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    If I Had Known.

    Thursday, August 29 2013
    Maxie wants to know what she said after surgery, Patrick confronts Britt, and Julian considers revealing his identity.


    In her hospital room, Maxie holds the baby she gave birth to. Lulu tells her that she'll take her baby now. Maxie frantically wakes up. Maxie tries to leave as Mac enters and stops her. He wants to know why she's frantic. Maxie wants her mother. Mac asks if she remembers what happened after surgery. He informs her that she kept on about Dante and Lulu's baby being hers. Maxie wants to know more about what she said. Mac says that she said Spinelli was the father as Spinelli eavesdrops from outside. Maxie can't believe she said that as Mac tries to calm her. He asks if she knows the baby belongs to Dante and Lulu. Mac exits to go get her a milkshake and she starts to get out of bed. Mac comes back and finds Maxie gone. Sabrina enters a vacant hospital room and finds Ellie in a corner crying. She doesn't want to talk, after Sabrina asks why she's weeping. Ellie says she hasn't been truthful to Spinelli. Sabrina tells her to give Spinelli some time. She equates Ellie's situation with Britt and Patrick's. Ellie says it has to do with Dante and Lulu's baby. She wanted to know the truth and now regrets it. In the hospital waiting room, Julian talks on the phone with Ava about Danny being his grandson and that he has to tell Sam the truth. Elsewhere, Molly, Rafe and Sam are excited that a bone marrow donor has been found for Danny. Molly asks who Derek Wells is. Alexis says he's a man with a conscience. Rafe and Molly overhear Julian's phone call as they are coming out of Danny's hospital room and Rafe inquires what Julian was saying about "people finding out who he is." They thank Julian for what he's doing for Danny. He asks them who they are and Molly says she's Sam's sister. Molly tells Julian to go and say hi to Danny. "You'll love him." Later, Julian enters Danny's room and Sam introduces him to Danny. She tells him about Jason's death. Julian asks to hold Danny. He says it will be an honor to save Danny's life. Sam thanks him and leaves to go find Silas. Alexis tries to make small talk. He notices the photo of him and asks if she's investigating him. She says she was curious. Nearby, Lulu looks at her baby in the incubator as Spinelli watches from the window. Nik arrives and asks Spinelli if everything is okay. Spinelli lies to him and abruptly leaves. Nik enters Dante and Lulu's baby's hospital room and asks what the baby's name is. He's partial to the name Nicola. Lulu laughs and says her and Dante will consider it. Lulu is taken aback by Nik informing her that Britt stayed at Wyndemere. Nik takes up for what Britt has done for Lulu and Dante. Lulu says it's complicated and tells him about Maxie believing their baby is hers. Lulu believes Maxie was getting too attached by calling the baby Georgie. She tells him what Maxie said. Nik says Spinelli was emotional at the window. Lulu believes something isn't right. Lulu tells Nik about Luke's condition being caused by Helena. Back in the waiting room, Sam informs Spinelli that they found a donor for Danny. He hugs her. She asks him what's wrong. He says don't worry. Later, Maxie enters Dante and Lulu's baby's room.

    Britt asks Patrick why he's at Wyndemere. He says he knows what she and her mother have been up to. Patrick confronts Britt about Dr. Obrecht. Britt says she's not her mother. Patrick can't believe that she's hid the truth from him. Patrick wants to know why she didn't tell him about Faison, Duke's poisoning, Robert being in a coma, and wonders what else she's hiding. Britt yells that she had no idea what her mother was up to. Patrick believes she's been working with her mother the whole time. Patrick says he met Dr. Obrecht after the Nurses' Ball. Britt continues saying she doesn't know anything. She finally admits that she and her mother were conspiring. Britt says she did what her mother told her to. He says her mother is dangerous and he will make sure that Dr. O never gets close to his child. He tells her he's going to fight for full custody of the baby. Britt yells that she's not responsible for her mother and that she's not a threat. Patrick can't believe that Britt is still lying. Britt says she has rights as the mother, that he won't get away with it. He storms out as she screams he's not the baby's father.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    A nurse asks Maxie if the baby is hers and she says yes.

    Britt tells Patrick her mother faked the paternity test.

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    - Kyle Jarmon

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    Posted by akita at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:33 PM

    Lovesdogs- thanks for the advice. We spoil and pamper kai as if he were a prince all the time and I talk to him constantly. I even tried fitting him in my car today to take him out, but I have one of those small volvos and he didn't fit. My husband will be taking a week of right after to make sure he is at peace with the new surrounding. We'll see.

    Gotta watch, ill b back.

    Posted by pepper48 at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:44 PM

    Ok Maxie, take your baby and tell LuLu and Dante the truth. it's the right thing to do!!! oops! i forgot, this is a soap opera!!!! (smiling) Now Sam (boring) will find out who here father is and it will be like dealing with hood Jason!!!! AJ did not kill Connie, Sam's father did!!!! Kiki and Michael need to get together and little brother needs to find some mental help. Sonny, go find yourself a brand new woman!!!! nothing from your past. Tracey go to Luke and help him find a cure for his sickness. So happy to hear Robin is coming back!!!!!!!!HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! sorry Sabrina, nice girl but Patrick belongs with Robin!!!!! Let's bring some new faces into the story and Carly needs a new man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by tricknasty at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:48 PM

    Stop crying Ellie. Spinelli is a Jason-lover and is nothing to cry over. Be glad you dodged that bullet...Plenty of fish in the sea.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:49 PM

    I'm thinking we are getting hints about Britt's baby.

    Yesterday when she was happily thumbing through Nic's photo album, she says" mother what did you get me into"

    Today, Nic says to Lulu " well at least you know I'm not Britt's baby's daddy"...

    I'm thinking perhaps Helena and Doc. O may have been up to something.

    Of all people to trust with confidential information, Ellie picks the queen of gossip, Sabrina. Just shows what a bad judge of character Ellie is.

    Patrick SCREAMING at the top of his lungs at a pregnant woman that was just released from a very stressful situation was shameful. He needs to get a grip.
    And he thinks he could get custody? He has a past of drug and depression issues. His daughter is known for running away. He's not a poster child for dad of the year .

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:54 PM

    ransomha - you and I have definitely been watching the same GH. When Patrick was yelling at Britt, I was thinking but she Doesn't have any control over her mother. And even if Dr. OldBat is first cousin to the Wicked Witch of the West, she is still Britt's mother. That's bond that doesn't break that easily. As for Nicholas being the BabyDaddy, I really didn't see That one coming, but now that you've brought it up, it makes sense. Helena would definitely have done something like that, and we all know Dr. OldBat has the scruples of -- nothing. Hyenas are probably better parents and they're scavengers.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:56 PM

    Also, in the real world, taking a baby from a mother is extremely difficult unless she lights up a crack pipe in front of the judge, or the judge is your brother/sister/mother, etc. But I must remember that this is Port Charles where the laws frequently take a recess from the Constitution and current case law. And we don't even want to get into legal ethics in that town. Diane will start looking really good once Scotty gets into office as DA. Can you spell c-o-r-r-u-p-t?

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Thursday, August 29 2013 12:59 PM

    Wow what a good story today!!

    I can tell that Derek/Julian really want to tell Sam that he is her father, he came this close to tell her. It was so nice to see him hold his grandson Danny. He was smile and very touched. I can tell that Alexis seem nervous around with Derek/Julian, I mean in good way. Of course he is a good looking guy lol. Honesty when I look at Alexis and Derek/Julian, it got me thinking "hmm they would make a lovely couple".

    Do you think Derek/Julian will ever have a chance to tell Sam the truth that he is her father? I sure hope so!

    Wow Patrick is really angry at Britt, I can understand why. He made a lot of good points about Britt's mother. She is too way dangerous. But I am so thrilled that Britt finally told him that he is not the father of baby! Looking forward to see Britt finally explain the truth on tomorrow about how did she get fake DNA test, who help her out with this part and who is the father of baby. Patrick deserve to know and he can finally be free.

    I just wish Maxie will just tell Lulu and Dante the truth about baby already. Hopefully soon ASAP!

    It break my heart to see Spinelli are in pain right now.

    Nice of Sabrina be there for Ellie as support and listen.

    What do you all think of Derek/Julian and do you think he will be change now to be nice and soft side?

    Want to hear your opinion on this one.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, August 29 2013 01:08 PM

    Everyone is complaining about PCPD not following procedure. Reading a person his rights, testing for gunshot residue probably happened off screen. Just because we didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, August 29 2013 01:12 PM

    Hypothetical question - If Ellie had fessed up a long time ago would Spinelli been mad at her for betraying his best friend instead of her? LMAO tricknasty - so true. I really, after further comtemplation, don't want her to reunite with Spinelli. He doesn't deserve her.

    Rans - I'm thinking Stravos' progeny.....

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, August 29 2013 01:14 PM

    Excuse me - let me clarify Ellie deserves better. It's all good for her to be deceitful or mis use her power of lab tech as long as it suites Spinelli the moment it doesn't he's horrified....

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