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    Jason Morgan?

    Tuesday, July 16 2013
    Maxie and Britt begin Lamaze, AJ and Carly have to work together, and Franco has a seizure.

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    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:29 PM

    From-- I understand the poor guy's predicament. Either the hot sun or the thin air has caused massive brain problems (possibly a tumor induced seizure). But if I were he I would not be getting treatment anywhere near PC.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:30 PM

    ******************OFF TOPIC*********************

    The grass roots movement to have SCRIMMAGE take over as head-writer has reached a fevered pitch....It is TIME !!!!

    Just ask the ex-marooned guy who has become a martyr for the cause....(he has become the victim of the new SCI-FI series once know as GH)

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:37 PM

    **************OFF TOPIC*************

    The poor ex-marooned guy's family has hired Spinelli (GH'S answer to Inspector Clouseau) to protect his interests in Port Charles)

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:42 PM

    Yes, Scrimmage everything seems to be a coincidence in this show. I don't know about Olivia's vision,Is Lulu in danger? I'm waiting on Liz to get jealous of Nic and Britch. I have been pounding my head trying to figure out how this can be Spinneli's baby.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:48 PM

    Hello everyone,

    I'm sorry, but this whole Franco thing now thinking he's Jason is ridiculous. I get why they're doing this, as it pertains to spoilers, which I won't mention out of respect for those who wish to remain spoiler free, but come on! If it were James franco playing him, I thought if they were to have something where sam and Franco got together, he had great chemistry with Kelly Monico, but RH, trying to play Franco, who's now thinking he's Jason is ridiculous, and to me would make a very borring Jason!

    Olivia's vision was creapy! Although, I don't understand how Dante and Lulu can be so dismissive over the vision she had of Maxie stabbing Lulu, considering that she had passed out, and had a vision of Lulu on the floor, after the bear was given to her (ticking bear anyone)? I don't believe though that Maxie would ever do Lulu any harm, but as I said before, prior to Lulu's disappearance, Olivia had told Dante to check on Lulu, and she was passed out, so for Dante, especially to dismiss that vision puzzled me a bit.

    Did we actually se the lamaz class? That would have been funny to see.

    I really hope that if we're supposed to believe that Elizabeth and AJ will work, now that carly and AJ are teaming up to try to figure out the dert on Ava, I hope that carly and AJ don't end up sleeping together again. I am glad though that Nikolas had agreed to back off, noticing that Elizabeth seemed happy.

    Nice to see them acknowledging that this is the day, in 1996 that Steve Hardy had died. Nice nod writers.

    The rest of the episode was pretty borring!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:50 PM

    Ladybelle - Earlier I mentioned the use of symbolism in the show, and these guys are not subtle. Whether Frodd really thinks he's Jason or not, the idea of it has been implanted in our collective consciousness. They didn't just hint at it, they hit us over the head with it. I believe that's known on soap message boards as an “anvil.”

    Another scene with heavy handed symbolism was the nearly Shakespeare meets Hitchcock vibe of Oblivia's bloody vision of Maxie's betrayal of Nulu. I guess there's no question that Oblivia's psychic abilities haven't been diminished by her all but forgotten gunshot wound, and they're perhaps even more metaphorical than ever. I mean sure, Maxie is figuratively stabbing Nulu in the back with her lies and deceit, but she's not going to literally do it with a butcher knife. This show has gotten a lot more graphically violent in recent weeks. What's up with that?

    Did Nulu take the longest hot shower in memory? The whole building must be out of hot water. How's that staying with Dante and Nulu to relax and recuperate thing working out for you NOW, Oblivia? She was on her feet for the whole episode. If it wasn't for Maxie, she'd be in bed on her back over at Sonny's. I don't know whose bed, or how much rest she'd be getting though.

    Carly is in a rut. She's always trying to get somebody else to get their hands dirty while she sits back and watches safely from afar. Now that she's run out of friends and ex-lovers she can take advantage of, she has to pay Spinelli to do her dirty work. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! If she had stood up to Frodd's threat of telling Morgon that she tried to kill him, she wouldn't have to worry about Ava, or even give her a second thought. The only good thing to come out of this is the alliance between AJ and Carly, strange bedfellows indeed, but I think I'd like to see them grudgingly becoming friends in spite of themselves.

    And AJ may need a backup plan if someone doesn't put the kibosh on the Green-Eyed Monster I saw in Elizabeth's eyes when she got a load of Nik escorting Britta to her class. I haven't seen that look since she met Shaboom, or tried to run off Brooklynn. It's not attractive and it brings out her sneaky side. She made Sabrina jump out of her skin when she slinked up behind her to ask what was going on between that extremely handsome couple that she thought were strangers. I hope this isn't the return of Evilizabeth!

    I did notice that her hair is getting wonderfully long, and looks absolutely beautiful, as if Liz needed any help to become even MORE stunning. Hubba, hubba!

    As for the confrontation between Slimas and Drake Jr., they should settle this right now! I suggest they go to the locker room and whip them out to be measured, and get it over with. I'm tempted to write that SCENE, but it probably wouldn't be suitable for this forum. Dang!

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, July 16 2013 02:02 PM

    scrimmage-you hit the nail on the head when you asked "how far the morons are willing to go to make RH the star of the show!" Obviously, that is exactly what they are doing and I am so sick of seeing Todd, Frodd, and now Jason being front and center. This is beyond asinine, ridiculous, moronic and every other word I can think of. Also, ditto to the coincidences.

    Of course, Lizzzzzzzz will be jealous that Nik is interested in Britch. I expect her to start warning her away from him any day. Never mind that it is none of her business and that she has made it perfectly clear to Nic that she wants AJ. She will stick her nose where it doesn't belong, all under some phony guise. Nic is a grown man and can make his own decisions. Lizzzzzz has no say in it. Shades of Shaboom.

    Sounds like things are beginning to come apart for Ava. She certainly doesn't want phony Frodd or phony Jason talking to Silas. I think it is going to come out that Kiki is Silas' daughter and that will be the end of her meal ticket. Come to think of it, that will be the end of Morgone's meal ticket, too.

    After all the visions Olivia has had that have come true, one would think Detective Dunce would put a little bit of credence in them. Of course with him spending so much time with Lulu, they might actually solve a crime at the PCPD.

    Spin really needs to get another profession. A PI he is not!!!

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, 4my, 4ever, dubbs, straight, enad, FUBU, been, bean, lessed, from, slades, willow, unicorn, lily, midas, maja, mayzo, bayou, dex, southGAgirl, casey, lovesdogs, poodles, cynic, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed.

    Posted by Lady Isadorra at Tuesday, July 16 2013 02:17 PM

    I feel like I am watching SNL instead of a soap opera that is supposed to be a drama series! Guza wrote better than this mess we are currently watching!!! I find that instead of watching the current days show I am watching years old episodes on YT!!!

    This is beyond ridiculous!! I totally agree with Srcim that I was watching the show today in total disbelief and frustration because of all the "just happen to be right there" moments!! And now in the ultimate horror Frodd believes he is Jason????? Really?!?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!? I feel like I saw those tow words EVERYDAY!!!

    I would totally be on board with a showcase showdown between Drake Jr and Slimas!! Im down anytime for that scene Scrim!!

    However, I am NOT on board with Liz reverting to Evilbeth!! Let Nik have Dr. Evil herself, maybe he can change her!

    I am beyond angry and frustrated with this GH team!! I am ready to launch Scrim's campaign!! Just dont forget all of us little people when you make it Scrim!!!

    I hope everyone has a great rest of the day!!!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 02:20 PM

    Scrimmage ~ I agree that Olivia's vision is symbolic not literal as what Maxie is doing by not telling the truth is truly stabbing Lulu in the back. What started out as a fun, entertaining story of a surrogate pregnancy is going to turn out to be a heartbreaking sad story. Not only that but think of all the money Dante and Lulu are out paying for the fertility treatments and the implantment procedure. Bad writing along with being a stupid,not to be believed story line.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, July 16 2013 02:20 PM

    Since Hitchcock has apparently met GH I am surprised that Olivia didn't wait to have her "vision" until Lulu took a shower and we saw the "shower scene" from Psycho. I agree with SCRIMMAGE....We are being "treated" (or threatened) by more graphic violence everyday on the show everyday.

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