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    He's On The Loose.

    Wednesday, July 17 2013
    Franco gives Elizabeth a warning, Michael tries to stay away from Kiki, and Danny receives a surprise visit.

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    Posted by whitman30 at Thursday, July 18 2013 06:31 AM

    I think Britt has impregnated herself with lulu and Dante's baby. Wouldn't that be a shocker because she sure was nervous over the paternity test.

    I also am sick of Sonny's harem. How many love o his lives can he have? Please pick a woman.

    I hate the teenager stories and despise the torment of Sam.
    Can we please rap some of this mess up.

    Thanks for dropping the pickle Lila:)

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, July 18 2013 07:40 AM

    Hi cbru & Everyone!

    So Miss high & mighty Alexis has to admit to "her girls" that she had a drunken ONS with a guy that she didn't even knows name....shame shame Alexis!

    I don't believe that "TQ" will think he is Jason for too long...not really liking RH playing this roll but am doing the best I least I still get to see him as AmTodd on OLTL for now...

    Liz is being jealous over the B!tch & Nick...I guess some people never get completely over their ex & feel this way when they see them with someone new?!?! She was jealous of Lucky & Shaboan (whatever her name was)...& of Jason & Sam...but she needs to get a grip & realize she has moved on so she needs to let Nick. BUT in her defense,I wouldn't want a friend of mine to hook up with the B!tch, after all Liz knows nothing good or nice about B!tch...

    Still don't like Ava AT ALL...I'm ready for her to GO!!!! I liked her on Y&R but not GH! Now as for Nulu...I am liking her now (I also liked her on Y&R but don't like her replacement on it)!

    Dante was cute defending his "Ma"!! I kind of wish he had decked Sonny for breaking his Ma's heart!! Sonny needs a good knock back into reality & out of "everyone loves ME & I can't help it" land...not liking Sonny right now at all! He USED Liv & then threw her in the trash like yesterday's newspaper!


    Had my EGD yesterday...the dr took a couple of samples to be biopsied & I have 2 hernias in my stomach...had to come home & take it easy for 24 hours because of the biopsies & me being on 2 blood thinners. They blew my vain in my right are with the 1st iv they put in & I bled like a stuck pig (as the ol' saying goes) then I bled like crazy on the other iv...this is new to me...they use to have to beg my blood to come out.

    Posted by nancy marie at Thursday, July 18 2013 07:47 AM

    Enough aleady! Stop jerking us around and get back to the real GH. Enough of the ersatz serial.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, July 18 2013 08:02 AM

    Have to agree with everyone about leaving a sick baby in the room by son "M" is a severe asthmatic & we spent many hospital stays when he was a toddler & young child & the only time I ever left the room was when his Dad or one of his Grandparents or a nurse would relieve me to go get something to eat or make a quick run to the house for more clean clothes. He was NEVER left alone...I even left the door partially open to the restroom when I went...

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, July 18 2013 08:55 AM

    Hi 4my....I'm sorry but,I have to disagree with you about Liv going after her cousin's ex "again"...Liv had him first & made Dante...Connie dated him after Liv so really Connie took Liv's ex back in Bensonhearst...I think Liv is the better cousin for stepping aside & Sonny is a horse's butt for treating Liv that way!

    Posted by ladysmom at Thursday, July 18 2013 09:10 AM

    I'm about done with "All Ava all the time". There are a lot better actors on the show and a lot more interesting characters (Franco not being among them at the moment).

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, July 18 2013 09:14 AM

    Hi Midas...loved your week in review...have a great weekend yourself!

    Posted by ladysmom at Thursday, July 18 2013 09:15 AM

    I think Nicholas and Britt make a great couple! They've got a lot in common (like psycho families), they're well-traveled and sophisticated and they seem to share the same dry sense of humor. I'm rooting for them if only to annoy Liz.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, July 18 2013 09:27 AM

    If they can redeem the B!tch then I wouldn't have a problem with her & Nick getting together....I can kinda see them falling for each other then the secrets comes out that she stole one of his sister's embryos & the covering the Maxie miscarriage/preggers w/Spixie baby story...that will be their first "BIG" dramas of their relationship! JMHO

    Posted by ladysmom at Thursday, July 18 2013 09:29 AM

    I don't get it. Liv left Johnny because he's in the mob, but it's okay to be with Sonny? Johnny was way hotter than Sonny has ever been!

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