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    Make A Wish.

    Friday, September 13 2013
    Silas spends time with Sam at the docks, Alexis explains her mob ties to Derek, and Franco celebrates his birthday.

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    Posted by akita at Friday, September 13 2013 01:22 PM

    Luke owns Kelly's

    Posted by akita at Friday, September 13 2013 01:24 PM

    Omg tipsey, that blt mess does sound like heather. Crap!

    Posted by akita at Friday, September 13 2013 01:26 PM

    Let me say this, if Michael turns on Sonny and blames him for connies death I will junmp in and kick his as $.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, September 13 2013 01:33 PM

    I know it was spur of the moment, but that cake was sad looking. I imagine Carly has pastry chefs in the kitchen.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, September 13 2013 01:52 PM

    Today's scene with Frodd checking into the MetroCourt while checking out Carly's level of interest was a continuation from their last scene yesterday. Their clothes are the same, but Frodd had a brand new, completely different bandage that he must've put on in the elevator on the way to his free room. Stupid continuity coordinators.

    I thought Monica had cut off Frodd's credit line as a Q, but I guess not. I wonder what did Frodd did for money while he was supposedly dead, and how could he access his funds without anybody finding out? After all, until yesterday, he WAS a wanted man.

    I never thought I'd say this back when we were dealing with the fake Duke Lavatory, AKA Faison in a rubber mask, but Duke and Anna (who are close friends in real life) are becoming one of my favorite couples. They're so cute together, and act so natural around each other. The way Anna was fussing over him, tying his gown for him, and her little jealous reactions to the idea that Duke finds Ava “fetching” was something you'd see in a real couple. Good stuff.

    I much prefer Ick in his charming mode as well. He was funny talking about knocking up his lawyer, Irvin. I really don't care for the “crime boss” part of this character. We've seen that all many times before. It's too late now, but why couldn't he have been a dedicated, crusading publisher who was out to make up for his family's criminal past? He could've been the same guy, hiding his true identity, but he would've been a good guy, instead of just another run of the mill mobster out to “take over Sonny's territory,” whatever that means.

    It's just such a stupid thing to base a character on, especially hen their portrayal of the mob is not only unrealistic, but totally illogical. In the mob, if mobster wants what a rival has, the very FIRST thing on their agenda would be to take him OUT! “Cut off the head and the body can't fight.” Ava should've taken care of business while she had the chance. She could've easily killed Max as soon as he let her in the door, and then she could've waited and shot Sonny where he stood as soon as he walked in. She'd have gotten away with it too.

    Ava “manippleates” Sonny as easily as she does his son, Moron. Even if Ava ISN'T the “AJ” who REALLY shot Connie (and if she's not then who else could it be, Aunt Jemima?), she's STILL ultimately responsible for Connie's death, because it was AVA'S SECRET that Connie splashed all over the front page of the paper that set the wheels in motion that eventually resulted in Connie's murder. Ava was the one who originally told Franco that he had a daughter – an incomprehensible decision we have yet to hear a plausible explanation for – which is what started this whole mess in the first place, and she was the first one to claim that her daughter, “Kinky is a Q.” The motive for Connie's murder was revenge for the exposure of AVA'S attempted fraud, another thing which I believe is illegal, and yet apparently Ava hasn't even been questioned by the authorities about anything by ANYONE.

    Ava has Connie's blood on her hands whether she pulled the trigger or not. I can't believe that no one has even considered that she not only had a motive to kill Connie, but that her initials are ALSO “AJ,” and that she has no alibi for the time in question. They'd have figured this one out on “Castle” in an hour.

    Ava (to Sonny): “I have Connie's blood on my hands.”

    Sonny: “Yeah, me too. That stuff got all over EVERYTHING! I'll never be able to wear that suit again. It's RUINED! $2000 dollars, WASTED! Why do think I'm so ANGRY?”

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, September 13 2013 01:53 PM

    Excellent Friday show, enjoyed all the interactions today, most notably Carly/Franco and Ava/Sonny.
    Carly is unwillingly drawn to Franco and has information that could tie Ava/Derek and their mob connection.
    Ava is playing Sonny just as well as she played AJ, its disturbing to watch because she is taking advantage of his obvious mental instability. I'm finding it hard to believe everybody has deserted Sonny after attempting to take his own life mere hours ago.
    Anna/Duke are a great couple. If we could get Anna, Duke, Carly, Franco and Shawn in the same room, sharing information, this drama could be cut in half.
    Alexis has become an enigma where Derek, still a stranger, is concerned. She is revealing all the family history, yet he offers nothing about himself.
    I know who I'm hoping Franco's mystery visitor is.


    Poodles..You are right. James Franco is an artist, but much like certain foods, an acquired taste is necessary.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, September 13 2013 02:04 PM

    Bayou: RIGHT! Alexis sounded like a fool. SHUT UP! Just what a guy wants to hear, you have one night stands and get pregnant. Sounds like she never heard of protection.

    When Anna is personally involved in a case, she puts in more effort. I'm glad in this case that her and Duke will be siding with Sonny to take down the Jerome's.

    IF the lurker is Sabrina;s brother and IF he's the enforcer for the Jerome's and IF he's anything like his sister, Sonny and his crew have the real possibility of being bored to death. Very dangerous.

    Shawn and Max beating that old looking guy was weird. That's the best the Jerome's have? And Ava going to Sonny's when Julian told her not to. Bad business.

    This show had to be a thursday show, It was s l o w .

    Ava is on the POOP list!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, September 13 2013 02:18 PM

    Casey-- You are so right about everyone leaving Sonny alone. Shawn really surprised me. Max not so much. He's a little thick.

    Rans-- If I were Derrick, I'd be running. Spilling your guts like that is hardly attractive.

    Posted by drebay at Friday, September 13 2013 02:23 PM

    In Alexis's defense. people DO tend to babble about everything when they are nervous.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, September 13 2013 02:25 PM

    Back when Sam was interesting, she used to be a ship's captain. You'd think she'd have mentioned that during her small talk with Dr. Slimas about how she enjoys looking out over the water where her husband became fish food. Of course, she also didn't bother to mention that the “man, a friend of mine” who helped her deal with Jason's death looked exactly like Slimas AND his brother Clayleb. Talk about burying the lead!

    What IS Sam's problem anyway? She's been throwing herself into Slimas' arms every chance she's gotten for weeks now, until she finally got him to kiss her by looking at him like “Well? What are you waiting for?” and now she's acting offended because she thinks HE'S making moves on HER? There are names for girls who play THAT game.

    Speaking of girls playing games... that must be the theme for today's show. Carly, Ava, Sam, and now could Heather be joining in the fun???

    I agree with the speculation that the Lurker must be Heather. Only she would hide from and spy on everyone else, and then go see Frodd openly, because she trusts him, and if she's escaped, which is the only way she could get out, everyone else she saw would've turned her in in a heartbeat. His reaction is what I would expect from seeing Heather as well. She probably broke out to spend Frodd's birthday with him, or because she sensed that Max had abandoned a BLT at Kelly's. I KNEW he should've grabbed a box to go.

    If Heather really is on the loose, I'm glad Danny's safely locked up in isolation. WAITAMINNIT! What am I saying? This is HEATHER we're talking about, for cryin' out loud! She has her "WAYS." Danny is a sitting duck!

    Run Danny, RUN! Okay, okay... Crawl Danny, CRAWL!

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