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    Money And Publicity.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013
    Franco posts bail, Danny’s lab results come in, and Britt and Taylor become fast friends.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:19 PM

    I'm gone for the night my sweets! Everyone have a great night! Sweet Dreams, Well Wishes, Healing/Comforting/Safety Prayers, Lots of Love & Peaceful Vibes coming to EVERYONE from SouthGA!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:26 PM


    Littleguysmom & South-- Thanks, as long as I watched that show I swear his name would not come to me.

    Poodles-- Thought of you today while I was at the produce market. Saw the gorgeous Georgia peaches & picked up 6 beautiful ones to make salsa for the game tomorrow nite.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:28 PM

    SouthGA- Congrats to you as well. I hope things have gotten better for your son. I have been really worried, those people menacing, downright dangerous. I hope they pack up and leave town. Also, hope you're feeling better.

    Posted by ghmarie at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:36 PM

    Hi everyone. Well quite a day.......again. I read most of the posts and SHORT SPOILER I read where Carly doesn't listen to Sonny and her actions could cause trouble or something like that? END SPOILER. Then if that was the case, what if Carly is the one who gets hit?

    Too bad it's not Kinky and Morgan. If it were, they would probably burry them half naked or wearing towels. lol.

    I don't like the Britch living at Felix/Sabrina apartment. Boy expose this woman quickly.

    Robert Q. Now here's an interesting twist. Boy there are so many illegitimate children, switched dna tests, kids having illnesses and being saved at the last minute. They are so predictable. They should write different storylines. Please please can they not get rid of the teens?

    Like I said in an earlier post, I know they are probably trying to get a younger audience now that school is almost out and prom is coming but at the cost of losing us life long watchers???? I don't know why I'm complaining. They probably never read this stuff. They don't give a F*** about us anyway. But we are the life long watchers who keep the show going. The teens are too busy with their cell phones stuck to their faces and probably wouldn't watch for a long time anyway. They get bored so quickly.

    Tracy had a OK comment today? Wow who would have thought? And AJ didn't sass back. hahahaha

    Sabrina/Patrick. I like them but they will probably never go on a date. They are building it up too much and when it finally comes, it will be way less than they build it up. The writers always do that. Pisses me off.

    NuLu. I like her more now that she is smiling more. I bet she's pregnant with Stavros child (or did they consummate the marriage?) I now he wanted to and she said NO so he locked her in a freezer. Maybe he slept with her while she was frozen...Now that's gross. Anyway, humor and bad taste aside, I bet she gets pregnant and Dante's ego can't take it and they break up.

    Spînelli/Maxie. I wish he would know Maxi is carrying his child and they would get back together but only if Maxie can make a commitment this time. Spinelli doesn't need the grief.

    I won't comment on Frodd, OldTodd, new Todd, Freako, Franco and Heather and company. The whole thing is giving me a headache. See ya later all

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:41 PM

    **OFF TOPIC**

    Bayou- those peaches sound delicious. LOVE this time of year, great selection of fruits. GO TIGERS!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:48 PM

    All I know is, if my stupidity had cost MY father five HUNDRED dollars, much less $50,000, I wouldn't have had the nerve to ask him for another dime, much less a credit card. I'd have felt guilty if he bought me lunch, and I guarantee he wouldn't had to tell me to get a job if I wanted spending money. Have kids changed THAT much, or is Morgone especially self absorbed?

    ***off topic***

    When I went to college on my parents dime, I worked nights loading and unloading trucks for UPS through the week, and on the weekends I worked in the boy's department of an upscale Men's Clothing Store, selling sports coats to fat little spoiled monsters. I did all that to pay for my personal expenses, like my car payment, meals, and entertainment. I remember my Mom telling me that I didn't have to work if I didn't want to, and that they would help out if I wanted to quit my job(s) to focus on my studies, but I knew things were tight financially with my folks ever since my senior year in high school when the nightclub my father had managed for years burned down, and was rebuilt as a restaurant. As a result, his income took a severe cut, and it was several years before he recovered. That's one of the biggest reasons why I jumped at the chance to go on the road with a traveling showband after my second year in college, because my work schedule was preventing me from getting the most out of my education, and I didn't want to waste any more of my folks' money, when I could be making money doing something I loved instead. I was 20 (a year older than Morgone is supposed to be), and I was seeing the country, living all on my own. I was completely self sufficient for the first time in my life, and I have been ever since.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:48 PM

    ghmarie- LOL I don't think Morgan owns a shirt. Speaking of prom, isn't a little late for prom? School should be out for the summer any day now, graduation for seniors, I don't think of June as prom time. I think ours was in April. They really need better research.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, June 06 2013 06:56 PM


    Poodles-- Thanks for the Tiger shout out! Only Oklahoma stands in the way to Omaha.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:02 PM

    They may as well give Danny feathers and a beak, paint him black, and call him the “Maltese Falcon,” because for all intents and purposes, he's become nothing more than a prop to be used to motivate other characters into action, or to bring them together.

    Of course, that WOULD make an adorable Halloween costume. Spinelli could even go as Sam Spade when he takes “Maltese Danny” trick-or-treating.

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, June 06 2013 07:13 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Another beautiful, unexpected moment between Tracy, Monica and AJ.
    If Shawn's attempted hit on Franco is being played for the improbable and ridiculous, it is succeeding. We went from a gun in a courthouse to the Q mansion, who would really consider either option would be the ideal place to kill someone? Shawn as a hitman is a fail so far, Franco on the other hand is playing it right, placing himself in places, situations with many people.
    Sonny will probably wisely reconsider the timing of the hit, Carly for the second time in a span of a month or so, is out for blood. Who will win this battle? Or is the real question who will lose? cause it won't be Franco.
    As much as I like the Sabrina/Patrick pairing, I enjoy seeing Patrick involved in what he is best at and that is, a doctor. I wonder if he'll have the opportunity to face Silas again and admit that he was right about Danny.
    The living arrangements with Michael, Morgan and Kiki is getting a little tense and I would agree with Kiki that its time to find another place.
    Luke can never see in himself what he described AJ as to Ava. If it wasn't for the fact TG isn't at his best right now and is headed for his summer vacation, an Ava/Luke pairing could have been interesting.
    Are we on track again for the Friday cliffhanger?

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