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    Mouse Has Begun To Roar.

    Monday, July 29 2013
    More people learn the truth about Kiki’s parentage, Ava and Tracy try to come up with a new plan, and Sabrina and Felix get suspicious about Britt’s mom.

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    Posted by Lady Isadorra at Monday, July 29 2013 01:43 PM

    Good afternoon to all my peeps!!!!!

    I actually enjoyed todays show!! What a shocker for once!!!

    I just love Felix and all his crazy names for people!! "The Brutchess" LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    I am starting to thaw towards the Britch, I hope they will continue her growth of a conscience as well as character! She needs to cut the strings with mommy dearest! I am sure her dark price will come to her aide!!

    I am TEAM AJ!!! I am so glad that he was able to beat Tracy for once and that Tracy got called out by Alice! I have NEVER NEVER NEVER liked Tracy! She is a bully and a spoiled witch (with a capital B!!) who is NEVER happy unless she is getting HER way!! I am sure her and Ava will find a way to oust AJ but I am glad he actually came out on top for once!

    I see trouble in paradise ahead for both Sonny and his son as far as their relationships are concerned!! I still cant stand Morgone or Kiki for that matter!!

    I am kind of sort of a little bit warming to Fruado and wonder where they will take him and Carly!

    I am a true blue hard core JaSam fan so its been REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to see her with Slimas but I am trying to see all this chemistry everyone is talking about. However, I had this crazy thought today that IMO, I think that Sam and Patrick have great chemistry together! And I am a Patrina fan! Who knew?!?!?!

    I think the Scooby-Doo team of Felix, Sabrina, and now Spinellie are going to bust this case wide open with Britta Water Filter and The Bruchess. I think when they bust this case open it will also unhinge Maxie's secrets as well!

    I just want the S/L's to come to an end!! They have been lingering FOR MONTHS!!! Its time to move them on and get started some new secrets!!

    @ Midas I totally agree on the word of the day!!!!! My husband's nick name for me is "Duchess" so I thought today was hilarious LOL!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, July 29 2013 01:47 PM

    AJ's Win at ELQ will be short lived when it comes out that Kiki is not a Q.

    Posted by shelleyggurl at Monday, July 29 2013 02:03 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Today I actually had time to watch all of GH!! But I was wondering if someone could explain to me why Liz was involved at the ELQ voting? Wasn’t her son by Jason accidentally killed by Luke? Because I thought, Edward’s will stated his living heirs. But anyway, finally Britt started to stand up to her whack job of a mother, and yes she confirmed what many of us know all along that the baby is not Patrick. But bravo to her for finally pointing out to her mother that lying is not helping her win over Patrick, just as it did not help Dr. O winning over Faison’s love. But you have to admit that Dr. O is not only crazy but also a bully.

    Sonny knowing his son finally got Michael to confuse that his marriage proposal is only to keep Kiki and Michael from each other. So I guess we now know Connie will be the one responsible for putting this information in the news. Not only will Kiki be hurt by this, but AJ will also lose ELQ, which I’m happy about because I just wanted someone to knock that smirk off his face. Whenever AJ is on, I usually walk out of the room, or if I’m home, turn the channel. He just gets under my skin, and not in a good way.
    So I’m now thinking that Sam’s dad will play an enormous part with saving Danny.
    Connie publishing information about Kiki not being a Q will be the reason that her character is written off? The damage from this is going to affect so many characters: Tracy, Silas, Michael, Morgan, Ava, AJ, and Franco. So if the writers do justice, these storyline could be amazing.

    Posted by warlock at Monday, July 29 2013 02:12 PM

    I hated AJ's smirking today---can't stand this character -- Tracy has only ELQ and deserves to run it -- she put up with all the crap Luke put her through and still cares deeply about him - Why? I don't know -- he ran around on her, tricked her into marriage for money, etc.----can't stand Morgan either -- feel so bad for Tracy and Alice should not have turned her back on her because of Luke - she promised Luke to stand by Tracy - Luke will not be happy with what Alice did to Tracy either-- let's get this baby stuff settled already--- going on way too long

    Posted by shelleyggurl at Monday, July 29 2013 02:17 PM

    Lady Isadorra

    I’m with about the Britt/Maxie baby, it’s been almost 6 months and it’s time for this to come to an end. But, thanks to Morgan’s big mouth, the new secret of Franco not being Kiki’s dad has just came out. Once Connie publish the information that Kiki isn’t a Q, then the question of who her daddy is, the history of Ava and Sila, why does Sila hate Ava, and how will Silas becoming a dad to Kiki impact his relationship (or lack of) with Sam. I’m hoping that we can get more juicy secrets starting next week, its past time.

    Posted by thundering herd at Monday, July 29 2013 02:19 PM

    Shelleyggurl, you're right, when the truth about Kiki comes out there is going to be a lot of fallout. Can't leave Sonny off that list, he knows Kiki isn't a Q., and is keeping it from Michael. Oh daddy oh, keeping a secret for one son, will be betraying other.

    Posted by thundering herd at Monday, July 29 2013 02:32 PM

    Spoiler and total speculation

    Ok, KSul being killed off (such a waste of a good character), and now who doesn't want anyone to know Kiki is not a Q. Morgan, AJ (he needs that 5%) and Ava. Right now I'm leaning toward AJ.

    Posted by nlctorch at Monday, July 29 2013 02:34 PM

    AJ reminds me of JR from All My Children. They're really smug when they're on top. But are big whiny babies when things don't go their way. I wonder if he falls off the wagon.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Monday, July 29 2013 02:45 PM

    Lady Isadorra- I agree with you about Carly and Franco. I start to like them together. I am rooting for Carly and Franco as pairing now.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, July 29 2013 02:59 PM

    Welcome to Redemption & Revelation Week here on General Hospital.

    Least. Surprising. Announcement. EVER! was Drake Jr. telling Carly that Frodd would likely recover. Why he told her, and not Frodd's FAMILY before he went to wash the Tumor That Causes All Evil off his hands, I'll never know, but I laughed at his warning to Carly.

    Drake Jr.: “I can't guarantee what shape Frodd's gonna wake up in.”

    You mean he could be a sphere, a rhombus, or maybe even a tetrahedron? Well, he always did have a lot of angles.

    Carly's sudden affection for Frodd sure came out of nowhere. When did she start seeing him as the second coming of Jason? Was it the leather jacket? The big shiny gun? The motorcycle? That's obviously the basis for her sudden change of heart, because we all know that Carly would willing crawl naked over broken glass to have a second chance at a relationship with the only man she ever really loved – Jason. That's why she went from “I want him dead, NOW!” to “I'm glad you're alive,” in record time.

    Regardless of how preposterous it is, Carly is just the first to see Frodd this way. She did a great job in her bedside scene, but the purpose of that entire monologue was to explain to the viewers who haven't been following closely, or who might be understandably confused at this point, what was on the horizon for the character laying in that bed, beaten, bloodied, and with all those tubes sticking out of him. It doesn't speak well for TPTB's opinion of their viewers' intelligence if they think they have to spell out what's going on, so so that our feeble minds can grasp their obvious and predictable plot.

    Carly (to Frodd): “You said you wanted to change, and I thought you were lying through your teeth because that's what you do... or used to. But if you were telling the truth, and you want to make a change, this is your chance because saving Danny will change you. It may even redeem you.”

    And of course it will. Unfortunately, thanks to Carly, we'll never be certain if Frodd is truly a different person, or if he's faking it to avoid prosecution for his previous crimes. If Frodd is still a sociopath, Carly just handed him the perfect strategy to continue to manipulate everyone around him with impunity. Way to go Carly.

    He'll be a hero for saving Danny, and then he'll move on to saving ELQ when he takes back his proxy from Ava and sides with AJ after the truth about Kinky's paternity is revealed in Connie's paper, and renders this recent vote moot. I'm not even going to worry about how her 5% is divided up. If they always intended for Tracy to run ELQ, they would've never had Edward write her out of his will (except for the relish) in the first place. This will be how Frodd wins over AJ, Michael, and Monica. Tracy was always a lost cause anyway, and before you know it, Frodd will be the Toast of the Town.

    Speaking of the vote, last Friday when I praised Alice for switching sides, that was a totally SPOILER FREE comment. I just assumed it was her since she was the only 5-percenter on Team Tracy that was in the room.

    Morgone is an idiot, and even Sonny can see right through him. It took about five seconds for Sonny to break him, and make him admit the truth. Sonny usually hates to have to deal with this kind of stuff – parenting – but I thought he struck the perfect tone with his youngest, and stupidest son. “Did you knock her up?” was the first obvious question, and Sonny seemed genuinely relieved that Morgone was being at least being truthful about that. He could also tell that he was holding something else back, and Morgone was defenseless against Sonny's relentless interrogation. He broke down like a cheap toy and spilled his guts, and now the amazingly tan and toned Connie has her scoop.

    It's sure to save her newspaper, but it will almost certainly cause problems between her and Sonny (Oblivia who?) Corinthos. I was surprised that Sonny didn't offer to send Shawn over to “negotiate” with Connie's boss, but Sonny has never really cared about Connie's career. He will soon enough.

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