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    Slaughter Away.

    Thursday, September 26 2013
    Dante and Lulu pick godparents for Connie, Patrick confronts Carlos, and Carly makes art with Franco.


    At GH, Patrick finds Sabrina alone with Carlos who explains that he's a little more than a patient. Patrick gets impatient with the small talk and asks Carlos to cut the crap. He knows he's there to get Sabrina back. Carlo's life hasn't been the same since he lost her and he does what her back. Patrick sees that as a problem – she's with him. Carlos wonders why Patrick still wears his wedding ring. Sabrina deserves better than to be a glorified babysitter with benefits. Sabrina thinks Carlos is wrong…he should put his shirt on and leave. Carlo calls it like he sees it; he's the one who wants a future with her…Patrick's just living in his past. Alone, Sabrina apologizes and Patrick hopes she doesn't believe what Carlos said. She doesn't, but looks thoughtfully at his wedding ring.

    Maxie arrives at the Falconeri's after receiving a message from Lulu. She's confused since Lulu had been nervous about having her around Connie. Maxie worries when she sees the baby's not there. If someone took Connie, it wasn't her. Connie's fine, Dante's out with her while Lulu gets ready for the christening. Maxie admires the dress and hopes Lulu will take lots of pictures. Lulu thinks Maxie should take her own and hopes she will be Connie's godmother. Maxie wants her to be sure. They'd be so happy if she was part of Connie's life; if it's too hard she can just tell them. It isn't selfish, Maxie is happy they want her and accepts. They hug.

    Spinelli isn't quick enough to duck into Kelly's when he sees Dante with Connie. Dante jokes his daughter will think he's avoiding her. Spinelli would never do that and asks how she's doing. She's well, but colicky. Spinelli wonders if she should be home in bed but Dante's taking her for a walk to calm. Dante shares that being a father changes everything. Spinelli interrupts to offer him a coffee but he's there to ask Spinelli to be the godfather. He's Lulu's friend, she trusts him, and Dante appreciates that he was there during the delivery. He's hesitant, but Dante needs an answer today. Spinelli would be honored. Dante thanks him as they embrace.

    Kiki wants to know what's going on when she and Michael find Morgan and Ava making love in her room. It's what it looks like; he's 'hitting the sheets with her mom'. Michael stands idly by as Kiki begs Morgan not to do this. He admits he already did and brags about it. He believes they were up all night doing it themselves. Michael sets him straight – they were up all night worried about him. Ava wants to talk but Kiki has nothing to say. She slaps Ava hard across the face, and then calls her the worst mother on the planet. Kiki used to think she was the coolest and all her friends were jealous. She's not so cool now – 'she's a liar, a user, and a slut'. Kiki sees everything Ava's done wasn't enough; she had to sleep with her husband. Morgan thinks she lost every right to complain about that when she left him for Michael. He's tired of being lectured and wants them to go. He's decides to stick by Ava as she stuck by him. Michael gets Kiki's things. She's ready to leave and is done with them. Ava doesn't want to be written off but Kiki blames her for it and says goodbye. Meanwhile, Carly's upset about Ava when she bumps into Franco and exclaims that Ava slept with her son. Franco thinks it's Michael, but he quickly learns it's Morgan. Carly's sorry for not being there for Morgan. Recognizing all the anger and frustration in her body he offers her a way to get it out. They go to his room and Carly wonders how watching him paint will help her feel better. Franco invites her to slaughter the canvas to get back at Ava. Carly doesn't want to and dumps red paint all over Franco. It's his fault. Ava is only around because of him. She starts to paint while she complains about Ava. She turns around and sees Franco, shirtless. Carly confides she's really angry because he had a woman in his room and she thought he was hiding in Ava's room. The woman in his room meant nothing – Carly does. He kisses her. She can't and pulls away but he thinks the mistake would be for her to leave. She does and he smiles at her painting while outside, Carly cries.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Olivia screams when she sees something.

    Britt wishes she didn't have to lie to Nikolas.

    Brad wants to do something nice for Felix.

    Dante asks why Spinelli thinks they wouldn't want him to be godfather.

    Luke sees Helena Cassadine.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by phbatl at Thursday, September 26 2013 12:27 PM

    Hmmmm, Maxie and Spinelli god parents..who didn't see that coming.

    Uhh…Is Ava in the cheap room/suite?.. cause I would think in that hotel all the rooms have a sitting area not just open the door and boom there’s the bed…

    Somebody tell that Carlos guy to keep his shirt on please…my eyes still hurt. Maybe he would look a little better if he shaves the beard..not eye appealing.

    Kiki still don’t like you…your acting goes from one extreme to the other…she just doesn’t know how to show emotion. Oh yeah, if I had been Ava I wouldn’t have knocked your azz into next week for slapping me..

    Posted by levins29 at Thursday, September 26 2013 12:32 PM

    Wow Kiki and Michael really layed it on Ava and Morgan.Kiki to Morgan what are u doing hitting the sheets with your mother.Kiki was really upset with Morgan and Ava.told you she was going to try to explain but Kiki didn't want to hear it.whoa what a slap Kiki gave her mother she deserved it.I understand she chose Michael but Morgan had no business talking to Michael and Kiki like that.oh I forgot he has no respect for nobody.Morgan was so the blame is on you.happy Kiki talked how no good she is.and one thing I was happy about when she said Ava the worst mother and yes she is.and man Kiki called her mother a S^^^ proud of her not wanting nothing to do with she going to be staying with Michael.keep Michael and Kiki together.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, September 26 2013 12:51 PM

    Uh, Morgan is the one who committed adultery, not Kiki. Think she has grounds for a divorce.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, September 26 2013 12:52 PM

    I am loving the way this sl is going. Morgan in the enemy's camp and it is all because of Sonny. Can't wait to see his reaction......

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, September 26 2013 12:54 PM

    What little mind Kinky has is blown, and she's hyperventilating through every available orifice!

    Carly is beside herself with manic energy and murderous thoughts!

    Michael is thinking Pentonville was never like THIS, and finds himself missing the peace and quiet!

    Spinelli is freaking out over colic, and he's so flustered that he's making “Godfather” references about Sonny to Dante.

    Maxie is obsessed with conspiracy theories and the idea of someone kidnapping her daughter.

    Drake Jr. is about two seconds away from jeopardizing his surgical career by busting up his hands on Carlos' smug, hairy face.

    Solution: Lithium for EVERYBODY!

    Now where's that tranquilizer gun?

    Posted by maja at Thursday, September 26 2013 01:03 PM

    I was waiting for Morgan to shout "Hey Kiki& Mikey you know what day it is...come on you know what day it is...It's Hump Day ( okay I'm a day late) but I'm doing my part by doing the humpty-hump with my mother-in-law".

    Posted by maja at Thursday, September 26 2013 01:08 PM

    I really can't feel any sympathy for Koo Koo, she didn't want to be married to Moronic Morgan in the first place.Also,for both Michael & Koo Koo to pretend they were so worried about Morgan is a joke.Weren't they giggling and didn't Michael ask her to move in with him.Also, enough of Carly & Stanko!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, September 26 2013 01:10 PM

    Hi everyone
    Kiki yeah like you have room to talk...your just as bad as Morgan as all along you told Morgan you loved him but that was a lie. You married him for what reason? because you couldn't be with his brother Michael. Now you and Michael claim you love one another but you two have not even gone on 1 weird. So now that you seen Morgan in bed with your mother where are you going? My guess is Michael's..oh because you don't have any money and no one else wants
    I do not care for Carlos. I don't even want Liz to run into him. He is bad news.
    Not surprised that Maxie and Spinelli are going to be the godparents because they are Lulu and Dante's close friends.
    Loved Franco and Carly scenes. These two are good together.

    Posted by gmahoma at Thursday, September 26 2013 01:10 PM

    I so agree with you jumps! Can't wait to see Sonny's reaction when, as you said, he finds out Morgan is in the enemy's camp! And remember,AVA is the only one Morgone trusts!

    Posted by gmahoma at Thursday, September 26 2013 01:29 PM

    Carly and Franco- love them together! He allows Carly to finish her sentences and her thoughts...well,most of her thoughts. Carly needs someone,and Franco needs someone to need him.I like him because he "gets" Carly. But then again, Carly "gets" Franco,too. Seems Carly is on the short list of those who believe there should be redemption for Franco.(Add me to that list,girl!)

    And speaking of Carly and Franco, I loved the painting instruction and the product of it. I think for Franco perhaps not a traditional art studio...but Franco living and working in the MetroCourt. They could showcase the artwork throughout the hotel...and offer it for purchase. Some hotels will sell you the bed,Carly's offerings will be upscale and trendy!
    Once more for anyone who didn't catch it- I'm loving Franco and Carly! (hey, what about Francly- pronounced with a hard c?)

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