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    Think Again.

    Wednesday, June 19 2013
    TJ confesses something to Shawn, Britt gets personal with Taylor, and Luke takes Tracy out on a date.


    At home, Molly's upset it's Rafe's last day in town and Danny's first day of treatment. Alexis thinks Lucy's at the door, and is surprised to see Silas. Sam isn't happy and smugly congratulates him on his diagnosis. Lucy's disappointed when she arrives to find him invading their Rafe time. He reminds them they have a plane to catch. Lucy speaks to Silas privately and yells at him for taking Rafe away from the only family he's known. Silas calls to Rafe that it's time to go. Lucy and Molly hug Rafe tight. He leaves with a copy of Molly's second novel that's dedicated to him.

    Felix catches Taylor sneaking into the apartment. He gives Taylor the third degree about drinking his vodka and possibly having sex. Britt rolls out in the wheelchair to quiet them. Taylor claims she didn't get pregnant and threatens to tell her parents about him. He leaves. Britt wants the secret to keeping Felix in line. Taylor hopes Britt isn't trying to come between her and Felix. Britt denies she is. Her mom never let her go to prom so she asks Taylor what it was like. With no prom, Taylor made her own fun, including having sex with TJ. She thinks she's won TJ over. Britt knows Taylor should think again if she thinks having sex is going to get her a man. She confides about her, Patrick and Sabrina. Taylor's just having fun with TJ and finds their situations totally different. Britt hopes so and sounds like a big sister telling Taylor not to create a problem like her or her mom, which will only get bigger over time.

    Shawn finds TJ sitting alone in the park worried about what kept him out all night. TJ just needed to clear his head, and shares that he saw Molly kissing Rafe. Shawn suggests he should talk to his mom, but Rafe really doesn't think that's a good idea. Shawn is willing to listen and TJ ends up telling him that he had sex with Taylor. Shawn wishes he had done it with someone he cared about and that he hadn't been drinking. He grounds TJ for drinking and promises not to tell Alexis what happened with Taylor.

    Tracy asks why Luke is standing there darkening her doorway. He was hoping to whisk her away on a date. She doesn't date chickens and tells Luke about the last man she dated. Luke's not impressed about how Joe sacrificed his life to give her the antidote that saved everyone. He confesses he has a date to see his doctor and wants her to come if she's not too busy. Tracy shares her to do list, then lets him know it can all wait for him.

    At GH, Patrick and Sabrina make out privately. She's not sure if the hotshot surgeon should be spending time with the lowly nurse. The mood is killed when Patrick mentions Monica owes him. Sabrina wonders why, but is ready to get Ellie to do a DNA test done. Patrick's not sure Britt will oblige. Sabrina's sure she can get the blood sample Brad took. Felix interrupts, hoping Sabrina talked Patrick into the DNA test so he can evict Britt. In the lab, Spinelli and Ellie search for Brad's file on Britt but are perplexed to find only a sticky note in it saying, "Pack your things and go!" Brad walks in and fires Ellie. Spinelli threatens Brad that whatever he's hiding will come out when Ellie's firing comes up before the review board. Brad backtracks and Ellie gets back to work. Felix shows up at the lab to tell Ellie he needs tests run but won't wait so he can go take a long sensual shower. Brad overhears and leaves her alone to take his break and follows Felix. Patrick and Sabrina arrive when he leaves and request Ellie's help. She's happy to befriend any adversary of Brad's given he's in cahoots with Britt and tells them about the file Brad kept. At the nurses' station, Alexis lets Luke and Tracy know about Danny, they offer her anything she needs. Alexis wonders why they are there, and Tracy saves Luke saying he's there to support her. Silas asks Sam if she needs a doctor when he finds her alone. He doesn't have a plane to catch anymore.

    Molly sits alone at home with Lucy, sad that Rafe is gone. She answers a knock at the door. Rafe's there, happy that Silas changed his mind.

    Brad visits Britt and gives her the file he had on her.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly takes blame for something.

    Morgan asks if Kiki/Lauren is trying to make him jealous.

    Alexis and Silas disagree on Danny's care.

    Ava introduces herself to Duke.

    Sonny asks Anna if she's there to arrest him.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Wednesday, June 19 2013 01:32 PM

    So maybe Dr NotMcBat Clay has a heart after all???? Either that or the "Q"s & Nic called to find the best dr in that field & it was Dr NotMcBat Clay....anyway, didn't we all know something like this was going to happen????

    Glad Luke took Tracy with him to get his results....I wonder what it will be???

    It is so hard to look at little Danny & think of him as sick....he is so cute & active & just want to squeeze him!!!

    No "TQ" today..sniff sniff...guess I will get my RH fix with OLTL tomorrow....

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Wednesday, June 19 2013 01:39 PM

    Wow...Shawn and TJ really have a good relationship if TJ spit out his shenanigans that quickly. Usually the parents don't find out until a baby is on its way. I hope they keep it up. I don't think Shawn will let Taylor or anyone take advantage of TJ on his watch.

    Silas will have to cure Danny, fix Morgan, and bring back baby Jake for me to like him. The character sucks.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, June 19 2013 01:44 PM

    The flagrant disregard for hospital policy & protocol is unbelievable. It's a wonder anyone's records are correct the way some people connive & manipulate for their own ends. It was bad enough with Ellie snooping into Maxie's files, but now Drake being a party to such lunacy???

    Posted by raineysmom at Wednesday, June 19 2013 01:52 PM


    Reading between the lines here..Sound like Silas is the top doc in his field regarding Danny's illness (regarding Nik's offer to find the best doctor available to cure Danny). This s/l will bring Sam and Silas together and he will cure Danny (along with the bone marrow donor when that person is found).

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, June 19 2013 01:55 PM

    Aww, Luke and Tracy are so sweet togethe.... GAH! What am I SAYING??!! I did love Tracy's imitation of a chicken, though.

    I thought the paternity test would be a dead end because I was relatively certain that Drake Jr. was the father, but with all this emphasis on the DNA test, including Britt's refusal to submit to one, I'm beginning to wonder. Ethics, smethics! This is Britt we're dealing with here. Normal rules don't apply. It appears that more and more people are joining forces against The Britch and her flying monkey, Brad, and she may even be alienating her biggest fan, Tailwhore (just trying it out), who obviously enjoys yanking her brother's chain, but doesn't seem to like it as much when somebody else does it. I'll bet she finds Britt's secret file and gives it to Felix. All I know is, she needs to do something pretty quick to justify her existence on the show. We've already got plenty of irritating characters taking up space as it is.

    Speaking of irritating characters...

    Brad was right. Spinelli IS predictable. Once again, he failed to follow P.I. 101, which clearly recommends posting a lookout whenever you're poking around somewhere you're not supposed to be. That's why he ALWAYS gets caught. However, I was proud of the way he handled Brad, who obviously comes unarmed to a battle of wits. I wonder how the casting call for his part read.

    “Casting: Unlikeable, unattractive, lazy, dishonest, and totally incompetent gay phlebotomist/lab tech, with bad breath and zero social skills. Age range 24-29.”

    Speaking of predictable...

    Did anybody REALLY expect Slimas to take Rafe back to NYC, and that we'd never see either one of them again? Oh, you silly optimists! When was the last time we got THAT lucky? Oh yeah! It was when Nuke left to do community service, and never came back. Ahh, good times, but this time, it looks like we're stuck with these two.

    A blind man could've seen all this coming weeks ago. From the day Sam literally ran into Slimas in NYC (by pure coincidence of course), I think we all knew that he would find some reason (Rafe) to move to PC and take a job at GH, and here we are. We also know that he and Sam will end up doing the horizontal Mambo sooner than later, depending on the availability of booze at any given moment. Right now, this storyline has about as much suspense as the menu at McDonald's.

    It looked like we had Happy Danny today, who is the picture of health. I am ignoring any and all references which would try to make me believe otherwise. To put it bluntly, FURC!

    “Maine Squeeze?” Ugh! Why is Molly so fixated on a state she's never even been to by her own admission?

    The scene between Shawn and TJ was straight out of a Disney After School Special. This is the way it should've gone:

    Shawn: “You can talk to me if you want to. You know you can always trust me to have your back.”

    TJ: “I had sex with Taylor.”

    BANG! Shawn drops TJ with a left hook he never even saw coming.

    At least, that's how MY Dad would've handled it if I had told him something like that.

    I wonder why Shawn's limo driver/snitch didn't bother to mention to him that TJ and Tailwhore got busy in the back? Judging from the look on TJ's face, and the hilarious sideways glance he gave Shawn, and despite what he told him, I don't believe that this WAS TJ's first time. His first time since he's been in town maybe. TJ's right. What's the point of giving him the lecture NOW, after the deed has been done? Shawn's timing stinks almost as bad as his aim and Brad's breath!

    Posted by nancy marie at Wednesday, June 19 2013 01:58 PM

    Shawn is grounding TJ for drinking. Who is going to ground Shawn for attempted murder?

    PS. I hate the character of Luke so much now--and hate TPTB and Tony Geary for making me hate Luke.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, June 19 2013 02:03 PM

    Raineysmom ~ I agree with your speculation. Silas and Sam will soon be a couple. Who didn't see that coming. At least ME is much better to look at now since he lost the ponytail and the ugly glasses.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, June 19 2013 02:05 PM

    As far as the unauthorized DNA test on Britts baby goes Who believes it will have the correct results? On GH a DNA test is never right the first time, sometimes even the second time.

    Posted by nancy marie at Wednesday, June 19 2013 02:07 PM

    Writing a novel must be really easy (not!). So Molly can crank out yet another novel while planning for a prom, worrying about Danny, befriending Rafe (whose Mother was murdered incidentally and Rafe was accused of her murder), etc., etc. And Maine Squeeze????? Really? Really? Gag me with a spoon! Too tacky for words--and from a tween, at that? TPTB are really tripping in Laa Laa Land, aren't they?

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, June 19 2013 02:08 PM

    I am sure Dr Silas Clay will soon be on staff at GH. They could use a few more Doctors.

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