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    Bedside Manner.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013
    Sam takes Danny to the hospital, Molly wants to go to the prom with TJ, and Felix's sister arrives.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Tuesday, June 04 2013 01:50 PM

    Hi Everyone! might very well have the answer to NotTodd(but)NotReallyFranco's redemption!?!?!?! It's so hard to watch him as Am/IsTodd on OLTL then watch him as NotTodd on GH! Not only will he probably be a bone marrow match BUT....WAIT FOR IT....Dr. NotMcBatClay will be the ONLY Dr that can preform the procedure because he is a specialist in Danny's condition....


    Had a bad reaction to the stress test yesterday....they shot radioactive stuff in my veins via IV & it immediately gave me one of the worse migraines that I have ever had! It didn't go away till the wee hours of the morning...still have a slight headache but yesterday was H3LL!!! Haven't read anything since my last post till just now but have watched...Hope Everyone is doing well!!!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Tuesday, June 04 2013 01:56 PM

    Scrimmage...ITA!!! I didn't drop the F-bomb again but I did drop an "OH H3LL NO they ain't going there"!'s WRONG on EVERY LEVEL!!!! LEAVE THE LITTLE ONES ALONE!!!!!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Tuesday, June 04 2013 01:58 PM


    akita...Congrats on the job offer & Beat of Luck on the test!! I'm sure you will do great!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:14 PM

    I will be hugely disappointed if they do this to Danny. They've already done that storyline with Josslyn, and that was hard to watch. I actually had to leave the room when Sabrina was waiting on Britt hand & foot. Was ready to break something, but I don't like destroying my own stuff.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:25 PM

    I have a strange feeling that Franco2 will have to be the one to save Danny since he is Jason's twin, thus his redemption.

    I believe that Sabrina and Felix equally share the apartment.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:26 PM

    lovesdogs: I bet that's exactly what will redeem Franco. Good call!

    lovelyMar: I like Lulu too. This girl can act!

    Felix's sister is cute! Looking forward to her interactions with Britt. Going to be one crowded apt.
    Loved Sabrina telling Patrick she rubs Britt's feet. YIKES!

    HATE sick baby s/l's. A day in the life of Danny.....always something.....
    Guess Patrick should stick to brain surgery.

    Rafe' was a good friend today, letting Molly off the hook , jus wish I cared about the teeny boppers.

    OT: Congrats Akita. Hope it all works out for you.

    Posted by Lady Isadorra at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:28 PM

    Good Afternoon my Lovlies!!

    I am just as frustrated with everyone about poor Danny!! While I love seeing his cute face on my TV, there are better ways writers!!!!!

    Also tired of Britt, I wish she would just pop out whatever she is having so we could get on with this s/l!! Still love my Patrina! Sorry Rans!! Love ya mean it!!

    Checking...checking...checking...Nope still dont like Silas or Kinky for that matter!! I feel like they are cramming the OLTL three down our throats!! The whole show feels like it revolves around them!!

    I am still watching out of loyalty but am finding it harder and harder because NONE of the S/L's they are giving us are worth anything!!!

    However, did anyone notice the chemistry between Ava and AJ!! I like it!! The A Team!!! Of course I just love that Maura West is on my screen again and I hop they keep her there for a LONG LONG time!!

    OT:::::::::Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!! We just opened our pool and were able to get in it last weekend!! So excited cause now the weekends are all about pool parties and grilling!! My husband calls himself the Lord of the Grill and The Pool Master and I let him because he cooks and all I have to do is kick back and float!! LOL!!

    Have a great day Everyone!!

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:32 PM

    Lovesdogs--I didn't see your post; I guess we have the same thought.

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:35 PM

    OT: SouthGA: Hope you're feeling better. I too SUFFER from Migraines and i'd rather give birth then have a migraine. I usually have to go to the ER for relief. Take care......

    Posted by littleguysmom at Tuesday, June 04 2013 02:36 PM

    If Dr. Britch was my house guest and kept ringing that bell and asking for water, she would have been wearing it, and that bell I would have stuffed it where the sun don't shine. Lololol. I'm not a violent person but that bell ringing all the time would get on the last of my nerves. Lol

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