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    Damn You Anna.

    Tuesday, August 13 2013
    Port Charles celebrates a couple's upcoming nuptials with karaoke, Lucy and Kevin fight, and Britt makes a confession to Patrick.


    At GH, Patrick shares how much he loves the baby with Britt when she decides she wants to tell him something. He's eager to find out what she has to say when she confides she hasn't been honest about the baby. Before Britt can continue she doubles over in pain and worries that something's wrong. Patrick suggests she forget she's a doctor and tries to calm her. In an exam room, Patrick gives Britt an ultrasound. [Show preempted from 2:27 PM – 2:33 PM EST for local breaking news.] He gets excited when he discovers he's having a son. She realizes she's not in pain anymore and feels silly. He wants to know what she was going to tell him before she had the false labor pains. She confesses she never intended to have the abortion and admits she faked being sick to win his love. He realizes Sabrina was right about Britt's lies but is hopeful they have a chance to work on raising the baby together if Britt continues to be honest. That's all Britt wants. Meanwhile, outside Kevin's office, Lucy blames him for them missing the party and for not being chosen as best man and matron of honor.

    At the Floating Rib, Sabrina's certain the older woman she saw talking to Britt is the same woman in the photo Spinelli's found. Nearby, Obrecht leaves the bar and unsuspectingly walks past Anna and Duke as Anna wonders what Dr. Obrecht is capable of before worrying where Lucy and the guests of honor are. She overhears Sabrina, Felix and Spinelli sharing information with Ellie about her pulled medical license and experiments. Suddenly Dante and Lulu arrive with Maxie who announces Felicia and Mac are about to arrive. Obrecht mumbles about the big surprise she has for Anna Devane as the room yells, "Surprise!" before breaking out in applause when Mac and Felicia enter the bar. She sits down and rips up the photo of Faison with Anna and Robin. Mac and Felicia join Maxie's karaoke version of Going To The Chapel while Duke invites Anna to a tango later. Lulu compliments Maxie on her song as Spinelli claps excitedly. Ellie feels out of place when she sees his enthusiasm for a shared interest he has with Maxie while Sabrina and Felix wonder what the Britch has done to keep Patrick. Anna's interrupted from toasting the couple when Dante and Lulu dedicate You're Having My Baby to Maxie. She sits down her Champaign and decides to wait for Lucy and Kevin. Obrecht takes the opportunity to slip Propofol into Anna's glass. Close by, Spinelli and Dante leave to grab glasses for the toast. Alone, Ellie verbally attacks Maxie for her choice of karaoke for party entertainment. Maxie's certain it was something her parents would enjoy. [Show preempted from 2:27 PM – 2:33 PM EST for local breaking news.] Toasts are interrupted when Lucy arrives arguing with Kevin. Lulu's concerned for Maxie when she becomes upset that Lucy had to become the center of attention at her mother's party. Privately, Felix listens to Lucy's concerns about her marriage while Dr. Obrecht sings Is That All There Is. Lucy thinks her life is just like the song. Her chatter distracts Obrecht who shoots her a look. Lucy realizes she knows Obrecht from somewhere. During her song, Obrecht focuses on Anna and Duke while they toast each other. At the same time Kevin confides to Felicia and Mac that he can't even make Lucy laugh anymore. Mac has an idea and pulls Kevin away. After, Duke feels a little peaked and leaves to get some air. Meanwhile, Lucy is still working out where she saw Obrecht before. She remembers meeting up with her in the park and recalls something creepy she said to her. Lucy interrupts Anna to ask if the strange woman is on the guest list. Obrecht sneaks out before Anna catches a glimpse of her. They're caught by surprise when Mac and Kevin sing a song in drag. Dante's surprised Duke missed it and Anna goes to look for him. Outside Obrecht bumps into Duke who says, "It's you." He tries to stop her but collapses to the ground. Obrecht's surprised and mad at Anna for messing things up. Later, Anna finds Duke alone.

    Back at GH, Sabrina realizes Patrick hasn't gotten her messages when she finds his phone. A nurse remembers seeing him with Britt last. Shortly, Sabrina finds them hugging in an exam room. Patrick apologizes for missing the party and shares the news he's having a boy. Britt claims she's sorry to Sabrina who's just happy nothing is wrong with the baby. They leave Britt alone who begins to believe her mother is right; maybe she can work things out with Patrick.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Maxie wants Felicia to get married today.

    Ava wonders why Julian took a risk.

    Felix and Spinelli want to find Britt's mother.

    Sabrina cares for Emma.

    Anna worries over Duke.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 13 2013 01:01 PM

    I don't normally post over here but I loved Maxie's going to the chapel to Mac and Felicia. I want that carefree stuff on my Days.

    Posted by phbatl at Tuesday, August 13 2013 01:06 PM

    Not much to look at today...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Only thing I noticed is how much Brit and Patrick look alike!!

    Posted by SweetGApeach at Tuesday, August 13 2013 01:39 PM

    How did Obrecht sneak Propafol into Anna's champagne without anyone noticing? Propofol is a milky white liquid, surely someone should have noticed that the champagne looked like someone poured milk into it.

    Posted by Cynic at Tuesday, August 13 2013 01:40 PM

    I seem to remember the bridesmaid singing "Chapel of Love" before Anna and Duke's wedding.

    Posted by Cynic at Tuesday, August 13 2013 01:43 PM


    Do you think that Liesl Obrecht is the Balkan's daughter?

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, August 13 2013 01:59 PM

    I only got to watch the last half of the show, but it was like watching paint dry. Best part was Kevin and Mac in drag.

    Posted by Casey1 at Tuesday, August 13 2013 02:13 PM

    Hi everyone,

    It was good to see Maxie looking beautiful, happy, singing karaoke. It could be awhile before we see Maxie looking happy and excited again once the baby is born.
    The best news to come out of today's show is that Britt is having a boy, we already know Maxie is having a girl, so no baby switch will happen.
    I think Britt thought being partially honest with Patrick could work as well as it did with Nikolas, Patrick is so gullible he bought her little ploy.
    Nobody could pull the wool over Lucy's eyes, she could see through Dr. O's disguise, but Felix, Spinelli and Sabrina should sleep with one eye open, Dr. O will want to make them pay for investigating her and will want to silence them.
    For two good looking men, Kevin and Mac make less than appealing women
    The colour green does not look good on Ellie.
    It took Micheal Jackson months of using propofol together with other drugs to kill him, so I hope Duke isn't down for long. If anybody deserves to take down Dr.O it is Duke.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, August 13 2013 02:19 PM

    It's a BOY! Mozel Tov!

    Sabrina had to hunt Patrick down. can't be out of site for ten minutes. She does look good in green.

    Duke let this little woman overpower him?

    Filler show today but loved the Patrick and Britt scenes. They would have made a striking couple and a beautiful baby.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Tuesday, August 13 2013 02:47 PM

    I am glad that Britt finally told Patrick the truth about never have the abortion and fake being sick. Only one more left to go for her to tell Patrick the truth about the baby is not his. That will be going happen soon for Patrick find out.

    Hmm I rather Britt and Nikolas to be couple! Nikolas and Britt will look so great pairing and definitely will make a beautiful baby together for sure.

    I hope Duke will going be alright. I am sure Patrick will have a cure ready for Duke to be recovery. Poor Anna, she was so worried when she found him on the ground outside. I hope Duke will tell Anna that he saw Britt's mother.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Tuesday, August 13 2013 03:01 PM

    Another thing to add... I am still hoping and rooting for Carly and Franco to be pairing. They do have a great chermisty!

    **** Spoiler ****

    Maxie will going tell Lulu and Dante the truth about the baby is her and Spinelli is the father on next week! Can't wait to see that, finally!!

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