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    Moment Of Truth.

    Friday, October 11 2013
    Luke's condition worsens, Anna sees her double, and Britt confesses something private to Nik.

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    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, October 12 2013 07:21 AM

    The Jerome's were dead and now they're back too.

    Don't see why Robin's "death" is any different then all the others that have been crazily explained.

    For me, i'm just glad she isn't dead.

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Saturday, October 12 2013 08:58 AM


    LOVED your comment that, "burnt beyond recognition" is soap for "not really dead." Painfully true! I am among those who complain about how far-fetched it is, but then again, it allows some of my favorite characters to come back! And maybe it's just the writers' undying (oops!) optimism shining through: "Never be glum. Don't give up, even if you're char-broiled in a sealed room. Things may look up for you in two years!"

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, October 12 2013 09:15 AM

    Ransomha wrote: “Burnt beyond recognition is soap talk for, they aren't dead... Don't see why Robin's "death" is any different then all the others that have been crazily explained.”

    There's no question that “burnt beyond recognition,” is soap opera code for “not dead” because we saw the EXACT SAME THING when Lucky was supposedly killed in a fire, but in that particular instance the plan all along was to recast the character because shortly after Lucky's “death,” we were given a strong indication that all was not as it seemed because we all saw Helena lurking around shortly after the fire. In Robin's case, beyond that one line, there were no hints of any kind that she survived. To the contrary, we were given every reason to believe that Robin was really dead, especially considering all the hype surrounding Kimberly's departure. At the time, I figured the burned body bit was thrown in as much to spare Kimberly McCollough from having to lay there during an open casket funeral, as it was to allow for a possible resurrection of the character. As I stated in my earlier post, the writers were forced to resort to that old soap cliché, adding that line to the script at the last minute to give themselves an out, despite not knowing at the time if Robin was ever coming back or not.

    As far as her survival being “explained,” that hasn't happened at all, except to say that Faison “somehow” pulled it off. It's one thing for TPTB to use dramatic license and ask the viewing audience to suspend their disbelief for the sake of the plot, like we do when we see Frau Blücher in an Anna mask, supposedly mimicking her voice perfectly, but it's quite another thing for them to expect the viewers to set aside ALL logic, and swallow whatever preposterous scenario they present to us, especially if it contradicts the evidence of our own eyes. To me, that sort of thing is just insulting to the intelligence of the viewers, but I know many other posters will accept almost anything the writers throw out there without question, no matter how far-fetched and unbelievable it may be. They simply write it off as “just the way soaps are.” Sorry, but I can't do that. It's a soap, not a cartoon.

    What I think should've happened to accommodate Kimberly's desire to leave the show, while leaving the door open for her to return, and at the same time preserving some measure of plausibility, would've been for her to have never come back from Africa. Perhaps she could've been presumed dead after disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Then the writers wouldn't have had to come up with this completely ridiculous and totally inadequate explanation about how she survived an explosion in a sealed lab with only one exit, and was replaced with another unidentified body and spirited away in seconds without being seen.

    Another difference between Kimberly McCollough's return and others, is that most Soap actors don't go on a farewell tour when they leave the show, with the express purpose of telling everyone they're leaving for good, only to change their minds less than two years later. Not even Steve Burton had the chutzpah to do that.

    I think the lesson to be learned from all this is to “Never say never,” especially for actors on soaps.

    Posted by nancy marie at Saturday, October 12 2013 10:22 AM

    Ramsomha, I so agree with you when you say: "Don't see why Robin's 'death' is any different than all the others . . ."

    How about, just for fun, we compile a list of all the characters who have "died" and come back? I'll start it; please feel free to add to list:
    Major characters all, I might add.
    I think we can all agree that this is simply a reflection of very human changes of mind--by actors, TPTB, writers, network shirts, etc. We, as they, accept this fact. And sometimes it is a very real economic issue. An actor might have gone for pilot season and not had their pilot picked up, etc.
    True, we don't like it so much when TPTB or the writers truly jump the shark with the returns, but we don't unleash a diatribe against an actor, disproportionately, as Scrimmage has done in the last several days against Kimberly McCullough.
    As I said in an earlier post (Thur.), I think this action is over the top and bordering on board bullying and slander of the actor, Kimberly McCullough.

    I recall that Tony Geary wanted Gloria Monty to kill him in the heyday of Luke and Laura; she refused, saying she wouldn't do that to the devoted audience. He was, understandably, burnt out.

    And, speaking of outlandish, and truly jumping the shark, we all recall Monty bringing TG back as Bill Eckhert, with brown contact lenses, etc! Haven't heard anyone expounding on that. (Tony--and Genie--wanted to do films. Who can fault them for that? But it didn't work out for either of them. And, after the frenzy of L and L died down somewhat, I guess TG--and GF--wanted to work. One has to make a living, after all. Tony Geary and his co-writer then wrote the whole scenario for the return of L and L, and cajoled and wooed Genie until she said she would come back also--ABC executives even telling Genie "she was more valuable to them as Laura" and firing her from her role on AMC!) Very human motivations and we all (well, most of us, I guess!) can truly empathize with these actors. And we all know how shabbily TPTB treated GF, who later BEGGED TO COME and how TPTB they completely controlled WHEN AND FOR HOW LONG they would "allow" her to return to GH in retaliation because she spoke of inequality and bad treatment of her.
    Finally, I say again, let's talk about s/l, CHARACTERS, costumes, and verisimilitude (or lack of) and not presume to judge an ACTOR. This board should be for a friendly exchange of ideas and opinions about General Hospital.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, October 12 2013 11:42 AM

    Boston: It's the wonderful world of soaps, not to be taken seriously. Just to be enjoyed.....

    nancy marie: If I may break your code and talk about an actor/actress,
    I have to say, I liked Kim's honesty over Steve's departure.
    He wants to spend time with his family and within a few WEEKS was back on another soap.

    Kim said she wanted to do other projects. Well, good for her.
    TPTB wanted her to remain in the cast. Worked for me.

    As soon as they mentioned the "burt beyond recognition", I knew and said she wasn't dead.
    Got into discussions about it, I remember.

    We don't know if there is a back door to the lab. Could very well be.
    They also showed us a captive Robin very soon after her "death" so, we knew she was alive.

    If they can pass off my Sonny as a mob boss, then anything is possible.
    There are so many things that are far fetched, that I don't find this one any more less plausible then 100 other non-real life examples we can all give.

    It's enjoy the show or don't...your choice.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, October 12 2013 11:46 AM

    Forgot to mention, odd that Nic didn't recognize the painting in the back ground of Dr.O's video.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Saturday, October 12 2013 12:04 PM

    Ransomha ~ I think Nic will figure it out soon.
    What I don't like about the current writing is that there is very little surprise to what is going on. It's like making such a point over and over again about Lante's spare embryos, there's going to be no surprise at the end of that story line. Just as there was with the Spixie baby after showing us the dog (Jackel) over and over again. I would like some imagination and some surprises at the end of story lines instead of having it spelled out in advance.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, October 12 2013 01:08 PM

    Everyone knows that people don't REALLY come back from the dead, even though it's common on soaps, so the concept itself is inherently “unrealistic” to begin with, but it's generally accepted as part of the genre. I don't have any objections to the idea of bringing back characters who were once thought dead to the show, however, I DO find it problematic when the explanation given for those characters' unlikely survival either completely contradicts, or disregards something we previously saw, or if it would be physically impossible for any human being to pull off, like Heather going undetected while supposedly dragging dead or comatose bodies all over town in broad daylight. Even more egregious is when the explanation is ignored, unaddressed, or glossed over in the vaguest terms possible. Robin's return is unique in the fact that it combines elements of all three of those unfortunately common dodges used by writers who, for whatever reason, have painted themselves into a corner from which there is no logical escape.

    Other characters who have “come back from the dead” have seldom done so with as much fanfare, and as little effort put forth by the writers to explain to us how they survived as what we are currently getting in regards to Robin. There have been others whose resurrections have been just as frustratingly lacking in detail as Robin's, but those are the exceptions to the rule. They are also mostly villains, whose passing wasn't mourned by anyone, and whose memory didn't continue to influence storylines for years afterward.

    Here's how some of these situations have been addressed with other characters.

    AJ – Steven Lars mistakenly pronounced him dead, and when he revived, Monica used her position as GH's COS to cover it up and get him out of the country for several long years of rehab.

    Anna – She's a superspy with the training and the means to fake her own death and drop off the face of the Earth at will. She COULD explain to you how she does it, but then she'd have to kill you.

    Duke – I'm not familiar with the circumstances surrounding his death, but we've been told that it was faked by the Feds, and that he was in the Witness Protection Program when he was kidnapped (presumably by Faison) and stuck in a Turkish prison for the better part of two decades.

    Faison – Typical bad guy survival. They always have an escape route prepared that leaves people thinking they're dead.

    Jerry – Whether he's been shot with a polonium bullet, blown up in a ferry explosion, or handcuffed on another boat that also blew up, Jerry always comes back for more, none the worse for wear, and with very little explanation. Another typical bad guy survival.

    Laura – Presumed dead, but actually kidnapped by Stavros, and held prisoner on Cassadine Island, where she gave birth to Nikolas. I know that both Luke and Laura were under the impression that the other was dead during this time, but I can't recall why Luke and everyone else thought Laura was dead, or the circumstances surrounding her so-called demise.

    Lesley – I'm not too clear on this one, but I believe she was also kidnapped, drugged continuously, and held prisoner for some time by the Cassadines. It was Stavros again, I think.

    Lucky – Presumed killed in a fire that started in the garage below the room he was living in. The body found in the wreckage was “burnt beyond recognition,” and was identified as Lucky because of a necklace. We later learned that Helena had kidnapped Lucky for brainwashing and had substituted some John Doe in his place before she set fire to the garage. There were no witnesses.

    Luke – Much like Anna, Luke is perfectly capable of faking his own death and disappearing, and he has often had reason to do so.

    Rick – I think he's still dead, isn't he?

    Robert – See Luke and Anna.

    Helena – She's come back from the dead so many times, she makes cats, zombies, ghosts, and vampires shake their heads, and say “Really?” More typical bad guy stuff.

    Brenda – Went over a cliff in a car with her loony mother right before Jax's eyes, and despite his best efforts (jumping out of a helicopter!), her hot little body was never recovered. Later, we learned that she was saved by Luis Alcazar, but no adequate explanation for how he was able to get to Brenda first, without Jax seeing him was ever offered. Alcazar kept Brenda isolated and lied to her, leading her to believe that she had inherited her mother's mental illness. That was why she continued to let the residents of PC think she was dead, so that they would remember her as she was, and not see her descend into madness.

    As melodramatic and unlikely as every one of these “back from the dead” situations have been, none of them, with the exception of Brenda's story, has been so lacking in detail about how they managed to survive what seemed to be certain death. In my opinion, the story of Robin's “death,” survival, kidnapping, imprisonment, and return is BY FAR the most needlessly convoluted, overly complex, inadequately explained, and poorly written story in the history of the show, and that includes “Casey the Alien,” “The Relish Wars” and “The Woman in White.”

    It stands alone in its sheer absurdity, which is why, in recognition of that dubious accomplishment, I believe it deserves to be singled out.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, October 12 2013 01:56 PM

    lovesdogs: I think Nic will notice it soon too and then we'll have
    a Britt and Nic adventure.

    I like a good surprise too which is why i'm really hoping that Britt's baby isn't Dante and Lulu's. Too obvious.

    I am looking forward to Robin's rescue and wonder who will be the first one to see her.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Saturday, October 12 2013 02:13 PM


    SouthGA-- Condolences to your Dawgs. I really thought when they came within 2, momentum was going to put them over the top.

    Rainey-- Thanks for the shout outs! Hope you're having a great weekend also!

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