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    The Jackal And The Backstabber.

    Tuesday, October 08 2013
    Heather offers to help Franco, Olivia confronts Spinelli and Maxie, and Dante and Lulu seek legal help from Alexis.


    [This is an updated version of Tuesday's recap that was preempted for a White House press conference.]

    At the Falconeri's, Alexis is surprised at Dante and Lulu's request for help to keep Connie. The surrogacy agreement only pertains to a baby related to the parents. Connie is biologically Maxie's baby. They disclose the events of the christening to Alexis and believe Maxie's intent is to let them keep Connie. They can't proceed until they have Maxie and Spinelli's written consent and Alexis draws up adoption papers. Before leaving she asks for help in talking to Lucas. Lulu advises her to talk to Carly. Later, Lulu calls and invites Maxie and Spinelli over.

    At the Metro Court, Derek answers his door shirtless when Carly knocks. She's looking for Ava. He suggests she start by looking in Ava's room and jokes she probably already barged into her room like she did his. Carly owns the hotel and will go where she pleases. She complains about Ava preying on Morgan. Derek recognizes that Morgan's all grown up. He thinks she's putting too much focus on Morgan in lieu of her own relationship problems. Derek remembers her fight with her 'boyfriend' at the pier. It's obvious to Derek that he's gay. Carly professes she's moved on and invites him to dinner. He suspects she has an ulterior motive after moving from hostile to inviting him to dinner. She's just lonely, so Derek agrees. Meanwhile, Franco argues with Heather's striped painting in his room when he can't replicate her art. He cuts Sebastian's call short to continue working on the striped series for him and yells, "Go away," to the knock on the door. Heather's there in a disguise. She wonders why he wanted an audience with her and offers to make Carly disappear if she's a problem for him. It's her painting. Franco gives it high praise and bemoans the distraction it's become for him. Heather grabs something from her purse and is about to destroy the striped painting when Franco screams out for her to stop. Heather's excited that Franco 'gets it' and agrees to do a series for him provided he stay away from Carly. As Heather prepares to leave, Franco lies about having seen Carly recently but remembers their kiss. Franco shoves Heather behind him when he sees Carly walking by in the hall. She wonders what he's up to but doesn't have the time – she has to get ready for her date with Derek Wells. Franco's silenced by her taunting and watches her walk away. After, Franco catches Derek on his way out to dinner. In the restaurant, Olivia curses Derek Wells for his newest headline 'Corinthos in the Crossfire' before Spinelli and Maxie arrive. She greets them as 'the Jackal and the Backstabber' and jokes they need their own show where they commit crimes on their friends. Maxie thinks their being there is a bad idea and wants to go but Olivia continues to wonder how they could let their friends fall in love with a baby who isn't theirs. Spinelli interjects after Maxie takes blame. He's interested in how to proceed so they can raise the baby. They can't live without their daughter. Olivia knew this was going to happen. She begs them to tread lightly; their new beginning is the end for Dante and Lulu. Maxie receives Lulu's call. They need to meet. Nearby, Olivia shows Carly the newspaper and notes there's a lot of negative news aimed at Sonny. Carly doesn't want to talk about Derek Wells right now. She has a date with him. Alexis arrives hoping Carly can help her.

    At her apartment, Ava sets ground rules for Morgan - he cannot listen in on her conversations. He can't 'un-hear' what he's already heard and wants to know why they were talking about Sonny. She admits Derek's visit pertained to his newspaper and not his interest in art. He wanted a quote from the family about Sonny's business but she declined his request. Morgan confesses he would have told Derek anything he wanted to know, and it wouldn't need to be anonymous. He doesn't care who knows what about his father. Outside, Sonny pauses at Ava's door before knocking. They leave him standing outside when they answer. Morgan refuses to go anywhere with Sonny and sticks up for Ava. She's not the problem…Sonny is. Sonny's sorry for allowing Morgan to lie to Michael and Kiki. Morgan doesn't want to hear it. Sonny is dead to him and he walks away. Ava apologizes but Sonny isn't moved by her display of concern. He recognizes she's been playing him and points out she's made an enemy. He warns she now has a target on her back. Morgan returns. Sonny agrees he is now an adult and warns that no matter what happens between him and Ava – he should watch his back.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Sam and Silas kiss.

    Molly wonders what the deal is with Rafe and Taylor.

    Alexis asks Carly if she could convince Lucas to take a DNA test.

    Franco dares Derek to cross him.

    Lulu refuses to let Maxie take Connie back.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by gmahoma at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:10 PM

    Just as Sonny had knocked at Ava's door... could there be worse timing? I was anxious to see that exchange! Hope somebody in a different time zone will catch us up to speed! Hey,Prez, How 'bout 12:00 NOON when the news is already on!!!!

    Posted by MM1960 at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:13 PM

    Since Morgan is still acting like a baby, he should have someone turn him over their knee for a spank on his bottom.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:17 PM

    “The Jackal, the Backstabber, and the Interrupter-In-Chief.”

    As so it begins... or at least it did for a few minutes. Oblivia's disdain and her attitude toward Maxie and Spinelli are reflective of what I would expect to be the general consensus of opinion in PC. I'm sure Maxie's family, like Mac, Felicia, Anna, and Patrick will be supportive, and like Spinelli did today, they will try to downplay what Maxie did as “misguided” (which should be a drinking game every time someone says that), but I doubt if anyone else will see it that way. When this custody fight draws a line in the sand, it's going to be Dante and Nulu's extended families in a feud with Maxie's that will rival the Hatfields and the McCoys, with Spinelli caught in the crossfire. That's not to say that I think Oblivia, Sonny, and most others would be completely on board with Dante and Nulu retaining custody of Connie, but I believe every one of them will be united in their low opinion of Maxie and Spinelli, and rightly so.

    I couldn't wait to hear how Maxie answered Oblivia's question, but now I guess I WILL have to wait until the SoapNet rebroadcast to hear it.

    The reason why the 2:00 Eastern hour is so often interrupted for political announcements like the one today is because it's about as late as they can wait, and still give all the networks enough time to include it in their evening newscasts, and to beat the deadline to make the morning edition of tomorrow's newspapers. Personally, I didn't think this particular address rose to the level of a national emergency that would require breaking into every network's programming, but when the President wants to go on the air, the networks let him.

    I wonder how the network will deal with GH's pre-emption THIS time. I wonder if the show aired in it's entirety on the West Coast, or if they'll choose to replay it in a do-over tomorrow, throwing the whole schedule off for another six weeks. If that's the case, then we can look forward to a lot of Friday cliffhangers on Mondays, with a resolution on Tuesdays, which will extend right into the all-important November ratings sweeps. This is NOT helpful.

    Of course, they could skip this episode to stay on schedule and let us fend for ourselves on SoapNet or online, but ABC gets relatively little revenue from those sources, and the network would essentially waste an entire broadcast episode doing that. That's why I can't understand why ABC doesn't steal a page from SoapNet's book, and repeat GH late night after Jimmy Kimmel. It could expose the show to an entirely different audience, and eliminate the schedule disruptions caused by unexpected pre-emptions like the one we had today, since everyone would know they would have a second chance to catch the episode. Not everyone gets SoapNet, and the network is really missing the boat by not getting in on the re-airing bandwagon.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:34 PM

    So, we only got 12 minutes of today's show?

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:40 PM

    What You missed on GH.
    Olivia tell Maxie and Spin their request won't come as a total surprise.
    Alexis tell Lante that an adoption can't go forward unless both bio parents agree. And that this could be a problem.
    Morgan tells Sonny he's never going with him. Tells Sonny he betrayed him. Tells Sonny he's not his father, just some guy that can't keep his word.
    Carly asks Derrek out to dinner. He questions her motives.

    Posted by pemi at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:41 PM


    Minus the commercials it was more like six or seven minutes!

    Posted by Monkey83 at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:42 PM

    Akita~trust me when I say I understand about wanting to say something when you feel offended, I have got myself in trouble multiple times disagreeing with people.. I just don't think its right to criticize someone because you disagree with them.. and IMO saying someone needs etiquette classes or assuming posters are from "white America" is a criticism. If you are willing to put down others you can't get mad when someone puts you down.

    People have a right to their opinion and if you state yours, you can almost guarantee that there's at least one other person who disagrees and will voice their disagreements..

    I've said before, I'm not a fan of people jumping to conclusions and saying someone is uneducated. And I'm definitely not a fan of insinuations that somehow people of a nonwhite background have experienced life in a harder manner solely because they aren't white..

    No one knows what someone has gone thru so those comments have no place here.. and this wasn't solely directed at you so please don't take offense.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:43 PM

    Alexis gives Lante some paperwork, I am guessing adoption papers, then asks is Lulu is in communication with Bobbi and Lucas. She explains that Lucas's father and Sam's father may be the same person. Julian Jerome.
    Heather won't help Franco with paintings unless he says away from Carly.

    Posted by Syndel at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:43 PM

    The full episode should be on Soap Net later tonight.
    Morgan and Ava are sick, she is a skank and he is a man hoe, or boy hoe... Reminds me of Dorian and Joey on OLTL when he was so young..
    Now how is it that newborn babies can set up already in a stroller and the other one bright eyed playing with its feet. They sure are super babies or time has flown since those babies were born. They will be grown and talking in a few weeks at that rate.

    Posted by Monkey83 at Tuesday, October 08 2013 01:44 PM

    Forgot to say my hellos... So many special people to say hello to and I don't want to leave anyone out, so I'll just send out a HUGE hello to everyone. Missed you guys.. Calculus is a lot harder than I anticipated.. I'm actually failing the class :-( and emotionally I've hit a brick wall that I can't seem to get away from. Been very emotional lately..
    But I did score a 100 on my Chemistry test so...

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