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    Yes We Did.

    Wednesday, September 25 2013
    Carly attacks Ava, Michael and Kiki make plans, and Diane wants to help Franco.

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    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, September 25 2013 12:58 PM

    Who is suing Franco? Did Diane say?

    Posted by tubbs2002 at Wednesday, September 25 2013 01:08 PM

    Morgan and Ava is the most disgusting and sordid story line, what a jerk Ava is she has tormented Morgan from the beginning and wait till Sonny finds out their will be hell to pay.

    Posted by adamrocks at Wednesday, September 25 2013 01:08 PM

    Morgan and Ava make a better couple than Morgan and Icky. Still don't understand why Carly hasn't ripped Icky's hair out for using one son while those nostrils were sniffing after the other son.

    Writers don't even TRY to justify what Michael and Icky did. Even if they walked in and found Morgan with the Rockettes he would have every right to after what was done to him. There are still people on here commenting on how Michael and Icky should be together and asking the writers not to break them up and all I can do is wonder who on earth thinks that kind of betrayal is okay and would actually root for a guy who would go after his brother's girl and a girl who would marry someone she didn't care about and then sniff around after his brother. The only thing I can think of to beg the writers about is to not show any love scenes between Michael and Icky because I will lose my lunch if I have to see him making moves on those nostrils. Oh the horror, the horror..........

    Too bad Derek is a sociopathic murderer. He's kind of cute and I think he and Alexis look good together. I didn't watch the show when the Jeromes were on so I don't know anything about his character's past.

    Counting the seconds until Robin comes back. There is something about the Sabrina character that I don't like. The sweet Polly Purebread routine is annoying. Maybe now that an evil old boyfriend has come into the picture she'll become a little more edgy and interesting. She's a pretty girl and looks good with Patrick, but I want Robin to come back and watch the fur fly.

    Posted by roropant at Wednesday, September 25 2013 01:18 PM

    Love Ava & Morgon together. Much better then icky Kiki!!!!! Kiki and Michael ZZZZZZZZZZZ."BORING COUPLE" Chad Duell is not one of my favorite actors, He doesn't show different emotion.
    i hate the mafia is still playing an important role on GH but I think the Jerome's are going to be very interesting.
    Can't wait for Maxie and Spinelli to get back their baby..

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, September 25 2013 01:35 PM

    Since when does Frodd need $7200 worth of art supplies? He's never been an easel and canvas artist. Still, it was nice to see he really does seem to care about Heather (at a safe distance), since he went to the trouble of mounting her birthday gift.

    Speaking of mounting...

    Well, Ava and Moron went where Brenda and Michael only pretended to go. I loved Carly's face when she had her “deja-vu” moment, and then the way she went off when her worst fears were realized, but WHY didn't they let Carly go after Ava? I wouldn't have minded if the rest of the entire episode was nothing but a catfight between Carly and Ava! That would've made this disgusting business with Moron and Ava worth it! Why can't we ever get an old fashioned @$$ kicking every once in awhile?

    As for the smart mouthed, ungrateful, and disrespectful Moron, there's no point in anyone feeling sorry for him. He seems to be taking his failed marriage and his falling out with his family in stride. If he's all broken up over it, he's sure hiding it pretty well. What he's not hiding very well is his affair with Ava. It's not easy to get caught in the act and busted twice in one morning, but somehow, Moron managed to pull it off. First his mommy, and now his wife! Who's next, Ick and Alice?

    They certainly aren't wasting any time in making sure that there is NOTHING standing in the way of Michael and Kinky – the next “supercouple” – at least in the hopes and dreams of TPTB. Personally, they're just a little TOO sweet for my taste. I'm already getting a little tired of watching them hang all over each other, and it's only been one day! And when exactly did they have time to “fall in love” so completely? Their whole attraction to each other has always seemed like a foregone conclusion because of their real life relationship, but there's never been any basis for it actually portrayed on the show. So what if they had a couple of heart-to-heart conversations? So did Sam and Patrick, but that doesn't mean they're soulmates, destined to be together forever. It all seems so rushed and contrived.

    Funny, but the idea of getting a job never seemed to cross Kinky's mind, and why would it? She's only broke, homeless, unemployed, undereducated, unskilled, and totally inexperienced. Getting a job and taking care of herself would only mess all that up. And who would hire her as anything but a minimum wage hostess in a restaurant anyway? Moron is in no better shape financially, but at least Kinky still has all that bling Moron gave her (that her mother paid for) that she can turn into cash without any regret now that she's caught the two of them “in flagrante delicto.”

    First we had the giant cop and his “French Roast” crack, and today we met the janitor who gave us the “Things sure have changed since my day,” comment on Michael and Kinky's unlikely romance. Two questions: Who are these guys, and why are they getting all the best lines?

    Are Dante and Nulu the most boring parents EVER? That's what having babies does to soap characters. They're supposed to be larger than life, but having a little baby around can make anyone look ... well, “normal” I guess, and that's not really what I tune in to see. I want to see anything BUT normal and boring. I want to see Carly kicking Ava's butt down the hallway, into the elevator, through the lobby and out the door, and into the street where she belongs, but I digress. The real shame of all this is that Dante and Nulu don't even realize they're just glorified babysitters. I'm afraid it's going to get really bad for them pretty soon.

    Posted by akita at Wednesday, September 25 2013 01:41 PM

    People don't really get "pushed" into anything they don't choose to do. I don't believe that for a minute. It's just the favorite excuse.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, September 25 2013 01:57 PM

    Scrimmage ~ ITA with you on Michael and Kiki's undying love for each other from just a few casual meetings and conversations. It is totally forced.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, September 25 2013 02:00 PM

    Morgan needs to be careful with Ava. She's like one of those insects that bite the head off their mate and then devours them.
    The expression on Michael and Kiki's faces when they saw Ava and Morgan in bed....Priceless.

    Posted by misvick at Wednesday, September 25 2013 02:00 PM

    go get her Carly loved it.............Ava is sick.........Bryan is doing a great job of acting

    Posted by rootbeer at Wednesday, September 25 2013 02:18 PM

    I see what's going on here. The writer's are so hot to have Michael and Kiki together but they don't want people hating them for just moving in together because they don't want it to look like they're rubbing it in Morgan's face. Now that they know Morgan already moved on with the mother of all hypocrites, Ava, why would they care what people think of them as a couple? They're going to justify being together based on what Morgan and Ava did. Morgan thinks he's such a man but he still acts like a little boy. And what do you think Julian will say when he finds out that Ava has taken her eye off the prize? Better watch out Ava!

    I'm so tired of Lulu's attitude towards Maxie. We all know that Connie isn't Lante's child but considering that they still believe she is, Lulu is starting to sound like an ungrateful biotch. Maxie should be their first and only choice as Godmother considering that it's because of her that Lante even have their daughter. While Lulu's fears were at first founded, Maxie apologized and started going to therapy to deal with her feelings for the baby. Even if Maxie wasn't Connie's biological mother, I would like to think she would still feel a bond to her and if Lulu thinks that bond will be broken over time than she's just being delusional. Lulu is being unreasonable at this point and she needs to realize that keeping the baby away from Maxie is cruel. I hate to say it but I can't wait until Lante find out the truth and are separated from the child they've bonded with. Maybe they will learn to appreciate their own child when they finally get their son back from Britt.

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