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    No Disco?

    Friday, August 16 2013
    Lucy deals with the wedding interloper, Holly and Luke have a visitor, and Britt has trouble with the law.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, August 18 2013 01:39 PM

    Since it's Sunday, I hope you don't mind if I indulge in an extra long, on topic post. Hopefully, some of you might enjoy it if you can manage to stay awake until the end.

    My understanding of the background history between Sonny and the Falconeri Girls, based on little bits and pieces they've mentioned from time to time on the show, goes something like this:

    Connie was the prettiest, and most popular girl in the neighborhood. Even though she had a wild side, she was adept at keeping it hidden from both the nuns, her teachers at school, and her family, who all thought she was a “good girl,” and the perfect young lady. All that adoration went to Connie's head, and she began to believe she really WAS better than all of her peers and indeed her family's humble circumstances. She longed to escape Bensonhurst for the glamour and glitz of the New York fashion world, and she developed a snobbish, “mean girl” resentment towards all things Bensonhurst, with the exception of her cousin, classmate, and best friend, Oblivia.

    Oblivia, was raised as the only girl among several older brothers in a house above the family's business, a garage, where she excelled among all her competitive siblings in everything from mechanical expertise, to hand-to-hand combat. To call her a tomboy would've been an understatement, but let's just agree that she wasn't the most feminine flower on the block, especially in comparison to her always perfectly coiffed, and fashionably styled cousin, Connie. Oblivia loved Connie like a sister, but she also knew her better than anyone, and realized that Connie's public image was a carefully crafted facade that hid a young girl who could be just as tough, just as daring, and just as fearless as she was, but who was nevertheless massively insecure deep down, in spite of her seeming abundance of self-confidence. From the time they were children, Oblivia recognized that SHE was the stronger of the two, and while Connie may have dominated their relationship, and at times even taken it, and Oblivia for granted, Oblivia instinctively assumed the caretaker role, looking after her cousin, and always putting her first.

    When Sonny came into the picture, it was love at first sight for Oblivia, but Sonny could only see her as the Falconeri Brothers' kid sister, who could sling a wrench or climb a tree with the best of them. He admired and shared her “don't back down for anybody” attitude, and they became close friends. But, as has always been his pattern, Sonny is drawn to bright, shiny things, and in his small world of pain and darkness, the shiniest thing around was Connie Falconeri, the “Golden Girl.” She was the unattainable challenge that Sonny set his sights on, but while Connie found herself drawn to his bad boy charms, she also knew that his gruff, unpolished manner, and the fact that he came from even lower circumstances than her own, meant that he didn't fit in with her plans for her future. She enjoyed flirting with Sonny, and teasing him perhaps, but she'd always shut him down before she let him get too close.

    Meanwhile, Oblivia was seeing this all play out, helplessly listening to her cousin brag about toying with the affections of the boy Oblivia secretly loved. Oblivia knew what Sonny's life was like, and felt as if she was the only one who truly understood him, and she resented her cousin for adding to his pain.

    One summer when Connie had rebuffed his advances yet again, Sonny confided in his friend, Oblivia. To take his mind off his troubles, Oblivia dragged him to Coney Island, where they sneaked into a Bruce Springsteen concert on the Fourth of July. In spite of himself, Sonny realized he was actually having fun, an unfamiliar experience for him, and as the fireworks exploded while the Boss played into the night, Sonny saw for the first time that the grease-covered tomboy he once knew had grown into a beautiful young girl, who was looking at him in a way he had never seen before. They kissed, and later that night, they made love for the first and only time.

    When Connie learned through local gossip that Sonny had gone out with her suddenly blossoming cousin, her competitive instincts were fired up, and she set out to stake her claim on Sonny before he committed to Oblivia. Sound familiar? At her first opportunity, she went to Sonny to tell him that she had only been mean to him because she wanted him so badly, and that she could no longer deny her feeling for him. Totally smitten, and having no clue as to the real reason for Connie's sudden change of heart, but not questioning his good luck, Sonny began his ill-fated “love affair” with Connie. However, he soon realized that he'd lose Connie forever if she ever found out that he slept with her cousin, so he swore Oblivia to secrecy, saying that their one night together was “just one of those things that sometimes happens between friends,” telling her that it was “no big deal,” and that they should both just forget it ever happened. Hiding her broken heart, Oblivia agreed, and never spoke again to anyone about what happened between them on their one magical night.

    Unfortunately, Oblivia soon realized that putting that night behind her wasn't going to be all that easy when she found out she was pregnant. Over the next few months, as Connie and Sonny grew ever closer, Oblivia chose to destroy her own reputation rather than betray her promise to Sonny, by claiming that her child was conceived during some uncharacteristic period of drunken debauchery, where she had unprotected sex with any number of strange men whose names she neglected to get, any one of whom could be her baby's father. Her reputation shot, and her fate sealed, Oblivia could only wait to give birth to Sonny's child, and as time passed, she began to look forward to having that part of him, if she couldn't be with Sonny, himself.

    Meanwhile, Sonny and Connie had been busy making plans for their future away from Bensonhurst. Sonny planned to quit working for Scully Sr., and had a regular job lined up in New Jersey where Connie had earned a scholarship to attend Princeton. They had planned to meet up and run away together that fateful night when Connie was brutally raped by Joe Scully Jr.. Connie never made it to their rendezvous, and she never saw Sonny again, until years later in PC, long after she had adopted the “Kate Howard” persona. Bitterly disappointed because he believed that Connie (and the only good thing he had in his life) had rejected him, Sonny committed instead to the mob, leaving Bensonhurst behind to go to work for Joe Scully's operation in Atlantic City. A few weeks after his departure, Oblivia gave birth to Sonny's son Dante, and began her life as a teenage single mother. She didn't speak to Sonny again until he returned to Bensonhurst to invite her to his wedding to her estranged cousin “Kate.”

    And the rest is GH history. Somehow, I don't think it's going to repeat itself this time around.

    Posted by sfcom at Sunday, August 18 2013 05:31 PM

    scrimmage ... always good to read your view and a little background at the same time. being a return viewer for almost a year it fills in a lot of blanks for me.

    Richard Simmons appearance was ok not great .. not good. I found unnecessary at least he wore a suit..

    after a few months of cleaning up the oltl/pp situation. looks like we might be back on our roller coaster ride. story lines are moving faster. can't please every one all the time but the last few weeks have been pretty good

    Posted by littleguysmom at Monday, August 19 2013 03:39 AM

    Good morning everyone sending healing prayers to everyone thats needs them.

    Just jump on to say how much I'm enjoying the show and can't wait to find out what happens next. Hope they continue today's show from last Friday. I don't want to see Maxie going into labor a week from now. Lol

    Everyone have a great day, will post more later.

    Posted by adamrocks at Monday, August 19 2013 09:56 AM

    The Maxie/Lulu/Dante baby storyline is getting OLD. Of course I'm sure it will drag on for a lot longer, but I'm ready for it to be over.

    So nice to go a few days without having to watch the Llanview crew. Especially nice to go without seeing Michael and Morgan fighting over The Head. Now that we have established that Michael is a jerk with zero taste in women, can we just ship them off somewhere?!? I always liked Michael before this, but going after The Head when he knows how his brother feels about her is disgusting and can't be justified in any way. I fast forward through all their scenes now. I don't understand why all these new characters were introduced. They add nothing to the show except irritation.

    Posted by pepper48 at Monday, August 19 2013 10:41 AM

    Maxie tell the truth and keep your baby!!! Dante and Lulu, go adopt your own. i do not care for much for this lulu!!!! no longer one of my favorite characters. lol! ok, let's end some of these storylines!!!! Luke lives, of course and finding out Robin is still alive and Robert is dead and Britt is carrying Franco's baby. (ha!ha!ha!) Michael hooks us with his woman and Duke tells it all about those crazy people in this town and more to come. It's like aliens continuously invade pc!!!!! Evil ones too!!!! what is there purpose!!! coming after Sonny, anna and luke, oops! i was going to include Tracey, but she is one of the aliens!!!!! (laughing)

    Posted by enuf at Monday, August 19 2013 11:41 AM

    I can't stand AJ but Tracy is making me feel sorry for him. I sure wish the writers would make Tracy a little more family oriented. Her and AJ could take ELQ places.

    Come on and find Robin! .

    Posted by dmrjmd at Monday, August 19 2013 11:43 AM

    Love seeing Anna Devane back in action! I also love the history of Corinth and the Aldens being spoke of by Luke. I loved Loving when I was little. Loved Trisha. She was gorgeous. Love seeing Holly. I know a lot of people aren't fond of Richard Simmons, but I do think he is funny when paired with Lynn Herring. Would like to see these baby storylines being cleared up. Also, thrilled to have only seen Kiki and nuMorgan once this week. Writers, lets keep it that way, please!

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