had to say. All Silas knew was that he was rich and had connections but he never met him. Michael stops Sonny from asking more questions. Sonny thanks Kiki before she leaves with Michael. Alone, Shawn and Sonny discuss different scenarios of who the brother really is. There are too many coincidences. Since Ava appeared in Port Charles, the name Julian Jerome comes up a lot. Shawn agrees he might be alive and lying low with his sister running interference but no one is careful all the time. Sonny remembers the connection between Ava and Derek and asks, "Is Derek Wells really Julian Jerome?"

    At the pier, Kiki's not surprised at how much she doesn't know about her mother. Michael wishes he could help her but Kiki doesn't even know where her mother is. Michael does. Ava's living with Morgan. She's shocked and disgusted. Kiki regrets everything that happened and wishes she handled things differently but neither of them is sorry they are together. Michael's bothered by one thing. He wonders if Ava has an agenda, and if so, is Morgan in danger. Kiki agrees he could be in over his head.

    At the penthouse, Morgan asks Diane to end his marriage. She's not surprised given the fact he's hooked up with Kiki's mother. Morgan protests. It's more about his brother hooking up with his wife. Diane excuses Ava to get her contract signed by the silent partner. Alone, she advises Morgan to hire Sonny's attorney. Morgan proclaims that won't happen – his father is out of his life. Diane wants Morgan to talk to Sonny but Morgan claims he's the reason he's getting a divorce. All Sonny cares about is Michael's happiness. Diane apologizes for saying that it’s 'the biggest pile of crap she's heard'. Diane shares the respect she has for Sonny. He values family above all else and loves all of his children equally. Sonny's not perfect, but he loves Morgan. Morgan wants to know when lawyers stop giving advice and do what they're told. Diane laughs at his rudeness and quips how he sounds just like his father. After, Diane listens to Morgan's version of what happened to his marriage. It sounds like Morgan perpetrated fraud but asks him to write down everything he remembers about his relationship with Kiki. He worries she'll take Michael's side. Diane admits she cares for Michael and blames herself for his going to jail. Before leaving, she reminds Morgan that Michael has two fathers and he has only one.

    Carly rushes to Franco's side when Derek knocks him out at the gym. Carly's concerned and wants to know why they are sparring. Franco just had brain surgery and doesn't know anything about boxing. He believes he's more resilient than she thinks but Carly helps him up to take him to the hospital. She shoots Derek a dirty look when he asks if their lunch date is still on. Later, Ava stops by eager to have Derek sign Diane's contract. She brags about all the money they can make off of Franco. Derek's not interested. Someone might find out he's her silent party. He's already established as someone interested in art so she doesn't see that being a problem. Derek thinks it's worth taking the chance, especially to see the look on Franco's face now that they're fighting over Carly. Ava's surprised and annoyed at his interest in Carly. She wants him to be careful.

    At the Metro Court, Franco takes advantage of Carly's attentions. She wants him to go to the hospital. He'd rather kiss her but Carly thinks he should kiss his 'groupie' Diane. Franco doesn't have groupies anymore. He declares he's not sleeping with Diane. She's not convinced. As Franco repeats that there is nothing going on, Diane barges in saying, "Franco, I need you now." Carly doesn't want to hear it and leaves.

    Ava returns to the penthouse and leaves Morgan alone. He looks in Ava's bag and notices Derek Wells' signature on Diane's contract.

    Carly returns to the gym and asks Derek if the invitation to lunch is still open.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Sonny wants to talk to Duke about an old friend of his.

    Mac wonders what's bothering Robert.

    Nikolas tells Britt that Anna left a message about her mother.

    Patrick is convinced he heard Robin.

    Robin is excited to see Anna.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:35 PM

    Looks like everyone is putting it together that Derek is really Julian.
    Hope it doesn't take long to run this guy out of town.

    Sam is a beautiful woman that really should cover her breasts when she goes out in public. Carly is wearing a coat and Sam is wearing a tank top, cut as low as possible with black bra straps showing. Tacky....

    Diane respects Sonny. Who knew? Loved her speech to Morgan pumping up Sonny. Wonder what Morgan will do with the information on Ava's silent partner.

    Like Shawn as Sonny's right hand man and Sonny acknowledging his mistake to Shawn about Julian. Sonny is getting back his moxie.

    Now, I want Nic and Britt to bring Ben home and Spin and Maxie to bring Connie home and Emma to get her mother back.

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:42 PM

    Looks as if the ladies have been shopping at Wyndhams this week. I loved Dianes outfit, but OUCH! the belt was amistake. Apart from the fact that it revealed her none too slim waistline, the width cut the line of her outfit in half. Better to have either put it under the jacket, or left it off all together. Tracy Q does it better.

    Kiki was back with her popeyed mouth hanging open head clutching theatrics. Can't they spring for afew acting lessons for her?

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:45 PM

    Ya know IF Sonny had listene to Shawn in the 1st place, he would be way ahead in this game.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:53 PM

    So, Sonny did admit he was wrong to Shawn? Wow! I must watch that scene!

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:54 PM

    Glad Michael stopped Sonny from grilling Kiki.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:57 PM

    I do not understand why Morgan even needs a lawyer to end his marriage. Doubt Kiki would fight him on it. They have no assets, nothing to split. Should be the easiest divorce on record in PC.

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, October 16 2013 12:58 PM

    Diane should NOT blame herself for Michael going to jail. That is all on Sonny/Carly/Jason, IMHO.

    Posted by pemi at Wednesday, October 16 2013 01:06 PM

    Just love Diane. She was really great today and had some of the best lines. The one that still has me laughing was when she told Morgan that she remembered when a bucket of legos kept him busy. I think he would do well to listen to her advice but I think we all know he won't. I also think that finding that contract with DW's signature is the start of some big trouble for little Mogan.
    Looks like everyone is starting to figure out the Julian mystery. Wont be long before the secrets out, I hope!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, October 16 2013 01:09 PM

    Love it when Sonny gets the eye twinkle & evil grin going. Game on, but soon to be over for Julian Jerome.

    Posted by adamrocks at Wednesday, October 16 2013 01:17 PM

    Looks wise, the actor playing Franco (ex-Todd on OLTL) does nothing for me, but he's a hoot to watch in this part. I like him with Carly and hope they end up together, at least for a while, on the show.

    Michael and Icky? Gross as usual. Just can't believe what a scumbag Michael is now and his taste in women? Yikes. The casting of Icky is wrong on just too many levels to list.

    I agree with whoever keeps commenting on Sam's in your face cleavage each and every time we see her. I loved it when Derek showed up at the hospital before the transplant and Sam and Alexis were sick with worry over a sick baby and both of them with so much cleavage and makeup they looked like they should be leaning against a lamp pole looking for tricks. If I knew someone who walked around with their boobs trying to escape from the top of their blouse I'd tell them to quit being obnoxious and cover up the knockers.

    I want Nicholas and Brit to get together. She's not any worse than any other PC resident and they have great chemistry together.

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