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    Six Lives.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013
    Dante looks for AJ, Ellie refuses to give up on Spinelli, and Franco makes a return.


    At GH, Carly leaves Michael a message asking him to call when he finds AJ. Nearby, Morgan helps Kiki pass out 'Missing' flyers to find Franco. Ellie's sorry, but she hasn't seen him. Carly sees them while looking for AJ in the ER. They let her know about Franco's disappearance. On the roof, Franco remembers Kiki breaking the news to him and climbs up on a ledge before sitting down on the steps. When Ellie steps out for air Franco tells her it's a long way down. She reprimands him for scaring her. He's certain she scares people too. He could hear her coming from two stories down. Ellie warns that he shouldn't be out there. It's dangerous and his loved ones might be concerned. He doesn't think he has any, but Ellie thinks otherwise and shows him the flyer. They both find themselves in the predicament of having lost the only person they cared about in their lives. He jokes that they are kindred spirits and asks what she did to lose her boyfriend. She confides how she lied and doesn't think she'll be forgiven for ruining six lives. Franco agrees that it must be a serious lie to ruin that many lives. He advises she has once choice. She should jump. Ellie wonders what makes him such an expert that she should kill herself. Franco's story doesn't impress her. He's free to mope around about all the wrong he's done to others but she will fix her life. Ellie returns inside. Carly overhears her tell a nurse about Franco being on the roof. She joins him there and warns him security is on the way. She knows about Kiki and Silas. He wanted to be Kiki's friend and doesn't know who he can prove himself to now. Carly asks, "What about me?" It's time for him to get back on track. If he's changed, she wants him to make her believe it. He follows her back inside. Outside the baby's room, Lulu updates Spinelli on Maxie's condition. He hears of Maxie's claim that the baby was hers and his. Lulu thinks Maxie said he was the father because she still has feelings for him. He doesn't believe so. Lulu understands since he has Ellie. Spinelli confesses that he and Ellie are over. Lulu thought Ellie was really good for him, but he's not so sure. Later, Ellie wants to speak her peace. She finds Spinelli and confesses she loves him and doesn't plan on giving up on them. He gets on the elevator without saying a word and leaves her behind.

    Sonny makes AJ get up on his feet at the Quartermaine's. Since AJ killed Connie, Sonny will kill him. He gives him a chance to speak before ending his miserable life. AJ can't believe what he's hearing. Sonny describes the scene at Crimson to him because he put a bullet in her. Sonny plans to put a bullet in him and orders him to confess to die quickly. AJ doesn't. Sonny hits him with the gun and presses it up against his head. Meanwhile, Dante arrives looking for AJ. Michael's surprised to hear Connie's been murdered. He doesn't believe AJ did it. Dante saw where Connie wrote AJ's name in her blood. Michael's concerned Sonny plans to come there if he found Connie. They move to the next room and find Sonny ready to shoot AJ. Dante argues trying to get Sonny to stop. He won't, knowing there's nothing Dante can do to stop him. Michael asks, "Not even me?" Sonny cries. He wants AJ to pay. It matters to Michael; he doesn't want to lose both of them. Sonny will be nothing to him if he shoots AJ. He asks him to put the gun down. Sonny leaves it up to Dante. AJ tries to thank Michael but Dante takes him away.

    At Crimson, Olivia hopes Dante will make whoever did this pay. Olivia needs to be with her cousin and tries to rush by an officer. She's upset at seeing Connie lying there dead and notices 'AJ' written in blood. She's sorry her gift couldn't help Connie. Distraught, she hopes Dante's late and that Sonny will kill AJ. She cries for fighting with Connie. Sonny returns to Crimson as they take Connie's body away.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Anna asks AJ if he murdered Connie Falconeri.

    Michael goes to tell Elizabeth about AJ.

    Felix has big news for Patrick and Sabrina.

    Luke visits Tracy.

    Scott tells Laura he wants a divorce.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by thundering herd at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:26 PM


    Franko/Ellie scenes - hmmmmm wonder why, or as speculated she is Lauren Q. Franko's daughter.

    Posted by WatFan at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:32 PM

    To finish my post from yesterday: Maxi

    She is the most selfish person on this show (except maybe Sonny or Morgan).

    She did the surrogate thing to distract her from her feelings for Spinelli. Not just to be a surrogate for surrogate sakes. The bonus was helping out Dante and Lulu

    She didn't tell about the miscarriage because she was afraid of their disappointment with her. There feelings towards the baby came second.

    She didn't tell them about the baby being hers because she didn't want to give up her career. nor breaking the rules of no sleeping with anyone, or having to listen to the I told you so.

    Now after its all said and done she wants her baby and it doesn't even matter what Dante and Lulu feel.

    She may have tried to tell them but she didn't did she? Which means she didn't try very hard? She's the better person for keeping a lie because of her career and to keep people from judging her?

    Dante and Lulu think that child is there's. When she gets taken away, I'm sure it will feel to them like a knife in the heart.

    She may not meant to be intentionally mean about all this, but make no mistake she did all these things for very selfish reasons and each decision was very cold and calculated.

    Posted by WatFan at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:34 PM

    Sonny Michael AJ and Dante in a room together. Throw in Milo and you might have a whole brain.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:35 PM

    How funny that Franco thought Ellie didn't want children because she didn't want to bring " another ginger into the world, because they have it so tough". !! Cracked up.

    And Sonny calling AJ a "Bltch" pretty much sums him up.

    No handcuffs for a murder suspect but, Britt was handcuffed being brought in and while in custody. Go figure.

    Spin needs to be a man and take care of this misunderstanding. I know it's new information for him to digest, but he better take care of his business. Can't wait for him to confront Maxie.

    Olivia looked like a MESS! Think this may be the end of Sonny and Olivia. The guilt would always be in the way.
    Like why Liz can't bring herself to be with Nic, choosing instead to punish herself with AJ.

    Again Sonny proves that his children come first. His love of Michael was the only thing keeping him from pulling that trigger.

    Posted by phbatl at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:41 PM

    Just had to mess up the episode showing the teeny boopers Kiki/Morgan.. Why???

    Sonny I am really tired of you pulling guns on people. You know you won’t shoot. Geesh, you gonna talk him to death. Where is Sean anyway? Wait, he would only miss. Try Ava. She shot Olivia and I believe she shot Connie too.

    OK…the scene with Michael/Dante is at the Quartermains in the foyer. AJ/Sonny are also there in the family room. Why can’t Michael/Dante hear Sonny screaming at AJ?

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:48 PM

    Today's episode should have been titled, "The Empty Threats Men Make". Stanko threatening to become a stain on the sidewalk...he didn't.Sonny blabbering endlessly and talking tough about plugging AJ full of holes for revenge of Connie.He didn't of course.Now if it was Ava, she would have got the job done, she would have pushed Stabnko off the roof and turned AJ into swiss cheese with breaking a nail. These two were all talk and no action!

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:50 PM

    oops meant without breaking a nail.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Tuesday, August 27 2013 12:51 PM

    Watching as I write:

    AJ seems to realize that he didn’t kill Connie. Wonder how as drunk as he was.
    Sonny threatening AJ – now That’s the Sonny I know and love. You just don’t mess with his women; only he gets to do that.
    Maurice B. is a great actor. And the dialogue between him and Michael was so outstanding. We all know AJ probably didn’t do it, but it’s going to be a long time before anyone believes him.
    Poor Spinelli. First he has to talk to Lulu about the baby. Now Ellie’s trying to explain again.
    Are they going to put Carly with Franco now? I know she has great chemistry with Roger Howarth, but he’s not Todd anymore and they shouldn’t try to go back there.
    Bradford Anderson is doing work that I doubt any of us ever expected him. When he told Ellie she had until the elevator came, I actually felt his pain.
    Betcha even Michael thinks AJ is guilty, that he killed Connie in a black-out.
    Dang!! How many times has AJ gone to jail? I think he’s gone to jail as much or more than Jason, and Jason was an acknowledged criminal.
    Whoa!!! Got to watch tomorrow – Scott and Laura – may just have good news for me. (I do not like the character Scott anymore.)
    ransomha, I agree that if it hadn’t been for Sonny’s love for Michael, AJ would be as dead as the proverbial doornail – whatever that means.

    Posted by Peppermintpatti at Tuesday, August 27 2013 01:02 PM

    I think AJ means Ava Jerome who killed Connie. I also think maybe Britts baby is Lulu and Dantas.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, August 27 2013 01:05 PM

    Sonny Corinthos is easily the Worst. Mobster. EVER!

    I said yesterday that Sonny would probably try to talk AJ to death, but what the heck was all that crap about a confession? Doesn't Sonny believe what Connie wrote in her own blood? It didn't help matters that Maurice Benard's choppy, uneven performance in his big scene with AJ at the Q's was some of the worst acting I've ever seen from him, especially when Dante and Michael joined the party. It was almost as if he couldn't remember his lines, and his delivery was just awful! He sounded like a villain in a puppet show or a kid's cartoon.

    Speaking of not remembering, I doubt if AJ knows if he killed Connie or not, because he was so drunk, he probably blacked out which is why he didn't deny it, and why he won't be able to say who DID kill Connie. In true soap fashion, everything will get dragged out slowly, so that everybody has a chance to weigh in. We'll see every possible combination of characters discussing this current turn of events for weeks before is subplot progresses.

    Likewise, Spinelli will withhold the truth about the Spixie baby so that he can have many more awkward conversations with Nulu, and then she can talk to Dante, Dante can talk to Spinelli, and Ellie can talk to Frodd (??), and on and on. Eventually, Spinelli is going to have to confront Maxie, and she'll have to face him as well as Dante and Nulu. I hope they all let her have it... Not the baby, I mean the full force of their righteous anger.

    Carly has a soft spot for strays like Frodd and AJ. All I know is, if she crawled into MY bar, dressed like that and looking for a guy named “AJ,” I'd change my name to “Al Johnson,” in a heartbeat. I wish she would've been a little tipsy from all the drinks guys would've been buying her.

    Oblivia was wonderful today. It's probably not that easy to deliver dialogue clearly while sobbing uncontrollably at the same time, but she did a great job.

    Unfortunately, her son Dante wasn't so adept at doing HIS job. No cuffs? No Miranda Rights? He lets Sonny walk away after assaulting a murder suspect in his own home?

    Defective Falconeri is easily the Worst. Cop. EVER!

    I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

    Finally, the WTF? moment of the day was seeing Kinky and Moron spreading flyers around the hospital looking for Frodd like he was a puppy who wandered away from his cardboard box. WTF?

    I loved Ellie's scene with Frodd. I can easily see them bonding as fellow outcasts and friends. For an artist, Frodd sure doesn't know how to fold a decent paper airplane. That was terrible. I was very disappointed by his sorry effort.

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