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    Money And Publicity.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013
    Franco posts bail, Danny’s lab results come in, and Britt and Taylor become fast friends.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, June 06 2013 11:02 AM


    *********************OFF TOPIC************************


    Posted by akita at Thursday, June 06 2013 11:02 AM

    Bay- we've had rain for 3 weeks and now very windy...its the calm before the storm. Scrimmage- my father in law and one of his brothers were in the Normandy War.

    Posted by ghmarie at Thursday, June 06 2013 12:44 PM

    Hello everyone. Boy what a mess all this is. I was thinking about nonTodd too. I bet if he's really Franco's twin, he might be another wacko and Heather convinced him he was really Franco so he would get some Quartermaine money. I can't believe he and Ava would actually go into business together to rip off the Q's. I don't like OldTodd as Franco. I hated Franco but only the real Franco could do it so well.

    As for the teens...please shoot me. Has Britch gone back to high school? I don't like Taylor at all at all. Boy I wish Felix would put his pants on for once instead of his panties and own up to whatever she has over him and throw her ass out. My opinion. Too much of the teen storylines. I know they probably want to show these story lines to give the adults time to take vacations or do some other changes......or perhaps as school is ending for the year, they want to interest a younger audience........but please GH writers..... have a heart for us die hard years of loyalty fans who love GH. I myself think there is way too much teen stuff going on. I know proms are coming out and you have to go with that to get a younger audience but does it have to draggggggggg on?? OK my beef is done on the teens.

    Dr. looked more handsome yesterday than when he was at the hospital. I think he needs to put a little weight on. He's way too skinny. I don't understand what's behind wanting to take Rafe. Gee Rafe would have nightmares thinking he was Steven Clay all the time.

    And poor Sam with Danny. I was getting used to not seeing her cry every day. I know she does it well but every day? I can understand about storylines and trying to interest each age group and types of audiences but there is so much storyline repetition over and over. Baby switches, DNA switches, bay kidnappings, babies on the brink of death just to be saved by a good Samaritan relative who gives bone marrow, heart, kidneys or whatever. There has to be different storylines than always repeating the same type every couple of years. Do they think only dummies with no memory watch GH? Give us something new once in awhile and leave the babies alone and stop putting people on the brink of death all the time only to be resuscitated. So predictable all the time.

    Spinelli/Ellie/Maxie/Todd/Britt. Boy was I happy when Spinelli actually made sense yesterday and caught Britt in her own game. What is he going to do with that information now? Can Ellie help with what she found in that folder? I sure hope they expose Britt. I know she had a tough life but I figure if they aren't going to soften her up, get rid of her. We have more bad guys than good guys.

    Morgan/Kiki......Sorry folks but I don't like **yet another brat** on the show. Christina was a royal pain at first and now Morgan is the new trouble maker. Maybe Kiki will soften up and start going out with Michael. I can sort of see that happening.

    Patrick/Sabrina......Gee they are building up their first official date so much that it will probably just flop when it happens......if they ever do get a chance to go out at all. It's ok to build up stuff but gee. I know I'm negative here. I do love GH very much and have been watching it for years but thank God for DVDs as I can zip by the teen stuff and stuff I don't like.

    Oh I couldn't resist putting in my two cents worth like most on Diane's dress in court. Really? Now it's a competition between her and Alexis on who shows the most cleavage. Come on ladies. We aren't in a strip club here. I remember when Alexis looked so pretty with a little less showing and now Diane is going all out. I was hoping she wouldn't bend down and have everything drop to the floor. hahahah

    Sonny/Carly/Shawn/Franco: Really, as someone said. if your're going to kill someone, do it. Each time there is a secret to be told, someone to bump off or a kind word to be said to someone, whooooops they are always interrupted and it drags on for weeks before things are said or done. Don't you hate when that happens? I certainly do.

    Why do I still watch if I'm going to be negative? Cause there are parts of the show that have been good but the lengthy build up they do on stuff and dragggg it on and on and on, by the time we do get an answer I say: Figures or: Was that all? and then walks in dead Helena and dead Stavros to welcome NuLu's new baby she's carrying and out the door goes poor Dante. Maybe that's why they call it a soap soap suds which are their main advertisers, the suds keep going round and round as the washing machine turns.

    Have a good day everyone. Looking forward to today (Friday's episode). Marie

    Posted by maja at Thursday, June 06 2013 12:53 PM

    FYI: Today's recap can be found on the Message Board...I have no idea why, but it's there.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Thursday, June 06 2013 12:56 PM

    Hi everyone ..VioletteD has the recap posted on the wrong board she has it on the message board instead of the daily updates, I left a message over there I hope she corrects it and puts it where it belongs.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, June 06 2013 01:09 PM

    WTF is the Update doing over there? Sheesh!

    If the site itself isn't screwing up, the people running it are.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, June 06 2013 01:11 PM

    The same thing has happened on the OLTL board from this site is under the message board...SMH!!!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, June 06 2013 01:18 PM

    Close scrutiny of Michael's tablet revealed this updated but incomplete breakdown of how the ELQ stock is divided.

    Tracy has no shares. AJ, Ned, Dillon, Skye, and Frodd have 10% each. Sam (through Jason) has 5%, and also controls Danny's 5%, although for some reason his name was listed twice at 2.5%. Michael, Monica, Brooklynn, LilaRae, Lauren (Kinky), and Alice have 5% each. Since I promised there would be no math, I'll save you the trouble and tell you that adds up to 90%. I'm assuming Maya inherited the remaining 10%, like the other grandchildren.

    Cowabunga! Ava is smokin' hawt for a woman of her vintage. Her personality doesn't quite hold up though. I have the feeling that when she quits purring like a kitten, she starts screaming like a banshee.

    I've got to hand it to Kinky today. Not only did she make a “Godfather Part II” reference to Michael's face, but, judging from her calling AJ Michael's “Bio-Dad,” she also speaks Soap Slang. She was less than insufferable today.

    Obviously, Michael thought so too. Cold showers seem to have an unusual effect on him. These two need to find out they're related STAT!

    Speaking of Bio-Dads, Morgone is Sonny's son, but he was raised by Jax. He doesn't feel the same way about Sonny's “business” that Michael once did, and he couldn't care less about the way “things are done around here” according to Sonny. Still, he's a rude little smeg-head, and Carly's a fool if she gives him a credit card. What she SHOULD give him is a job at the hotel. He looks like a concierge to me. They usually think they know everything too.

    I'm refusing to comment further on Danny's medical problems on the show, but I will say that he looks as if he took a bit of a fall, judging by the cuts around his head.

    I really enjoy seeing the Falconeri Girls in action. Neither one of them was the least bit scared of Frodd, and Connie especially looked like she wanted a piece of him, Bensonhurst style. They could both teach Sonny a lesson on how to be tough. Happy Birthday Connie! Let's PARTY!

    AJ's reaction to Tracy's expression of sympathy was the highlight of the show for me. He was dumbstruck by her genuine concern and family loyalty. With everything that's been happening elsewhere on the show lately, I half expected him to say “Who are you, and what have you done with the REAL Tracy?”

    Enter Robert Quartermaine. I'll admit it, I was amused by his Todd-like antics and quips, and if there is any good to come out of this, it will be that he DOES move into the Q Mansion. Kinky too! That will make that place livelier than it's been in YEARS!

    I think my prediction is looking pretty good right now. If you remember, I said that Frodd will unite ELQ, saving the company from the verge of bankruptcy, and the Q's themselves from insolvency, and he'll be a big hero to the working class. Some others have speculated that he'll even save Danny with a bone marrow transplant or something, and at this point, I wouldn't say that anything is beyond the lengths TPTB will go to in their campaign to rehabilitate the Artist Formerly Known As Franco, in his brand-new, squeeky clean, updated identity as Robert Quartermaine.

    Posted by ldiablo at Thursday, June 06 2013 01:28 PM

    I decide to test the waters to see if it was safe to come back.
    okay I only decide to watch GH cause of the stupid French open
    tennis on NBC. Tennis to me as a sport is like routing for some
    fresh paint to dry. After 15 minutes of GH I should have stuck
    with the paint drying. Starr was hard to stomach the first time
    around but now as Kinky forget about it. I do believe the hatred
    has grown. McBum or Silo or whatever boringggg! Morgan, RC what
    have you done to this poor sweet kid? Now he is a ugly insufferable
    oversexed leech of a loser. You changed the name and the cheezy
    hair color but Todd is still Todd no matter what you want to call
    him! Carlivati you should stick to writting comedys because you
    are a joke. Really you had Shawn with a gun ready to shoot FRODD
    dead in the courtroom. First off if you used your head this place
    would never allow a handgun in because the lawyers are the most
    hated of people in the world. Just look at that bottom feeder
    Diane. Luke dude you have not aged well sir. Momma kinky is just
    another money hungry person that needs a life. Without Edward the
    Q's are going to just crumble into dust and fade away due to all
    the constant infighting. Thank god Dr. Britch wasn't on or did I
    sleep thru that? Oyvey I BLAME YOU Katie Couric for all this mess.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, June 06 2013 01:48 PM

    *******************Rumor/Spoiler Talk**************

    TPTB are working way too hard to make Frankentodd a squeeky clean Quartermaine. What's going to happen when it turns out that he is Heather's son and who knows who is his daddy. Possibly Franco and Frankentodd are brothers and no relation to the Quartermaines. I believe when they go looking for a bone marrow transplant for Danny Frankentodd will be exposed.
    Both Molly and Kristina are 1/2 sisters to Sam and could be possible donors. Going on the fact that Jason was Alan's son with Susan Moore, AJ is also Alan's son and a possible donor.

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