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    Jason Morgan?

    Tuesday, July 16 2013
    Maxie and Britt begin Lamaze, AJ and Carly have to work together, and Franco has a seizure.


    At the apartment, Lulu suffers with a cold, upset she's missing Lamaze. Olivia answers the door thinking it's the takeout soup. She's surprised to see Maxie there. Maxie walks over to Lulu in the kitchen and repeatedly stabs her in the back with a butcher knife while Olivia screams. Lulu tells the delivery man she'll be okay. Olivia pretends she had a vision that he spilled soup all over the couch and encourages Lulu to take a hot shower while she heats the food. Alone, Olivia calls Dante.

    Outside Kelly's, Carly is upset Spinelli didn't find anything on Ava and she contemplates asking Ava what she's hiding herself. Ava overhears and invites Carly to ask away. Carly pretends she wants to know how Ava keeps Morgan out of trouble. Ava's secret is listening. After she walks away, Carly wants Spinelli to tail her.

    At GH, Sabrina's disappointed to hear Patrick has plans with Britt for Lamaze. He asks if she has a problem when Britt steps away. Sabrina admits it's hard but she admires Patrick for doing the messy things. Nearby, Nikolas finds AJ comforting Elizabeth in the boardroom as she remembers the 17th anniversary of her grandfather's death. He waits until AJ leaves before joining her as she asks Steve's portrait if he approves of AJ. Nikolas promises not to cause a scene and recognizes that she looks happy before leaving. He bumps into Britt and is happy the father will be her birthing coach even if he sounds like a jackass. Nikolas is surprised when Patrick interrupts to ask if Britt is ready. Meanwhile Ava recognizes Spinelli hiding behind balloons. She knows he's been to her gallery and wants him and Carly to back off. Elsewhere, Silas reviews Franco's chart before rescuing him from Epiphany's wrath. He offers to swab Franco's mouth instead. Silas confirms he's Danny's doctor and that Danny is not doing well. After Silas takes the swab he thinks it's a good time to ask about Ava Jerome. Franco admits their relationship is more than personal. Silas is ready to hear more when Ava barges in and doesn't want him to say another word. Franco tries to address her when he has a seizure. Sabrina rushes in and out as Ava worries that Franco's dying. Sabrina approaches and pulls Patrick away from Britt on the emergency. Britt's not surprised. Nikolas offers to be her partner. Elizabeth and Sabrina wonder what's going on when they see the couple walk off together. Back in Franco's room, Patrick's upset for Silas meddling with his patient. Silas is eager for Franco to wake up and indicates he'll learn more about his past with Ava when he wakes up. Ava is silent as they wait. When Franco wakes, Patrick asks him who he is. He answers, "Jason Morgan." They all look at each other. In the Lamaze room, Maxie's upset with Dante for sneaking up on her while she has a private conversation with Georgie. She regrets she's unable to tell Dante and Lulu the truth. Dante doesn't overhear everything and is not worried she'll hurt them. She's wondering where Lulu is when Dante receives a call from Olivia. It's urgent and she needs him at home. Maxie's worried she'll have no partner when Dante spots Spinelli. He's eager to help despite Maxie's disappointment. Maxie relaxes, happy to have Spinelli there. She quickly tells Britt that he's filling in for the baby's father when she arrives with Nikolas. Both couples joke childbirth will be a breeze after surviving Epiphany's Lamaze.

    Back at Kelly's, AJ buys Carly coffee and brags how things have never been better with Elizabeth. She takes a call from Spinelli and is surprised to hear Franco's in the hospital. AJ fills her in on the details and wonders what her beef is with Kiki. Carly's problem is with Ava. The two of them realize they need to put their heads together to see what Ava and Franco are up to as it relates to ELQ.

    Dante arrives at the apartment and listens to Olivia's concerns about Maxie being a danger to Lulu. Lulu overhears and wants to know more about the vision. Dante thinks the visions are unfounded and Lulu implores Dante to go back to Lamaze. He has it covered and can stay with Lulu. They both believe Maxie would bring them no harm.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Dante believes Sonny lied to him.

    Connie thinks something happened between Olivia and Sonny.

    Elizabeth asks Britt what she thinks she's doing.

    Franco wants to see his wife, Sam, and son, Danny.

    AJ tells Michael Ava's making a play for ELQ.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Tuesday, July 16 2013 12:49 PM

    Sounds like a good episode today. I'll just fast forward over Sabrina and her Dad Patrick and Maxie and whomever's baby she's carrying.

    Looking forward to seeing AJ and Carly sharing a scene. Wow, I'm looking forward to CARLY! That's how much I like her and AJ together!!!

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, July 16 2013 12:52 PM

    Just thinking aloud...I would find the following situation really funny (I know - a person who laughs at this own jokes)

    BUT suppose a huge GH fan has been away for awhile (like shipwrecked on an island OR marooned on the moon)...He remembers John McBain, Todd and Starr....When he comes back he sees the same persons now called Silas, Franco and Kiki.

    Now he says to himself "Man those actors look just like the other ones - how did they find actors that looked just like the others - did they have twins "?

    (I didn't say the guy was too bright)

    Posted by deatta at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:00 PM

    I'm starting to wonder if Kiki is really Silas daughter and not Franco's. What else secret could she be hiding or could make the writers have two first cousins kissing like they do here.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:02 PM

    Holy Identity Crisis, Batman! You've GOT to be kidding me, or at least, I hope HE'S kidding.

    Here I was, thinking yes, that seizure that Frodd had WAS scary looking, and Slimas' reaction seemed pretty realistic too. At the time, I was also struck by the rare sight of Sabrina actually performing her duties as a nurse, although all she did was run in and out of a room.

    Then I thought that this was just another part of the plan to make Frodd a more sympathetic figure. First he takes a well-deserved beating like a man, which we are supposed to see as punishment for his crimes, and feel sorry for him, like Kinky, despite his cynical suggestions that he let it happen to gain leverage over Sonny. Yeah, good plan. Next, that beating causes a seizure, which will likely mean that donating his bone marrow for Danny could be life threatening, and of course when Frodd is determined to be a perfect match for his nephew, he will heroically take that chance, and SYMBOLICALLY take Jason's place as the local Hero of Port Charles.

    But Noooooooooo!

    TPTB weren't content with mere symbolism (more on that later), they had to go another step forward and have that seizure scramble Frodd's brain to the point where he THINKS he's Jason, and therefore can't be held responsible for Franco's crimes. What next? Will he crawl into Sam's bed AGAIN? Will he kidnap his “son,” Danny when Sam won't let him anywhere near him? Will he go to work for Sonny, and be Carly's best friend? How far are these morons willing to go to redeem the character of Franco so that RH can be the star of the show?

    PLEASE tell me Frodd is just screwing with Slimas and Ava!!! Please have the next word out of his mouth be “Gotcha!” I promise I'll laugh... nervously, knowing how close we came to a total disaster.

    Posted by cbssoapsfanatic25 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:08 PM

    He's Todd Manning, no he's Franco wait a sec hes Jason This is getting beyond ricdiculous

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:09 PM


    From-- If you're planning on going on another fan club dues sponsored vay in the South Seas, just say so. We'll catch you up when you get back. Not that you'll be missing much. But to answer your question--the answer to "how" is RC.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:10 PM

    As for the rest of the show – and there was other stuff going on – I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the laziness of the writers, who apparently no longer even bother trying to maintain the illusion of reality or even plausibility with their continued dependence on coincidence to move the action along. I can understand if they do it once or twice in an episode, but FIVE TIMES??!! That's how many times someone “just happened to” bump into someone else at the perfect time, or the worst time, depending on whose side you're on. Let's review:

    1. Ava “just happens to” walk out of Kelly's as Carly blurts out to the incredibly inept Spinelli that she wants to know what Ava's secret is. Perfect timing, but why wouldn't Spinelli know where Ava was? Why meet in public? Carly has an office, and a whole freakin' hotel!

    2. Nikolas “just happens to” walk by the GH conference room to see Liz, who apparently has nothing better to do, and is remembering her grandfather, Dr. Hardy, and being comforted by AJ, who also “just happened to” drop by at that moment.

    3. Then, Nik literally runs into Britt, at the exact moment when Drake Jr. “just happens to” get called away for Frodd's emergency, and has to bail on Britt's birthing class.

    4. Next, Spinelli, the Second. Worst. PI. EVER! (and moving up with a bullet), “just happens to” turn into Epiphany, of all people, exposing himself to Ava, and her impressive, sunglasses mangling, balloon murdering wrath. I could've bought this one if it had happened by itself.

    5. Finally, a humilated Spinelli “just happens to” walk off the elevator on the floor where the class is (why?) just in time to fill in for Dante, who also has to bail out on the class because his mom, Oblivia “just happens to” have a psychic vision emergency, and take his place in helping Maxie prepare to give birth to a baby who “just happens to” be his. That's not even counting Nulu's all too convenient summer cold.

    ENOUGH!! That's seven extreme longshots in five separate incidents. When will this madness stop? When will these people be given a good reason for wandering around when and where they do, instead of just showing up whenever it's convenient for the writers?

    Posted by girlinthewind at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:12 PM

    Wow, I have to say Olivia's vision this time is right on even if no one except Maxie would understand.

    Franco thinks he is Jason OMG really????

    Posted by cbssoapsfanatic25 at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:12 PM

    the writers are writing this in to fast a manner and aren't thinking logically

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, July 16 2013 01:22 PM

    bayou....Now the once marooned guy is REALLY confused...He just came to grips that Todd is now Franco and SUDDENLY he is now Jason...!!!!! Poor ex-marooned guy is now in a straight - jacket....he keeps mumbling something about "going down with the ship"

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