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    One Of The Nice Guys.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013
    Nikolas makes a decision about Britt, Sonny leaves Olivia a message, and Kiki's there for Michael.


    At GH, Sam kisses Silas then wonders what they are doing. He wants to do it again so they do until she reconsiders what they're doing. He confesses he's not just Danny's doctor. He feels something for her and is willing to bet she feels something too. She can't think about this and wants to focus on saving Danny's life. Nearby, Alexis thinks Derek looks familiar and asks if it's possible that they've met before. He jokes about not making an impression on her since they met at the Floating Rib not that long ago. Alexis sure that's not it and shows him to the exam room. A nurse gives Alexis forms for Derek to complete. She enters the room without knocking and catches Derek in his briefs. Elsewhere, Patrick pulls Brad away from Felix before they kiss and punches him. Felix thinks he's lost his mind. Patrick wants to know how Brad manipulated him into thinking the baby was his. Felix is certain Brad didn't sleep with Britt. Patrick reminds him there are other ways to get pregnant. Felix wants to know if it's true since Brad had sworn he knew nothing of what was going on with Britt and her mother. He leaves when Brad takes a call from Britt. Felix returns looking for an answer to his question and Brad admits he is the father. Felix is wondering what else he's lied about and is requesting Brad keep his distance when Silas orders them to assist. Later, while Silas and the staff handle Derek's procedure, Alexis and Sam share their embarrassing moments of the day in the next room. Alexis confesses seeing Derek in his briefs and Sam confesses kissing Silas. Sam is certain all they can be is friends right now. After, they meet Silas and Derek. Sam thanks them both and stares at Silas.

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas wants to know why a reasonable man like Patrick was so riled up to manhandle Britt. She admits he was upset about the truth that the baby was not his. Nikolas asks for clarification that she lied to Patrick, him and everybody. He's interested in what her plan was after he had just thrown Patrick out of his house and spent time helping her all along. She didn't have one. He's at a loss for words and leaves to check on Spencer. She calls Brad, sorry she didn't have a chance to give him a warning before claiming he was the baby's father. When Nikolas returns he shares the story of his grandmother manipulating paternity results, noting her reasons were crazy. He asks Britt what her reasons were for doing similar. Britt believed Patrick was the one. She had encouragement from her mother and fell for him hard. She was so desperate not to lose him after he dumped her that she followed her mother's schemes. After packing to leave, she apologizes and thanks Nikolas for his help. He refuses to throw her out and allows her to stay. She sees he's one of the nice guys.

    Michael arrives at the cabin questioning the validity of Morgan's claim that he found the murder weapon since no one was with him when he found it. Kiki doesn't believe Morgan would frame AJ and reminds Michael that Connie and Sonny deserve justice. She's concerned he hasn't any rest and makes him sit down. Michael doesn't know why he's not surprised that AJ's in this trouble after all he's heard from Sonny and Carly. He thinks AJ might have done it. Kiki comforts him in his distress.

    At Sonny's, Morgan finds Olivia crying over a photo of Connie. Sonny has not returned any of her calls. Morgan assures her AJ will get everything he deserves now since he found the murder weapon. She always thought AJ was more pathetic than dangerous. Morgan lets her know he called the police despite what Kiki thought about it. Olivia thinks Kiki just wanted to help out a friend but Morgan wonders why she has to keep lying about it. Olivia confides about her competition with Connie over Sonny and warns Morgan to not make the same mistake with his brother. He stays while she goes to check on Sonny but she returns downstairs upset with a note. 'I'm sorry I can't do this. Goodbye.'

    At Patrick's, Sabrina is putting together baby furniture. She's excited when Patrick comes home until he tells her she was right. He's not the baby's father, Brad is. He is so upset and hurt. Sabrina recognizes he's suffered a loss. Patrick believes they should at least be thankful now that this is all over. They are done with Britt. She's ready to leave him to his thoughts when he asks her to stay.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Michael calls someone for help.

    Nikolas tells Britt she's not going anywhere.

    Sabrina wants to know the deal between Felix and Brad.

    Diane does business with someone.

    Olivia's afraid Sonny's going to kill himself.

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    Posted by levins29 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 12:21 PM

    loved the Michael/Kiki scene today.I can tell she really cares about him.they thinking Morgan did that to it wasn't him it was your mother Ava that did that.she really didn't want him to leave she wanted him to stay.please hurry and get these two sweet for her to be there for him.ready for her to leave Morgan jerk butt anyway.

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, September 04 2013 12:40 PM

    Gotta love Nic and his impeccable manners.

    Kiki was pushing hard to get Michael on that bed.

    Sabrina was booby trapping the changing table. Fell apart at the slightest touch. She's dangerous!

    Sam and Silas, bla.

    Hoping Alexis and Julian grow on me, so far not feeling it.

    OT: Golfed today and i'm not improving.... tips welcome.......

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 12:44 PM

    Kiki needs to remember that Ava was there earlier and could have planted to gun. She will probably say something when it is revealed that Connie wrote AJ which could stand for Ava Jerome.

    Since Brad isn't baby daddy who really is? Could it be Dante/Lulu or someone else?

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, September 04 2013 12:56 PM

    In what universe is it considered appropriate to go after your brother's wife? While I think Morgan is an arrogant punk, Michael has no business constantly sniffing after his wife. That is beyond pathetic. Alexis and her fit of uptightness was strange considering how relaxed she always seemed around Shawn. Make up your mind, vixen or coquette?

    Rans-- You're so right about Kiki being determined to get Michael on that bed. She's as bad as him.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:02 PM

    Kiki and Michael just disgusting. They are like a couple of dogs in heat. In what world is it ok to go after your brother's wife, and your brother in law.
    If Michael and Kiki get together, they deserve each other.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:05 PM

    WOW! What a shocking revelation. Sonny can WRITE! Who knew? And apparently, his handwriting is more legible than either Alexis or Ick's.

    Speaking of “WOW!” moments, how about Oblivia in skinny jeans? Cowabunga! She puts most twenty year olds to shame, and we're supposed to believe that both she and Ick are in their mid-to-late 50's? They both look like they don't have an ounce of body fat between them.

    Oblivia and Ick are mutants, but Alexis looks like you would expect a grandmother and the mother of a thirty five year old daughter to look, and she's very attractive. Unfortunately, when she's around Ick, she inexplicably starts acting like a hyperventilating teenage virgin who's never seen a naked man, instead of a mature, sophisticated, unflappable, high powered attorney, who until recently, has been get 'de-briefed” on a fairly regular basis. A little bit of that awkwardness is cute, but too much of it is just embarrassing.

    Speaking of embarrassing, what is wrong with Kinky? When Michael was confiding his doubts about AJ's innocence to her, it was like she was just waiting for him to quit talking so she could put her boobs in his face. I know that would make ME feel better, but those are Moron's boobs she's flinging around out there. Who does she think she is, SAM?

    Speaking of Sam and her boobs, why does she always second guess herself after she does exactly what she wanted to do? Like her mother, she retreats into a state of near adolescent paralysis whenever she has to deal with an adult situation dealing with sex. She may as well just kiss a guy and then curl up in a fetal position, sobbing for as mature as her reaction was today. Take it from me, that is NOT attractive.

    Why is Sam always trying to convince herself that she's NOT a sexual person, and she doesn't have the urge to get busy every once in a while? Anyone who looks like Sam, and dresses the way she does should not act surprised when someone responds to them sexually, nor should she deny that that is the intended effect she's going for in presenting herself in the way she does. She's not Molly's age, and both she and her mother should quit acting as if they are.

    Whew! That was close. Britt's timely confession may have saved her son from Sabrina's diabolical "Changing Stand of Doom" trap.

    Britt complains about getting a lot of attention from men, but never having a serious relationship, but that was probably the way she wanted it. She was almost certainly a party girl in high school, and then had “friends with benefits” throughout college and medical school, and once she became a doctor, she probably only had time for flings with colleagues and co-workers. A driven, self absorbed, successful career woman doesn't usually attract the kind of guy who is looking to settle down and raise a family. If some guy like that approached Britt before she came to PC, I'll bet she would've shot him down like a soap actor leaving the show.

    I did like her observation that the the people at GH who call her “The Britch” would call her “The Boss” if she were a man. There's some truth in that. I'm glad Nik's OCD manners kicked in, and he decided to let Britt stay, because I was expecting her water to break while she was walking out the door, which would've left their friendship unresolved. Still, she hasn't been totally honest, and I don't believe a word about Brad being the father of her baby. Speaking of WTD questions, just wait until Nik finds out that Britt's father is Robin's family's oldest enemy. Of course that could make Britt seem even MORE attractive to Nikolas since he would've finally found a woman who's family is even more dysfunctional than his.

    Posted by levins29 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:08 PM

    whoever said Kiki trying to get Michael in bed she wanted it so bad so does's going to happen just won't be to long once they hit the bed and Kiki pop up pregnant.I want these two together better than her and Morgan.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:09 PM

    Guess I'm supposed to feel sorry for Patrick. I don't. Guess I'm supposed to feel something for Felix and Brad. I don't.
    Guess I'm supposed to hope they find Sonny before he does something to himself. Sonny's too big a narcissist. He's just waiting for Olivia to find him and talk him down. I can hear the speech now. You treated Connie like a Queen, you're an awesome Dad...a pillar of the community. What would this world be without you? What would our lives be without you? Yada, yada, yada.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:19 PM

    Michael a little bit paranoid? Morgan set up AJ with the gun. He's becoming more like AJ everyday. They are just setting it up for a huge fight between Michael and Morgan, with Kiki as the prize. Michael I used to like you, how you have changed since AJ has come into your life.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Wednesday, September 04 2013 01:24 PM

    From what I am see Brad's shocking reaction after what Patrick told Felix. Right there it gave me the answer what I want to know. Brad is definitely not father of Britt's baby. What do you think about this one? Possibly Britt is carry a baby for Lulu and Dante.

    Now Patrick can breath easily. He can focus on his and Sabrina's relationship. And plus he can focus on his daughter Emma too.

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