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    Who Is J?

    Monday, July 15 2013
    Sonny and Connie discuss starting anew, Rafe and Molly try to communicate with the dead, and Alexis remembers meeting Sam's father.

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    Posted by Boston Terrier at Monday, July 15 2013 05:38 PM

    Wondering if Alexis does know the name, but is holding out to see if Franco does the trick as a donor. Because if it is Jerry Jax, then there is such an EWWWW! Factor, that she could be still protecting Sam from knowing. Sorry to say this, (and even sorrier to know this), but drunk teenagers do have sex without knowing names. It was true back them, and it's true now. I think Alexis' hard knock life turned her into the strong and unstoppable woman she is now, but I would not have expected her to be that person back then. Molly's childhood has been VERY different from Natasha's.

    Posted by queensgirl at Monday, July 15 2013 05:50 PM

    Loved everyone comments over the past week and today
    Yes who is J?
    Jerome? Jacks?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, July 15 2013 06:05 PM

    Here's some food for thought. If I'm not mistaken, in two years, Molly will be the same age as Alexis was when she got pregnant. Today, smooching in the park, tomorrow, humping cute strangers in the back seat of a car. Nice!

    It certainly explains why Helena always looked down her nose at Alexis. Since Alexis' mother was having an affair with Helena's husband, she probably thought “like mother, like daughter – both women of questionable virtue.” And of course, we all know Sam's sordid history of selling herself for money, although not in the traditional sense. I guess promiscuity DOES run in the family. Sheesh! No telling what (or who) Kristina is doing at Wesleyan.

    I really don't know why they made this fateful encounter so cheap and sleazy, when they could've made up anything! It's not like they had to spend any money filming a couple of teens playing Natasha and “J” acting it out. They could've said Sam was conceived on a magic carpet flying over Baghdad and it wouldn't have cost them an extra dime. Hmmm...

    The GH exam room. Alexis has just told Sam that she was conceived on a magic carpet flying over Baghdad Sam is skeptical.

    Alexis: “Yes, Sam. Your father is Sinbad.”

    Sam: “Sinbad the Sailor, or Sinbad the stand up comic?”

    Alexis: “Ummm.... The one that dresses funny.”

    Sam: “I'll still need more than that, Mom.”

    Alexis: “Well I'm sorry, but that's all I got. He said his name was Sinbad, and that he had a magic flying carpet. I was drunk, he was cute, and the rest you know.”

    Sam: “And you actually flew on this carpet?”

    Alexis: “Well, it could've been a blanket on top of his van while his buddies drove us around. I said I was drunk, remember?”

    Sam: “In Baghdad?”

    Alexis: “Ummm, not exactly. That was the name of the bar where he got me drunk. They had GREAT shish-kabob. Why to you have to take all the romance out of everything?”

    Sam: “And I thought I was the sluttiest one in the family.”

    Alexis: “Oh, then you must not have talked with your sister Kristina lately. Let's just say she seems to be VERY popular at Wesleyan these days.”

    End Scene

    Posted by TipsyTess at Monday, July 15 2013 06:19 PM

    Hi everyone

    When Alexis was growing up she was called Natasha's. The writers might have forgot this. It is not a big surprise she does not know his name. She was 16, drunk and hated the way she was been raised. Since we have Ava Jermone in the picture now I think the J means Jermone. How does Rafe's father know this?
    When we were growing up I also had a Ouija board. Not surprised Molly has one.
    The tear running down Sonny's face today was touching. He has feelings for both Olivia and Connie.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, July 15 2013 06:23 PM

    Ransomha wrote: “Sam's dad is probably under 5 feet tall.”

    Really? You think he's Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), from "Game of Thrones?" He IS a bad boy, I'll give you that.

    Posted by Midas at Monday, July 15 2013 06:26 PM

    Scrimmage, now that's the scene I would have rather seen. Great Job!!!

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Monday, July 15 2013 07:04 PM

    Actually, the tear running down Sorry Sonny's cheek was because he could only get laid by one woman that night.

    Posted by grandmanean at Monday, July 15 2013 07:27 PM

    Hi Tipsy, good to see your name again ! Hope things have settled down a bit in your beautiful country, you certainly have had your share of sadness lately :-( Will probably hang around a while on this site to see if anyone knows if the gallery girl is Spinelli's wife but if no answer, will problably see you again soon

    Grandma 'Nean (aka: 'NanookoftheNorth':-)

    Posted by marcaie at Monday, July 15 2013 07:28 PM

    On the subject of parentage. My guess on Sam's father. Okay, I have two or three. Jeremy the artist from All My Children who was killed off on Loving. Two, Jackson Montgomery from All my Children. (now that would be fun. Two parents who happen to be lawyers. Her sister would be Greenlee who is also small.) But, last year, I hoped Joe Jr would have been her father. I wish they did not kill him or Trey off the show. Tptb could have made a good story with thise characters but chose not to.
    And as far as Spin the PI. Really, I mean Really, Carly should have hired Mac or Felecia. They would have the goods and be home by now. Spin is one of my favorites but not as a PI. He needs to find who his mother is. I wish his mother was Diane.

    Posted by twookie at Monday, July 15 2013 07:37 PM

    Who is J.? JERRY JACKS

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