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    Independence Day.

    Friday, July 05 2013
    Port Charles gets ready for the fireworks, Shawn has bad news for Alexis, and Michael and Morgan fight about Kiki.


    At Sonny's, Shawn's about to tell Sonny he's quitting when Milo bursts in saying, "I quit." He's not like Shawn and has different dreams. Sonny wishes Milo well but cautions him to remember his loyalty. Max comes downstairs and drags Milo outside when he learns he quit. Sonny understands Milo wasn't right for the business. Shawn says, "Like me." Sonny asks Shawn what he has to say. Shawn apologizes for the hit gone bad and leaves. Alone, Sonny smiles at a picture of himself with Max and Milo. Outside, Max confronts Milo. Milo has made his decision despite how Max feels. Olivia finds Sonny and asks if something's wrong. He's happy she's there and was worried Shawn was going to quit too. Olivia thinks everything will be okay and is excited she'll see the fireworks from Sonny's. He wants to remind Olivia of a past Fourth of July and kisses her on the deck.

    Alexis prepares an intimate dinner at home. Nikolas arrives offering to be tested as a donor for Daniel. He wonders if she's planning a breakup dinner. Alexis made Shawn choose and he chose her. She believes he's breaking the news to Sonny. Nikolas admits he's facing the harsh reality that Elizabeth went back to AJ. He greets Shawn as he leaves, hoping they'll enjoy the fireworks. Alone, Alexis thinks something's wrong and asks Shawn if Sonny got mad. He admits he didn't quit. It's more than about killing, it's about protecting. Alexis' confused that he can't let it go and she can't live with that. He loves her, but it's not enough.

    At the park, Patrick reminds Britt she's on bed rest. She wants to celebrate with someone. He invites her to eat. Britt has forgone being a vegetarian and bites into a burger for the baby's sake. Sabrina reminds Emma about being big girls about Britt. She suggests Emma share the doll with Britt to practice being a mom. Emma offers the doll to Britt and tells her it does everything a real doll does. Britt freaks out when the doll wets on her and flings it through the air. It catches fire on the grill. Mac and Patrick put it out. Emma blames Britt for the charred doll. Sabrina hopes Britt will be more maternal with the real thing and helps Emma bury her doll. Britt apologizes to Patrick and promises she'll be a good mom before leaving. Nearby, AJ starts the grill before Elizabeth presents him with a 'kiss the cook' apron. He enjoys the time with them, and reflects on the time he missed raising Michael. He wants to be a good father and hopes to help him through something. Elizabeth thinks he's being hard on himself and offers parenting advice to do the best. She shares her own regrets and opens up about wanting a man in Aiden's life. Meanwhile, Nikolas loses Spencer who runs down a path. Milo catches him and confesses he's not on paid leave. He just quit. Nikolas jokes about him needing a mob temp agency.

    Michael approaches the pool house and practices how he'll ask Kiki to be a donor. Kiki invites him in when he knocks. He's surprised to see her hands bound together above her head to the bed and starts to call the police wondering who did this to her. She tells him not to make the call since Morgan tied her up. Michael's confused and finds it degrading. He leans over to untie her. They find themselves face-to-face in the process when Morgan comes in and snaps. Michael yells at him for leaving her like this. Morgan wonders if he's mad because he's dissing Kiki or because Michael didn't tie her up himself. They argue and shove each other when Michael refuses to leave. He's adamant that he has a reason to be there yelling that it’s a matter of life and death. Kiki is eager to help her baby cousin if she can when she hears Michael's request. Kiki is no longer in the mood when Michael leaves. Morgan apologizes but kisses her anyway. Outside Michael watches the fireworks.

    In the park during the fireworks, Mac kisses Felicia while Patrick enjoys time with Sabrina and Emma. Elizabeth and AJ kiss. Spencer sees Elizabeth with AJ but Nikolas suggests they shouldn't join them. He finds Britt crying and admits he's having a bad day too. He invites her to join them and she agrees. Max finds Milo on a park bench and they eat their hotdogs together.

    Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Silas tells Sam there's no way to save Danny.

    Maxie asks Connie who the hussy is sweeping in on her territory.

    Spinelli yells at Ellie for not telling him Maxie is carrying his child.

    Lulu tells Dante they have a problem.

    Ava wants to keep a secret with Morgan.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by ransomha at Friday, July 05 2013 12:58 PM

    Burning baby scene was the funniest scene I have ever seen on this show!
    That poor baby doll was smashed to the ground then set ablaze. Poor Arial never stood a chance.

    Nic and Britt, me likely!
    Now Patrick will get all possessive and Liz will also come around.

    Milo, see ya and good luck.

    Glad Shawn is staying with Sonny.
    Like mother like daughter, they both fell in love with Sonny's enforcers.
    Don't fight it Alexis.

    Lily Hunter: FINALLY they kiss. YOU called this 6 months ago! Like Sonny and Olivia. She'll keep him in line.

    OT: Cbru: Hope you're feeling ok. Please check in when you can.

    Oh, AJ is trying WAY too hard with Adan but, that hungry little boy is ADORABLE!!

    Posted by gulla at Friday, July 05 2013 01:02 PM

    Wow what a fight with Michael and Morgan about Kiki.Morgan kept fighting with Michael.Kiki knows she wants Michael. If she doesn't want Morgan she should just tell him.Morgan knows Michael and Kiki have something going on.and she act like she doesn't want to have sex with Morgan she wishes it was Michael she was doing.Morgan will be left out in the cold when Kiki dumps him and Morgan won't have nobody.I want Michael and Kiki together anyway.maybe Morgan will find another girl.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, July 05 2013 01:03 PM

    Since there is history between Ava and Silas could he be Kiki's father? That would allow Kiki and Michael to be together.

    Posted by gulla at Friday, July 05 2013 01:04 PM

    How was Everybody 4th of July mine was great.

    Posted by justluvsoaps at Friday, July 05 2013 01:12 PM

    Diana8254 posted "Since there is history between Ava and Silas could he be Kiki's father? That would allow Kiki and Michael to be together."

    Hmmmm ... Silas has vampires in his family background, and Kiki is batshit crazy. I think that theory makes total sense.

    Sorry - maybe not funny, but I cracked myself up for a minute.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, July 05 2013 01:22 PM

    Hi all!

    Poor baby Arial! I sure hope that B!tch's baby never wets on're a dr for pete's sake...get a grip! I wouldn't be surprised if Emma wasn't traumatized by the B!tch burning her doll...Now Nik will fall for the crazy "B"...can you imagine a child crossed with Cassidine/Fasion/Dr Vitch genes...EVIL personified!!!!

    Knew that kiss was coming between Sonny & Liv!

    I'm happy for Milo....I hope he enjoys working for Lucy 7 Laura! Plus, we will see a lot more shirtless Milo or at least "wife beater" tank top Milo in the future...

    So Shawn loves working for Sonny more than he loves Alexis...Alexis is never lucky in love! Maybe Sam's daddy will come back to her???

    Aden was sure a cutie today with those big ol' eyes! Actually liked AJ's interacting with him! The little one needs a man in his life, just like Liz said! are not going to be captaining Kiki's ship much longer...she & Cousin Michael can't stop thinking about each other,,,EEEEEWWWWW!!!


    I hope everyone is well & had a great 4th!

    Cbru....praying all goes well today & you don't feel any bad side effects!!! Wellness, curing, & healing prayers coming your way! You are half way there!!!! WOO HOO!

    4ever...still praying that Grace is doing better & you & the rest of the family too!

    If I'm not on later....everyone have a great night & a wonderful weekend! Prayers & well wishes to all that are in need!

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Friday, July 05 2013 01:22 PM

    Honestly I don't find it funny scene of baby doll burn, sorry to say. It scared Emma to see that. I don't think it funny. Hmmm nope Patrick won't get possessive because he love Sabrina and want Britch to find someone she be happy with. Patrick will be happy to see Britch find someone she like. Elizabeth will not come around, she is happy with AJ.

    I am so thrilled to see Sonny and Olivia kissing. It was so beautiful scene to see! Love it!! Want to see them get together more often.

    Really enjoy to see AJ, Elizabeth and her son spend time together. It was so sweet to see that part. AJ and Elizabeth's son are bond very well. It bring Elizabeth smile to watch AJ and her son play soccer.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, July 05 2013 01:24 PM

    Wow! That was not only the best Friday cliffhanger show (that actually aired on a Friday) in recent memory, but it was also the Best. Fourth of July show. EVER!

    Happy Independence Day to both Milo and Shawn for taking control of their lives. It was a beautiful thing to watch Milo and Sonny say goodbye like gentlemen, and I even teared up when he shared a hot dog with his ex co-worker, but always (and real life) big brother, Max. More of these two brothers, please. They are WONDERFUL together.

    I also congratulate Shawn for not succumbing to Alexis' emotional blackmail and instead, calling her bluff. Alexis' idea of compromise is apparently Shawn giving in to her demands, and doing what SHE wants him to do. I could see how Shawn may have stretched the definition of what “protection” entails, but he was being honest with himself, and with Alexis, that it gives him a sense of fulfillment in his life that he is not willing to give up. Then he asked her if she could live with that, and she simply said “No.” Allow me to elaborate for her.

    Alexis: “No. I can't live with the idea of you having more control over your life than I do.” or perhaps...

    “No, I can't live with you refusing to give up something that is important to you, perhaps even more than I am, when I ask you to.”

    I guess it's better to find out sooner than later, but Alexis has to realize that Shawn's not the kind of guy who will sit around collecting dust while she sleeps alone at night with only her “principles” to keep her warm. The bottom line is, if she can't accept the way Shawn wants to live his life, then they SHOULDN'T be together.

    But Sonny and Oblivia sure do! Holy Cow! All kinds of revelations about Sonny today. If I understood correctly, Dante may have been conceived on the Fourth of July at a Bruce Springsteen concert. Sonny a fan of the Boss? Who knew? Already, Oblivia is a good influence on Sonny. He was remarkably mature, and calm about Milo's resignation, and he was even gracious about it, which was surprising enough, but then he was smiling broadly and even LAUGHING, talking about the old Bensonhurst days with Oblivia. Those scenes seemed so much more genuine than any of the similar trips Sonny took down memory lane with either Kate or Connie, mainly because she seemed far too young to truly identify with what they were talking about. Not so today. In my mind's eye, I could see a teenage Sonny and Oblivia sneaking away from her brothers to steal a few moments of intimacy while the fireworks went off. This is the best I have ever seen Sonny.

    AJ and Elizabeth look great together too. AJ is a natural with Aiden, and it's wonderful to see a side of him that has nothing to do with ELQ intrigue, hidden agendas, or personal secrets. Just a young couple having fun, getting to know each other on a nice holiday in the park, and guess what? There didn't have to be any violence or tragedies, or anyone getting shot for the episode to be compelling and very entertaining, and we haven't even gotten to the good parts yet.

    Just because there was none of the regular violence we're accustomed to on this show, doesn't mean there wasn't some highly entertaining mayhem. Poor Ariel had a shorter stint on the show than Allison, Rafe's mom, who also met a horrible fate. How great was THAT? In real life, I'll bet Britt played women's basketball. She's definitely tall enough, she had excellent form, and that three point baby toss wasn't clever editing, she actually MADE that shot. You owe it to yourselves to freeze frame the picture of Mac and Felicia's faces looking at the doll on the grill. It's absolutely hilarious, and Mac's deadpan expression says it all. Not only is his gift to Emma ruined, but so are his burgers! A double tragedy!

    Taking Emma over to talk to Britt really worked out well, huh Sabrina? It's like the old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Who was it (Ransomha?) that was talking about how EMMA should be put in counseling, and needed to be kept away from the new baby because of they way she treated the doll? She'll have to get in line behind Britt, that is unless she's even more traumatized than she appeared.

    Emma: “EEEEE! She's MELTED! She's all burned up like MOMMY!”

    I guess that's why they had to illegally bury Ariel right there in the park, and why Sabrina had to lie to Emma, telling her that when the fireworks go off, that would mean that Ariel was in heaven. It's a DOLL, for Pete's sake. Even Emma knows it's not a real person, so why confuse her, and “cloud” the issue with talk of “doll heaven?” No wonder kids don't believe anything their parents tell them once they get past a certain age.

    Then the surprise of the day. Nikolas and Britt are drawn together like two Euro-magnets. That Spencer is quite the little wingman for dear old Dad, who can spot a thoroughbred a mile away. As you all know, I am fanatically SPOILER-FREE, and I swear a couple of days ago when I said I'd like to see Nikolas and Britta pair up, I had no idea it would actually happen. I couldn't have been more shocked OR pleased. They are MADE for each other. What a handsome little family they would make, just like AJ and Liz, and her boys. And in the words of another poster, Britt was born to be the Mistress of Wyndmere.

    The only part of the show that I didn't find enjoyable in some way was the Kinky Trio. Did Morgone actually say that his brother had gone “bitchcakes?” This kid is college educated? What a waste of tuition money, because he obviously finds the English language challenging if he has to make up his own words. I wonder what part of “I'm NOT in the mood” Morgone doesn't understand.

    Posted by LoveLadyBugXOXO at Friday, July 05 2013 01:27 PM

    Can't believe Britch got freak out to throw a baby doll over the grill and burn because baby doll wet. Britch is not cut for being a material mother. Please throw her with Nikolas and have them fell in love together so she can finally leave Patrick alone and let him happy.

    I think GH should focus on more romance, some comedy to make us laugh and some action. Definitely not the mob story. That what GH should working on to make stories improve. What is your thought on this?

    Posted by Jasonbrown34 at Friday, July 05 2013 01:27 PM

    Wow, Emma has an second History of what happened to her Toys and her doll which is every time an psycho woman who is obsessed with Patrick comes into his life and Emma's life too the first sign was Crazy Lisa boiling Emma's toy in the lab and now The Britch accidentally setting Emma's Poor Baby Doll Poor Arial on Fire. Poor Arial never stood an chance against The Britch. Emma's Other Toy never stood an chance against Crazy Lisa either. Sorry Emma, that happened to you Poor doll Honey when The Britch hold it and Sorry about Your other toy Emma Honey, against Crazy Lisa.

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