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    You're A Dead Man.

    Thursday, June 20 2013
    Carly has a disagreement with Shawn, Morgan catches Michael and Kiki/Lauren alone, and Ava meets Duke Lavery.


    Molly thinks Rafe escaped when he comes back to her house. He's happy Silas changed his mind. Lucy's thrilled he's returned thinking she got through to Silas. They're interrupted when Shawn comes looking for Alexis. Lucy believes Alexis is lucky to have a man like him worrying over her. She thinks he's been a great influence on TJ. Shawn can't take the compliments and leaves. Lucy gathers Molly and Rafe together to offer up a prayer for Danny.

    Sonny asks Anna if she's at the hospital to arrest him and tells her to leave if she's not. Dante comes out to say he invited Anna and allows Sonny to visit Olivia. Privately, Dante lets Anna know Carly may be involved in the shooting. Inside Olivia's room, Sonny promises to support Connie through this when Olivia wakes up. Olivia cries she wanted to save him and he's pleased. Dante comes back and knows Anna will find who's responsible. Meanwhile, Sam's curious why Silas isn't on a plane. He couldn't take Rafe away while Danny is sick. She's confused by his sudden compassion. He's bothered by everything Lucy said about him. Alexis isn't thrilled to see Silas back. She gives Sam a list of drugs for Danny's treatment. Silas disagrees that this is what Danny needs. As much as Sam doesn't like Silas, she trusts him and takes him to see Danny's doctor. She thanks him when he leaves, relieved that she can feel hopeful.

    Alexis arrives home announcing Danny got through his first round of treatment. Lucy, Molly and Rafe are pleased. She shares how helpful Silas was and thanks Lucy for influencing him. Lucy lets Alexis know Shawn came by and something was bothering him.

    Michael takes a run in the park and remembers kissing Kiki/Lauren. Carly catches him about to throw his headphones. He says he doesn't like the song. They're both saddened by what happened to Olivia. Michael doesn't see any reason for Carly to feel responsible. He tells her that Morgan and Kiki/Lauren moved out, and that Kiki/Lauren is a Quartermaine. Carly's certain it's a bizarre coincidence. He agrees since Kiki/Lauren was as surprised as he that they're cousins. Carly asks what the issue is with Kiki/Lauren that has him bothered. He has to rush off when he receives a phone call, but tells Carly the shooting is not her fault. Alone, Shawn comes from behind to tell Carly it was. She's sorry for what he's going through, they both feel bad. Shawn shares that Alexis knows. Carly's relieved he didn't disclose it was her idea and is happy about attorney client privilege. Shawn sees no other option than to turn himself in. Carly doesn't want Anna to put the pieces together and figure out she was involved. Carly sees Anna catch them together as she's walking by.

    At the Quartermaine's, Kiki/Lauren looks at a photo of Michael with his family and thinks about their kiss. Morgan startles her and the photo falls to the floor. He teases her for trying to make him jealous. They start to get intimate when Kiki/Lauren receives a phone call from Ava. She lies to Kiki/Lauren about being interested in ELQ claiming she just wants to talk. Kiki/Lauren hangs up. Morgan plays online poker while trying to make Kiki/Lauren feel like her mom isn't so bad. Kiki/Lauren thinks she's just after money. Morgan slams the laptop shut when Michael's credit card reaches its limit and invites Kiki/Lauren to go swimming. Outside the pool house she refuses a kiss. Morgan jumps into the cold lake while she changes inside. At the house, Michael arrives and finds the message about the credit limit being reached on Morgan's laptop. He's furious and goes to look for Morgan calling him a dead man. He rushes into the pool house as Kiki/Lauren is changing. Her bikini top falls to the floor and he freezes at the door trying to look the other way. Morgan's surprised to find them in an awkward situation.

    At ELQ, Ava introduces herself to Duke Lavery. He's curious about her last name and wonders if the names Victor, Julian, or Olivia ring any bells. She doesn't know them. Duke holds up the newspaper about a possible mob hit to show her what line of work they're in. She asks if he thinks they're involved. He doesn't since he's been led to believe they are dead. She leaves without telling him why she's there.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Ava warns Franco she's offering AJ his head on a silver platter.

    AJ asks Duke who would want to take their company like this.

    Dante knows they found their weapon.

    Carly worries Anna will connect her to the crime.

    Alexis confronts Sonny about Olivia's shooting.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, June 20 2013 12:55 PM

    Morgan makes Taylor look like a girl scout.

    They are really pushing this Michael/Kiki attraction.

    Duke and Ava could be interesting. Two names from the past.

    BOTH Connie and Olivia want Sonny. I totally understand.

    Sam and Silas are inching closer and closer. Michael E. is looking mighty fine too.

    Carly is REALLY unnerved by this shooting. Sad about Olivia or sad she might get caught or a bit of both?

    Yippie, No Sabrina,Felix, Ellie,Brad s/l today. My least favorite.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, June 20 2013 12:57 PM

    Kiki got caught looking at the picture of Michael by Morgan. He says are u making me jealous. He thought it was funny talking about Kiki looking like everytime Morgan wants to do something Kiki didn't want to do it she didn't even want to kiss him but we all know why cause she wants Michael. funny how Michael busted in on her taking off her Br@.Morgan walking in looking like what the world going on here. He knows what's going on between them.we all know the kiss between Michael and Kiki won't come out. But Morgan will find out soon.Michael and Kiki still thinking of each other and it won't stop.Michael was going to throw his phone till mom showed up.hope we find out someday they not cousins cause I want Michael and Kiki together.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:02 PM

    Funny when Michael came in and looked at the computer and said Morgan a deadman. Don't blame Michael for being upset with Morgan.he used Michael credit card.he kept calling Morgan Morgan.

    Posted by marta1 at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:04 PM

    Eva has most ugliest upper lip

    Posted by phbatl at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:05 PM

    Still not liking this Kiki character . Don’t want her and Michael to end up together if she happens to be a Jerome. Michael’s character has matured. He deserves to have the same level of maturity if he’s paired with anybody. Enough with the flashbacks already.

    Morgan is an idiot. People with credit cards get informed when something is going on with it. Carly instead of trying to setup hits, get your son some gambling help.

    Alexis get off your high horse and let Sam listen to the doctor. He was right about him having cancer. I hope this s/l is what makes Silas tone down that nasty attitude.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:06 PM

    HDTV observations:

    Kinky has lovely blue-gray eyes, almost violet. They remind me of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. I hope that's not just contacts. That would be disillusioning. Now that I'm used to it, I think she looks better as a brunette too. This look is probably closer to her natural color, as opposed to Frodd's ridiculous 'do.

    I also noticed a HUGE scar on the right side of Shawn's neck. It's crescent shaped running from just below his earlobe to under his jaw. It looks surgical.

    Did anybody check out that poster behind Anna in the corridor? It was about all the horrible bacterialogical infections that can get transmitted in a hospital through a lack of hand hygiene. Now THAT'S disgusting. It makes me think Luke might have the right idea about staying healthy by avoiding hospitals and doctors (quacks) at all costs.

    Looking through the window into Oblivia's room, I thought that was Nulu in there with Dante. I never noticed it before, but Connie and Nulu look like they could pass for mother and daughter.

    Notable Quotables:

    Morgone (to Kinky): “You guys are cousins. That'd be disgusting. C'mon!”

    What? Doesn't he realize that it's legal for cousins to marry in New York State? How unenlightened of Morgone.

    Carly (to Michael): “You can't lie to save your life.”

    Yeah, I think he remembers why he went to prison, Carly. Thanks for reminding him. Now show him how it's done.

    Lucy: “There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORSE than when a little, helpless child is sick. ANY child... It breaks your heart.”

    If TPTB know this, then why are they doing this to us?

    Carly (about Morgone's girlfriend turning out to be Michael's cousin): “It's a bizarre coincidence.”

    Otherwise known as an exceptionally unbelievable plot twist.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:07 PM

    Ava makes a hell of an entrance, but Duke looked like he'd seen a ghost. I'm glad he's on the case. Someone should be checking out Ava's background on behalf of the Q's, instead of accepting her story at face value. I can't believe that the name “Jerome” is just a coincidence because TPTB could've picked ANY name for Kinky's mom, and they purposely chose Jerome. There has to be a reason.

    My guess, based purely on SPOILER-FREE SPECULATION is that the reason why Ava is trying so desperately to con the Q's because Kinky is not really Frodd's child after all. The daddy Ava was protecting her daughter from all this time was Victor, or whichever Jerome would've been the right age at the time of Kinky's conception. Don't you SEE? This would clear the way for Michael and Kinky to get... well, kinky. DNA tests for EVERYBODY!

    I believe Connie realized she was intruding on a moment between a mom, a dad, and their son, and she doesn't have to be psychic to see where THIS is heading. Whoo-hoo! She's FREE!

    Man, when Sonny's in a foul mood he sure likes to take it out on women. Whatta great guy! That's okay. If any woman can straighten him out, it's Oblivia. She certainly won't put up with his crap, and that's exactly what he needs.

    Here we go again, only this time we're dumbing down all the doctors at GH, and especially poor Dr. Singh (who seems to be the only physician on the staff who actually treats patients), just to prop up Dr. Slimas McClaybat. And now we're supposed to buy him as Danny's “guardian angel?” GMAB!!

    I think I'll just skip to the good part.

    Sam has just caught up to Slimas in front of the GH elevators.

    Sam (to Slimas): “I just wanted to thank you for magically diagnosing Danny, and coming up with a previously unknown miracle treatment that is sure to have him back to his old “stud muffin” self before you can say “forgotten plot point.”

    Slimas: “Don't mention it.”

    Sam: “Well actually, I didn't mean I wanted to thank you verbally. I thought we'd step into an empty exam room and lock the door, so I can “thank you” properly. It's been a looooooong time since I've “thanked” anyone, and I'm feeling really “grateful” right now.”

    Slimas: “Sounds good to me. I'm beginning to like this hospital.”

    Sam: “Not NEARLY as much as you're about to.”

    End Scene

    Posted by Carson2007 at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:24 PM

    I really hate that Carly is involved in this shooting; they could had gave her a better storyline then this. They are really destroying my favorite character. Anyhow, because I see no happy ending to this at all, I think the story should go a little like this:

    Carly should turn herself in and take full blame and say she hired a shooter. Leave Shawn and Sonny out of it, it’s no point. When she go to court because she going to have a fantastic lawyer, she will get off for whatever thing they come up with (maybe the same way Alexis got off when she killed Kiefer).Seems like everybody get away with their crimes in this town…..smh. She should tell Sonny 2 go 2 HELL for not standing by her (even though after everything she went through for him) and they should give her a new love story (not with AJ or Frood). Hopefully make her a little mature because she in her 30s o r40s. She should not keep doing stupid stuff, but keep her mouthy.

    I really don’t care about the other stories that going on….sorry.

    Posted by akita at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:31 PM

    Hi guys, hope everyone is doingwell. Just wanted to let you know I started work yesterday and I'm very happy. Also, good luck to both teams tonight. GO HEAT GO HEAT GO HEAT GO HEAT GO HEAT GO HEAT GO HEAT GO HEAT!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Carson2007 at Thursday, June 20 2013 01:34 PM

    Is it me or do Sonny fall in and out of love with women like it’s nothing. He has feelings for Olivia now, how long that will last; I really do not like her. There only two women I can say that he has continued to love and that Brenda and Carly and they were fun to watch.

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