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    Friday, October 04 2013
    Mac and Anna visit Robert in Switzerland, Luke finds out why Jerry hasn't killed him, and Sabrina confronts Carlos.

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    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, October 04 2013 09:05 PM


    Scrimmage-- Great post about the NFL. Love your analysis and your ability to be objective.

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, October 04 2013 09:07 PM

    hi back Canadagirl17 I agree with you on Carlos: he is creepy and he is boardering on becoming a stalker

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Friday, October 04 2013 09:11 PM

    off topic:
    A big hello to bayoubtr, thank you for your kind words and I will try to post more often. Great comments from you.
    Hello poodles: Hope bears will win their game. I hope you like Marc Tresman Head coach of the bears. Trust me. He is excellent coach. His team Montreal usually play very well with him as coach. Now the Montreal team is struggling without him. Tiger cats are doing better this year. I love this team this year. Great coaching staff and players are enjoying being on this team. Hope very much for much success for them and the Bears too.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Friday, October 04 2013 09:14 PM

    Hello 4evergh:
    Glad you agree with me. I don't like Carlos at all. I agree with your comments.

    Posted by sfcom at Friday, October 04 2013 09:47 PM

    I like Carlos. must be that part Latin blood in me. when your with family and close friends you tend to speak with the accent you grew up with kind of spanish/English. when you are at work. you speak English like your employer to fit on.

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, October 04 2013 10:23 PM

    Akita, If the writers did not portray all Latins as dark haired with olive complexions, hair oil, and heavy accents, we would not know that they were supposed to be Latins, at least that is the way TPTB think. The 'Latin lover' stereotype really irks actors from south of the border. I have known several people from Mexico, and South America with Dutch, German and other north European ancestry who are very fair. Carlos is from Puerto Rico, where many people are dark and/or of mixed race. On some islands e.g. Jamaica and Haiti African ancestry predominates, on other islands Spanish/Portugese, or north European. Trinidad has Chinese and Indian communities. Britain has people with African or Asian ancestry going back several generations. London's population is 50% immigrant, but if you were to judge from TV sterotypes, other than the villans in crime shows the British are all WASP. You cannot really stereotype, but unfortunately they do.

    I think that Carlos' feelings for Sabrina are genuine and though he may be a bad boy, he loves her and will pick up the pieces when Patrick breaks her heart. Why should Sonny and Duke be the only sexy bad boys? I remember when Anna first met Duke Lavery - whoo! They were super HOT, and he was a gangster!


    4everGH and Frankie19, I think you are right that baby Ben is the son of Britta and Stephan Cassidine (if he is the one they left behind in the freezer (if so, that will make him Nicholas's brother.

    As an older viewer, I am enjoying the occasional appearances of the old guard and would be happy to see less of the teen angst. How many teen viewers do they have anyway? One advantage of staying with the long time actors is that they mature (age) along with us. We identify with our favorites. As we approach our golden years we don't like to be confronted with fresh young things. Ha ha.

    Posted by Cynic at Friday, October 04 2013 10:26 PM

    I wish when a portion of the show is preempted for a news break, as happened with the tragic incident in Washington on Tursday, that the newtwork would run the missing part before the next show. Thursday's break was national, and they could have cut some of the idle chatter from the Chew to run the missing 15 minutes, and no one would have noticed. Can't believe that idiotfest is still running.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, October 05 2013 01:29 AM

    I don't think I've seen enough of Carrllos to reach any final conclusions about who he is, and how he's being portrayed, but I think he's brought up an interesting subject, and I don't mean Drake Jr.'s wedding ring.

    We can get bogged down in semantics, but I think there is a big difference between an actor playing a certain type of character, or a “stereotype,” and a character who is written, or is being portrayed in an offensive manner.

    Stereotypes aren't inherently bad, and they serve a purpose in most forms of drama, especially when there is limited time to establish a character's persona. After all, we wouldn't have stereotypes if there wasn't at least some truth to them. Let's face it, there ARE Italian gangsters, lots of Germans really DO love beer and strudel, and many Asian students ARE overachievers, and that's just a few ethnic examples. There are also real life nerds, dumb blondes, and illiterate rednecks too. There are social stereotypes (the spoiled rich kid, the hooker with a heart of gold), ethnic stereotypes (as mentioned above), religious stereotypes, political stereotypes, and even physical stereotypes. Some short guys really ARE overly aggressive.

    All of those “types” are all valid and familiar templates for characters in literature, television, and movies that we've seen a million times, and we have to be cautious not to be overly sensitive. You only get into trouble when you imply that ALL short guys have a chip on their shoulder, or that ALL Italians are in the mob. You can also offend people if the portrayal veers into caricature which would ridicule, demean, or perhaps derive humor at the expense of an entire subset of people based on some common trait they share.

    Okay, so let's talk about Carrllos.

    He's playing a Latin / Hispanic / Puerto Rican character, however you want to categorize it, and the simple truth is that there are some Puerto Rican men who DO dress, talk, and groom themselves like he does, and who think they are irresistible to the opposite sex, just like I'm sure that some (but not all) Italian mothers out there behave a lot like Oblivia. Yes, it would've been very unusual if they had picked a blonde haired, blue eyed guy to play the part, even though there are fair haired Puerto Ricans, but they avoid those things because it makes it easier for the audience to immediately accept Carrllos as someone who could be from Sabrina's hometown if he looks like what we would expect. All I'm saying is that in the short time he's been on the show, I haven't see anything offensive in the actor's portrayal of Carrllos. Like any newbie, I'm willing to give him some time to settle in and establish his character as something more than a one-dimensional supporting player, and as long as he doesn't overplay the hot blooded Latin lover with the overactive libido bit, I'm okay with it.

    What's funny is that when Sabrina first came on the show, it didn't even register with me that she was supposed to be Hispanic. I don't recall hearing her last name until she mentioned her cousin Juan, and even then I didn't really see it until she took off her glasses. Not that it matters.

    Posted by akita at Saturday, October 05 2013 04:14 AM

    Cynic - So unless we're dark and oily and with an accent you can't tell we're Hispanic? Wow, that's not only insulting but it's extremely ignorant. I'm very aware of your little history lesson. My father was French and my mom was born in Cuba with Spaniard father. The fact is my island is made up of people from everywhere. ....meaning us Cubans come in very white (what you here call Caucasian), dark olive, light olive and black (what you here call African). We have blue eyes and green eyes and dark.

    What all of this tells me is that the degree of ignorance in some places is so severe that I feel sorry for future generations.

    Posted by akita at Saturday, October 05 2013 04:34 AM

    Scrimmage - with all do respect, I don't agree. I consider you a very intelligent person just on how and what you write. That said, I don't think you understand my point. There is absolutely NO REASON why Hispanics need to ALWAYS be portrayed as dark and oily. The same way in real life people should NOT assume ALL African Americans are from the hood and eager to rob you. Its the same thing. Ill give you some facts The only place where we are portrayed this wwas is in English tv. If you were to watch Spanish tv you would see white blonde Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Rican, etc. My only point is, you can still keep a major or minor accent or a Hispanic name that would imply your not from this country. The ONLY dark and oily is NOT necessary.

    Trust me, I'm not nearly as smart as you but I assure you this is done out of ignorance, not whats " typical ."

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