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    So High School.

    Wednesday, October 09 2013
    Taylor and Rafe proceed with their plan, Silas and Sam share some downtime, and Carly and Franco date other people.

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    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:04 AM

    In fairness to Maxie, she did try to tell Lulu several times about the miscarriage, but could not get a word in due to Lulu's gushing. I always felt that once Maxie was carrying the baby, Lulu had no further use for her and kicked her to the curb. Lulu did go running off for a while to Switzerland, the Cassidine Island, or somewhere looking for Luke. She would have been better to stay frozen. Now she is acting out of jealousy and spite. It is not just Lulu v Maxie, Spinelli also has a dog in this fight.

    Posted by pemi at Thursday, October 10 2013 03:14 AM

    Thank you for the information. Your right it did seem circular.

    Posted by marta1 at Thursday, October 10 2013 05:25 AM

    Why Sam wears boots at home. Disgusting Carly and Jerome kissing in restaurant, story is very stupid, in real life people don't act like that, anyway, where is her daughter all what she does she is chasing men, she is in nonstop heat like a dog

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, October 10 2013 07:03 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Have only seen about half the epi...have to catch up this evening before Grey's comes on...

    So Carly & Franco are playing the I will make you jealous by kissing someone else immature can we get???

    I am still waiting for someone to give Baby Connie a DNA test & for someone to check how many embryos are left...& I'm hoping that Connie ends up being a Lante baby & Ben ends up being Robin & Patrick's baby somehow....

    Don't give a rat's azz about the teens...aren't they suppose to be in school??? Just wish it was a boarding school far far away!

    Off to read posts...everyone have a great day!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 10 2013 07:29 AM

    Cynic wrote: “In fairness to Maxie, she did try to tell Lulu several times about the miscarriage...”

    “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

    If Maxie really wanted to tell Dante and Nulu the truth, she could have easily done so. She had ample opportunities throughout her pregnancy beyond the few brief moments where it seemed her resolve to maintain her heinous deception slightly wavered, but she never even came close to being honest with anybody, especially Dante, Nulu, and Spinelli.

    But of course, why let the facts get in the way of a good Nulu bashing, incredibly blaming the victim, while making even more excuses for the inexcusable thing that Maxie tried to do?

    Let's see... Now the list of ridiculous excuses and rationalizations for Maxie has grown to include that she was “well intentioned,” “misguided,” “confused,” and now “interrupted.” Sheesh! At this rate, she'll be cannonized, named Mother of the Year, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before Spixie's first birthday.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, October 10 2013 07:30 AM

    Hi back at ya,Midas! ITA with your post! Heck, I have middle schoolers in my class that act more mature than these folks..heck my 11 yr old granddaughter does!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, October 10 2013 08:03 AM

    Scrimmage ~ RIGHT ON!!!
    If you are truly committed to telling the truth you do it.
    No excuses.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, October 10 2013 08:09 AM

    FYI There is a link to a great interview with Tony Geary on the GH Happenings News page.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, October 10 2013 08:26 AM

    Hi everyone and welcome to all the new posters
    Carly and Alexis scenes were fun to watch. Carly/Derreck and Dianne/Franco scenes were to silly for me.
    Very waste of time with the teens. But did enjoy Silas and Sam. She is so much happier now. A new chapter in her life. Let's see more
    Looks like it will be Alexis vs Dianne in court. I think since Spinelli is good friends with Dianne she will not charge them anything. It will be nice if Alexis wins for a change, but she will have to put Derrick out of her mind and think of Dante and Lulu now.
    Not once when Spinelli and Maxie were at Dante and Lulu's place did they glance over at the crib where Connie was.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, October 10 2013 08:35 AM

    Hi cbru! I also agree...more Robert/Anna/Luke/Laura/Spanky...the real adults...

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