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    Man Up.

    Thursday, September 05 2013
    Nikolas pays Brad a visit, Franco is ready to leave the hospital, and Morgan calls Michael for help.

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    Posted by lucetta at Thursday, September 05 2013 02:27 PM

    STUPID Patrick, he should be relieved that Britt's baby is not his. There is plenty of time for him to have a baby and he should be grateful that woman is out of life. If Nic stands by Britt and gets involved he too will be a fool!!!!

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Thursday, September 05 2013 02:49 PM

    I get upset about people commenting, wrongly, that I want a real human being with a mental illness to kill themselves. When Sonny Corinthos walks out of the tv screen and presents himself as a sentient human being, I'll take back what I said. Till then, I'll go on despising the character. Maybe the comment wasn't directed at me...I don't know. But...I get to have an opinion.

    Posted by runnergirl at Thursday, September 05 2013 02:51 PM


    I haven’t had a chance to watch this week, reading recaps on my IPhone. So many things I don’t understand, like Britt confessing the baby isn’t Patrick’s and Michael not supporting Sonny after Connie’s death. I agree with all who find Michael going after his brothers girl to be wrong, and completely out of character. Morgan is a young guy who had no business getting married but Michael crossed the line when he went after his girlfriend, who is now his brother’s wife.

    Maxi has always been one of my favorites, but she should have told the truth in the very beginning. That entire storyline is stupid, friends are great, but no mother would sacrifice raising and loving a child just to make their friends happy.

    Cbru- Hope all is well with you. I believe you have almost completed all your treatment. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Hi Poodles- Congrats to hubby.

    Happy Posting.

    Posted by raineysmom at Thursday, September 05 2013 02:54 PM


    Hi girlfriend!!! Ribbitt!!!

    Thanks for the RAVENS support! I just finished reading this morning's comments on yesterday's board. Of course the RAVENS are the underdogs but what else is new? They're the Super Bowl champs and they still get the short end of the stick!

    Well, to heck with all the naysayers!! Sticking by my guys through the good and bad, through thick and thin!!!

    GO RAVENS!!!!! Give the Broncos he//!!!!

    Thanks Bayou! You'll get total SAINTS support from me too this season!!!

    GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, September 05 2013 02:58 PM

    Unicorn Girl - don't worry. You don't have to like Sonny. If everyone liked all the characters the same, there would be no confusion and chaos for us all to enjoy. I happen to like him, but if you don't that's okay - just means I don't have to share him with Too many other people.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Thursday, September 05 2013 03:05 PM

    Here is the question for you all...

    Do you want Brad and Felix get together as pairing? If no, why?

    I would like to hear your opinion on this one.

    Posted by sfcom at Thursday, September 05 2013 03:09 PM

    I know who killed Connie. someone on this board who wants sonny for herself. and also as a present to sonny also set up AJ at the same time.

    no one in PC figured out AJ could also stand for Ava Jerome.

    we relate to one character and not to another because of our own circumstances .... being bullied and harassed. a bad or good relationship, motherhood. fatherhood. when I make a comment a lot comes from my life experiences. and I believe others comment because of theirs.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, September 05 2013 03:10 PM

    LovelyLadyBug, I personally do Not want Felix with Brad. I want Felix to have a boyfriend, but not that one. Someone suggested on this site a few days ago that maybe they could bring back Lucas Jones, Bobby's son, and Luke's nephew. He's gay, he definitely has ties to the community, he was a nice kid [although that one doesn't always last into adulthood]. And he's Not Brad. Unfortunately, Brad confirmed his status today as a snake who will do anything for the right amount of $$. There's a name for that, but it'd probably get me kicked off the site.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, September 05 2013 03:12 PM

    sfcom - Oh Kay!! I confess! I killed Connie to get Sonny all to myself. Of course, I still have to share him with ransomha. But he's got enough dimples to go around.

    Posted by Mich919 at Thursday, September 05 2013 03:44 PM

    This is my first time posting a comment. I have been reading comments on this site for several years and I finally decided to voice my opinion. I could be wrong but I believe that Britt used Dante's sperm to become pregnant. I have believed this from the beginning of this SL.

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