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    You Asked For The Truth.

    Thursday, August 15 2013
    The wedding must go on, Anna searches for Obrecht, and Luke and Holly make a discovery.

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    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:05 PM


    The truth about "A" baby is revealed.

    Richard Simmons has been back taping, probably as a wedding crasher.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:10 PM

    So who just walked in to the pub? Helena? I don't know the villains from Anna, Duke Robert, Luke days.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:16 PM

    I don't know the 80's characters. Long time viewers. Who is Sean Donely and why is he in a wheelchair and why did they blame Luke?

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    Posted by patchie at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:42 PM

    Even though Kimberly is directing, I still think she will be back soon. Patrick referred to Obrecht mentioning Robin. It seems too coincidental to me. Hope I am right!

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:50 PM

    In 1984, Luke Spencer was on the run from murder charges and called his best friend Robert Scorpio for help. Robert sent Luke to an old friend of his, Sean Donely, who was Robert's boss from his old WSB days. Regrettably for Robert and Luke, Sean was actually after the Aztec treasure himself. Sean who had previously gone into retirement got bored with the retired life and craved the excitement of going up against the challenge of another experienced spy - and that challenge came in the form of Robert. Sean kidnapped those close to Robert, however his plan to get a little excitement went terribly wrong when he thought that he killed Robert in the process. Sean was devastated, but when Robert turned up alive and well, Sean was so ecstatic that he didn't even fight Robert when he came to arrest him. Sean and Robert made amends when he helped Robert defeat the evil Mr. Wu in the Asian Quarter adventure. In return for helping him protect his family, Robert made Sean, his daughter Robin's godfather. Robin Scorpio is Robert's daughter with Anna Devane. Sean happily accepted and took his job as Robin's godfather very seriously. During this time, Sean also took a liking to Dr. Monica Quartermaine and the two began to have a love affair, that was angrily opposed by both Edward Quartermaine and Monica's on and off love Alan Quartermaine.
    In 1987, Sean was put on a hit list, made by a group of terrorists that were targeting spies. Due to his occupation as former head of the WSB, Sean was next up on their hit list and his good friend Robert, returned to Port Charles to help protect him, his family and friends. With the help of Anna, Tiffany Hill, and Duke Lavery, Robert and Sean traveled with them to Mt. Rushmore and the group was able to stop and catch the rogue terrorist group and their leader.
    In 1988 Sean started to suffer from a mid-life crisis. During this time he fell for Dr. Greta Ingstrom, but her husband resurface, so Sean went back to his past love Tiffany, who was unhappy with his wandering ways. Sean and Tiffany were able to work out their differences and the two were married in the Quartermaine mansion amongst friends and family. After the wedding, Sean assists his friend Felicia Jones in tracking down her husband Frisco's grave after she was informed that he had been killed. Sean's insidious past came back to bite him in the form of his arch-nemesis Cesar Faison who arrived in Port Charles in 1990. Through flashbacks, it was revealed that the two had plotted to destroy Robert and Anna's marriage back their WSB days. Back when Sean was head of the WSB, he helped Cesar fake his death and then one of the heads of rival spy agency, the DVX helped to break the Scorpios apart, with Robert staying with the WSB and Anna going to work for DVX. Robert and Anna found out the truth, but nevertheless, Sean still helped his friends defeat Faison, before he could force Anna into marrying him. Cesar took his revenge on Sean in 1991, when he poisoned Sean's wife Tiffany with a mysterious illness that left her comatose. Cesar held the only cure and used this as leverage to made Sean do his bidding, though at the time Sean didn't realize that Cesar was behind Tiffany's illness. When Sean found out that Cesar was behind everything, he once again teamed up with Robert and Anna to bring him down.
    In 1992, Sean agreed to serve as acting Police Commissioner while Robert left to pursue Faison, and assumed the position of permanent PCPD Commissioner when Robert and Anna are presumed dead from a boat explosion that occurred when they were trying to stop Faison. Sean split his time between comforting his grieving goddaughter Robin, and dealing with his nemesis Luke, who arrived back in town in 1993 and gave Sean nothing but grief. On the personal front, his marriage began to fall apart, when his wife Tiffany became obsessed with adopting her deceased sister Cheryl Stansbury's son Lucas. Unfortunately, Cheryl's will left custody of Lucas to Bobbie Spencer and Dr. Tony Jones. As their marriage fell apart over the adoption dilemma, Sean began an affair with lawyer Jessica Holmes. In the meantime, Tiffany is thrilled when she discovers that she is pregnant, but is crushed just as quickly when she overhears Jessica tell Sean that she is pregnant as well. Sadly, Tiffany miscarries her child and at the same time, Jessica admits to Sean that she had lied and wasn't really pregnant. Sean and Tiffany start to work on recoiling their marriage, just as Jessica learns that she really is pregnant. Jessica threatens to tell Tiffany and Sean threatens her in response, warning her to keep her mouth shut. Jessica is later found dead and Sean thinking that Tiffany committed the crime, confessed to the murder. However it was later proven that the insane Ryan Chamberlain was the real murderer and Sean and Tiffany were in the clear.
    In 1994, Sean and Luke are caught up in a shoot out with mobster Frank Smith and Sean is accidentally shot by Luke. Before Sean is sent off to heal and recuperate an overjoyed Tiffany announces to their friends and family that she is pregnant. When General Hospital recommends that they transfer him to another treatment facility in Boston, Massachusetts, Sean and Tiffany decide to leave town to get Sean the best care possible and start a new life with their child.
    Sean and Tiffany returned to Port Charles in 2008 to help their friend Robert, who was battling colon cancer. While in town, they shared with their friends that they now had a teenage daughter, named Anna Donely and that she was named after Anna Devane.
    On August 5, 2013 Luke Spencer seeks assistance from Holly Sutton in Switzerland to determine where the extorted money of Jerry Jacks has ended up after Jax' apparent death by explosion. After breaking into the bank's computer, the money has been found to have been collected by Sean Donely. Luke and Holly arrive at Donely's residence and they meet Anna Donely and eventually Sean appears in a wheel-chair with a prized bottle in hand.

    Posted by cbru at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:53 PM

    &^%#$ site refreshed my post and I lost it.

    Gee, Lulu-why shouldn't Maxie get attached to the baby she has been carrying for 8 months. Lulu can be really stupid at times.

    Sabrina sure has become clingy and possessive. She is so green with jealousy and I can't stand her. Robin needs to come back ASAP.

    Spinelli should be telling Anna what he knows. I can't believe she called doofus Dante. And the both of them were a day late and a dollar short when they announced their arrival and then waited too long to bash the door in. Of course Dr. O. is gone.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, August 15 2013 02:58 PM

    cbru - I don't even like Sabrina anymore. It seems like she's more worried about Britt than she is Patrick. If she keeps up her behavior, Patrick will wind up with Britt for real. I just wish Robin would come back.

    Posted by cbru at Thursday, August 15 2013 03:01 PM

    Maxie and Lucy looked great and Emma looked adorable. I will admit that I thought "oh, please," when Felicia walked in in that wedding dress and veil. I was expecting something more in the way of a formal gown and hat in a different color. Speaking of that, do you all remember that bright red dress and that mile wide hat Lucy wore when she married Allan?? LOL

    Judging by the looks of Mac, Felicia, and Lucy, my first thought was that Frisco was the uninvited guest. We shall see.

    Poor Luke-he needs that antidote like now. I hope we see who is in that house tomorrow but it might be the cliffhanger.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, 4my, 4ever, tt, TX, dubbs, straight, enad, FUBU, willow, lily, unicorn, from, slades, lovesdogs, casey, midas, maja, mayzo, bayou, dex, southGAgirl, poodles, cynic, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, August 15 2013 03:09 PM

    I have never been more hesitant to go on this board in fear of SPOILERS than I am today, because I don't know, and I don't WANT to know who is crashing Mac and Felicia's wedding. I can't imagine who would illicit such a reaction from Lucy, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.

    Same goes for almost everything else that we saw today. I want to know why Luke thinks Jerry Jacks is hiding out on the abandoned set of “Loving,” a soap that hasn't been on the air since 1995. I thought I was missing something when Luke mentioned they were in Corinth, PA and the “Loving Murders,” and then I was sure there was an inside reference to “The City” as well, but since I never watched any of those shows, I did a little research, and sure enough, the woman Holly recognized in the picture killed off most of the cast of “Loving” shortly before it was scheduled to go off the air, and the few surviving characters moved, not only out of Corinth, but to another new soap called “The City,” which didn't last very long.

    I guess my main question now is WTF???!!!

    At least Luke understands how to deal with a locked door. What were Dante and Anna thinking, letting a DOOR CHAIN stop them?

    Anna: “Knock, knock. PCPD! Open this door right now!”

    Britt (in a singsong voice): “Oka-ay, just a second. I'm in the bathroom disposing of evidence.”

    Anna: “All right, you've got five minutes before we kick down the door.” (sound of toilet flushing)

    Are you kidding me? And why was Anna standing behind the door peeking in? If someone in there was armed, they could've shot Anna right through that flimsy wooden door. In spite of the fact that Anna's APB on Dr. O got the fastest results in the history of law enforcement (thanks to Spinelli), that's terrible police work, but I still don't see how Frau Blücher can escape.

    I KNEW Britt was in the dark about the extent of her parents' nefarious activities. Britt is right to be scared of Frau Blücher. The way she dismissed poisoning Duke by essentially saying “Heck, that's nothing!” scared ME! It was chilling to see how much pride she obviously takes in doing evil things, or perhaps just BEING evil for it's own sake, like she once said to Lucy. If Dante and Anna would've listened at the door, they'd have gotten the whole story, straight from the horses' (whinny) mouth. I was hoping we'd get a much more detailed explanation of those “loose ends” of Faison's that she was referring to, but I guess that will have to wait for now.

    Some new, and some old questions remain unanswered. Who was Frau Blücher answering to? Why couldn't Faison provide more of the cure for $88 million dollars, and why was Robin Faison's secret asset? Is or was Jerry keeping Robin prisoner in the house in Corinth? Is she as drugged out of her mind as she appears to be? What is the connection to yet ANOTHER long dead soap? If Duke recovered so quickly from an overdose calibrated to be lethal for a smaller person, than why has Robert been in a coma for months after being injected with the same drug that was intended to kill Robin?

    Now we're GETTING somewhere!

    Posted by cbru at Thursday, August 15 2013 03:09 PM

    Georgiapeach-considering what Sabrina has turned into, I liked her better when she was a scatterbrained student nurse. She obviously thinks that since she is sleeping with Patrick, she now owns him. He is too dense to see it, but that is about par for the course with him. Robin needs to be found!

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