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    Make A Wish, Robin.

    Thursday, October 10 2013
    Anna visits Faison, Robert and Mac discuss Robin's funeral, and Robin celebrates her birthday.


    In Geneva, Anna arrives at a prison facility to visit Faison. The guard allows her to keep her gun and takes her to a room. Faison is brought in. He sits down and gives Anna a chilling look. He's dreamed of this day. She's not there to reminisce and needs to know something. Faison stops her to apologize and wonders if she can forgive him. That depends. She's there about Robin. He remembers it's Robin's birthday. Anna cries over not being able to see or touch her. Faison says, "Robin is alive." Anna thinks that's impossible and wants to know how he did this. He gives up his collaborators, Jerry Jacks, Dr. Ewen Keenan, and Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Anna throws Obrecht's crimes in his face. He can't help that she loves him but he's never returned her feelings and never will. Anna is the only woman in his life. He steps towards her and she allows him to kiss her. He wonders why she kissed back. She loves him too, but she's not Anna. Faison is horrified when Obrecht takes off a rubber mask. Outside, Anna Devane arrives to see Faison.

    In Robert's room, Mac wonders where Anna is and is concerned she went after Obrecht without letting him know. Robert remembers his promise not to tell anyone Robin is alive. He almost slips when Mac reminds him that it's Robin's birthday. He remembers missing Robin's funeral and wishes he was stronger. Mac doesn't think that was his last chance to say goodbye to his daughter. He has a video of the funeral that was videotaped for AMFAR. Robert watches and listens to the eulogies of all her family and friends. Mac cries. He misses her so much. Robert wants to tell him something. Robert struggles with his words and decides they shouldn't think about her funeral. They should think about her life. Maybe she can hear them. They wish her a happy birthday.

    On Cassadine Island, Robin wonders where Obrecht went that she couldn't take her grandson with her. Jerry wants her to focus on the cure but surprises her with a birthday cupcake. Robin doesn't know what day it is and won't take his word for it. Jerry recounts her life history from her birth and reminds her that she can celebrate as many birthdays as she wants with Patrick after she finishes with the cure. He tells her to make a birthday wish before getting back to work. He laughs that he can't imagine what it will be before leaving the lab. Alone, Robin lights the candle and remembers Patrick's gift of tickets to all the places she wanted to go with him. Silently, she blows out the candle and decides she's going home today. Later, she calls him to the lab. He's not going to die. She can cure him.

    At Kelly's over lunch, Elizabeth shares her feelings of missing AJ. She hasn't visited him in jail. Emma asks if she knows what day it is, and then adds, "It's mommy's birthday." She shares a card she made with Elizabeth before putting it in her memory box. Patrick talks about taking off his wedding ring after Carlos pointed out he was still wearing it. He hoped it would help him move on but he still can't believe Robin is gone. Emma returns to the table with a cupcake to celebrate Robin's birthday. Patrick lights the candle for her. Emma blows it out, making a wish for Robin, and shares that mommy wished she could come home to them. Patrick's disappointed they never got to take the trips to Tokyo, Rio and Paris. Something's missing since he took the ring off. Elizabeth reminds him he's saying goodbye. She kisses him on the head and leaves. Emma gives Patrick the card. He says, "Happy birthday my love."

    Duke lunches with Olivia at the Metro Court. She worries over his long face and he admits he hopes Robert doesn't want Anna back. Olivia slaps him and chides, "What's the matter with you?" Anna's not going to get back together with Robert. Olivia's seen the way she looks at him with her heart in her eyes. He thanks her but gets annoyed when Olivia starts talking about smoking hot Robert with his accent. Duke didn't know she knew 'Robbie'. Olivia mentions how they met to investigate Duke who was really Faison. Duke always wanted to know how Robert figured out Faison was parading as Duke. Olivia remembers the crazy vision that she shared with Robert indicating that Duke was really Faison. Duke imagines Anna's having a difficult day. It's Robin's birthday. Before leaving, Olivia has a vision of Faison kissing Anna which she shares with Duke.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Robin held up her end of the bargain and wants Jerry to let her go.

    Sabrina is surprised to see two tickets to Paris.

    A guard is surprised by Anna signing in again to see Faison.

    Obrecht tells Faison he's a grandfather.

    Britt and Nikolas are confused by something she receives.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by silence1534 at Thursday, October 10 2013 12:27 PM

    Ha! I knew it! Robert and Olivia had AMAZING chemistry when they were working on the sketch of Faison, they would be perfect together!

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Thursday, October 10 2013 12:38 PM of those times I have to comment. In no way am I calling Dr. Obrecht overweight but isn't there a significant difference in her body type and Anna's? Was it a body mask or a face mask?

    Posted by phbatl at Thursday, October 10 2013 12:44 PM

    Yay!!!!…adult drama today.

    Love Emma so much…that little girl is such a darling!!!

    Robert/Mac those scenes were good. Seeing Robin’s funeral again was so sad…even though her family doesn’t know she’s alive Patrick/Liz scenes were good too.

    Well, well the old switcheroo by Dr. O??? didn’t see that coming

    Olivia and her visions…LOL

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, October 10 2013 12:48 PM

    Well, they say love is blind. In this case, also stupid. LOL!

    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, October 10 2013 12:57 PM

    @ Unicorn Girl, I am so with you I don't post much either but as soon as I read that Obrecht had the rubber mask I was like oh heck no, their is no similiarities in the body!!
    I can't believe Faison fell for his own trick, and since they let "Anna" keep her gun wht will Obrecht do especially aafter his confession to Anna??

    Posted by nancy marie at Thursday, October 10 2013 01:05 PM

    A beautifully realized episode of GH--even classic (except for the "mask" bit of business)--not one mob hit, not one "hooking up," not one cheaply concocted plot--just genuine emotional scenes with interconnected legacy characters who feel love for one of their own--Robin.
    I cried--and I am so happy that I did. That's what I want to see when I tune in to GH.
    PS I really loved Robert's and Mac's scenes.

    Posted by gmahoma at Thursday, October 10 2013 01:38 PM

    Wow!Hard to believe that was not a Friday cliffhanger. I found the whole epiode engaging! I know all of you that have posted about differing body types are right, but I was so fooled by that mask I didn't even think about it 'til I started reading the posts.
    Dr. O, just what do you have planned????

    Posted by leo123 at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:18 PM

    great episode; but they could have padded Dr. O just a bit.
    No way is she shaped like Anna; not even with Spanks!

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:31 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Fantastic episode today. However this Robin s/l ends I don't want this to be the end of Jerry or Faison, I enjoy these characters, as crazy as they are, and wouldn't mind seeing them from time to time.
    Robert and Mac scenes were gold today. Robert really needs to tell Mac that Robin is alive, he owes him for raising and loving Robin when he couldn't.
    Emma was adorable as usual and so was Ben who was comforting himself sucking on his thumb.
    It was good to see Patrick and Liz connecting again, but it's obvious that what Patrick is saying about moving on with Sabrina, doesn't match his lingering feelings for Robin, he is so not over her.
    I wasn't too suspicious of fake Anna and her actions until she told Faison that she loved him and allowed him to kiss her. I don't understand why she was asking Faison questions about Robin though, as Dr.O knows about that.
    It has to hurt Dr.O to be so in love and loyal to Faison only to have him declare his feelings for Anna. What could Dr.O be planning now?

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Thursday, October 10 2013 02:31 PM

    So good to see Robert back again! He is look so great. So happy he woke up and got out of coma. I am so thrilled he remember of what happened and told Anna about Robin is alive. Hope Robert is here to stay on GH for good and sign on the contract.

    Robin is look good. Her hair is look so glossy. Robin is a good woman. That why it hard for me... I do love Sabrina and Patrick together as couple. I know that Robin is the love of Patrick's life. I don't know what will going happen in the end result on who Patrick going choose to be with Sabrina or Robin. All I can say it's Patrick decision and who he really want to be with. Really Sabrina and Robin are both great.

    About Carly and Derek, I am sorry to say there is no chermisty between them. None at all. I would prefer for Derek to be with Alexis because there is a strong chermisty between them and there are so much spark. Carly and Franco are look awesome together, I prefer them to be together as couple.

    It was so bored about teen stories: Molly, TJ, Taylor and Rafe. No interest at all.

    About Silas and Sam, I am still trying to like them together. I think it hard on me because I am still Jason & Sam fan for long time and always rooting to support them as couple. If Jason recast and return back someday or in future (they better be), I will jump to joy and drink a lovely wine to celebrate of Jason return.

    About Maxie & Spinelli and Lulu & Dante, oh boy it will going be ugly battle custody for sure. My opinion about this, Maxie and Spinelli should have their chance to make right for their baby daughter, get their baby daughter back and raising her. It will going be hard on Lulu and Dante but they can find a surrogate to carry their baby for them and they can have a baby of their own after baby is birth.

    About baby Ben, I would love to learn more about him like who are his real parents. That is my big question, hopefully it will going be reveal soon.

    It would be so awesome to see Olivia and Robert together! Would love to see that happen! Hmm

    About Morgan, he gave me plenty of reasons why I don't like him especially he disrespect his own father and said harsh things to him, that is so wrong.

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