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    Don't Tell Me Your Name.

    Tuesday, May 21 2013
    Shawn has dinner with Alexis, Connie and Olivia discuss Sonny, and Lulu remembers more.

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    Posted by mermaidmarian at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:11 PM

    So, I am thinking perhaps Blonde Man is Sam's father. A few month's ago there were several references by Alexis to Sam's paternity (during the vampire story) and I thought it was interesting that today Alexis and Shawn seemed to take their relationship to another level (more than friends with benefits), which would of course, be the perfect time for something horrendous to happen.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:13 PM

    Forgot to say I'm glad Dante socked Milo. Hit him again Dante. He deserves it.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:15 PM

    Hey Aussie,tipsytess,and everybody I missed.

    Posted by beachbum1 at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:32 PM

    I would have loved to see Milo clean Dante's clock...he is on my last nerve the past couple of weeks. No offense to Dante fans.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:33 PM

    I can see where the Kiki/Captain Morgan act will get old fast. Just exactly where does Morgan get off thinking he can dictate the rules to Michael in Michael's apartment. What an id. The BHM is quite the enigma. Still not sure about his identity or agenda.

    Posted by 4evergh at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:41 PM

    lovelymarlena you are right the dvd's were for Claudia and I am pretty sure it was Jerry Jacks that was hiding them

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Tuesday, May 21 2013 02:53 PM

    Thanks 4ever. I was racking my brain. It was Claudia.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Tuesday, May 21 2013 03:01 PM

    Poodles I've got a good one that will make Scrimmage blow the top of his head off... Blonde notTodd is really Claudia with a sex change and newly died blond hair.

    I know you used to tease Scrimmage that Claudia would come back from the dead one day.

    I just hope blonde notTodd is not Franco. There is only one Franco for me James Franco.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, May 21 2013 03:06 PM

    I saw new pix for many cast members in the opening, including Nulu, Silas (in blue, not black), Luke, Anna, and I think Maxie. No Mac, Tracy Laura, Scotty, Ellie, Nikolas, Lucy, Kevin, Felicia, Britt, Sabrina, Molly, TJ, or Rafe, sightings so far.

    I missed part of the show due to weather bulletins, but I think Connie took her cousin's reference to “Sonny and me” the same way I did. Right now Oblivia is in a state of denial, but it's becoming increasingly clear to everyone else, including Johnny and Connie, that there's something cooking between Sonny and Oblivia, and if things keep heating up in the kitchen, it won't be long before they're tasting each other's pasta.

    LINE OF THE DAY goes to Oblivia, rolling her eyes while commenting on Sonny's parenting skills, or lack thereof upon hearing that Morgan is staying with Michael:

    Oblivia: “Are you KIDDING me? What is Sonny thinking? That kid is obviously starving for some adult supervision... A couple of goombahs walking around on the sidewalk are no substitute for actual parenting.”

    She took the words right out of my mouth. I'll bet Oblivia would know how to handle Morgan, who as far as I can tell hasn't been punished AT ALL by his parents for what he's been doing, and NOW he's taking advantage of Michael, who is letting him, for some unfathomable reason. I've never seen a younger brother bully an older sibling like that before.

    Did Kiki actually give “Mikey-mike” a wet willy? That's grounds for justifiable homicide right there. I didn't think it was possible, but she and Morgan are even MORE obnoxious than Nuke and LeDouche. Does the phrase “get a room” spring to mind? Here's an idea. Um, Morgan? Your mom owns a friggin' HOTEL, you moron! By the way, wasn't Jax more of a father figure to Morgan growing up than Sonny ever was? Don't you think he'd want to be be notified of Morgan's latest escapade?

    Speaking of bullies, Dante's gotten a free shot at Milo TWICE now. I've got a feeling there won't be a third time, Sonny or NO Sonny. Milo was about to show Dante some REAL magic, until his boss, Dante's daddy stepped in before his son got his butt kicked.

    Let's keep in mind the fact that Dante knows Milo CAN'T fight back because A) his job is to PROTECT Sonny's family, not beat them to a pulp, and B) because Dante is a COP! Just based on what we've seen, can somebody please tell me the difference between what TJ did to Rafe and what Dante has now done to Milo twice? I know that Dante is Nulu's husband and that Molly and TJ are just dating, but Dante is an adult and a police officer. He should be able to control himself MUCH better than that, and yet he's still taking out his jealous frustrations on a convenient target, a guy who has done nothing (much) wrong, and who Dante knows won't defend himself. What a coward. If Anna knew he was going around beating up people, she'd suspend him for sure. Just wait until Nulu finds out.

    Where's all the righteous indignation over Dante's “sucker punching” Milo, especially when he knows Milo won't hit him back? I still contend that none of these have been real sucker punches. They've just been the first (and only) punch, but the similarities don't stop there. Both punchers were mad because they believed that the punchee was putting the moves on his woman. It's the oldest story in the book, and that's just what happens sometimes when one woman gets between two men. Just watch the Nature Channel.

    Shawn gets it, although he really stepped in it telling Alexis that he let Rafe know that “Molly belongs to TJ.” THAT sure perked up Alexis' “What did you just say?” antenna. Uh-oh. What he should've said was that Molly belongs WITH TJ, because she chose him to be her boyfriend. Crisis averted. You'd think a guy with Shawn's background would be better at avoiding land mines like that. Alexis was great today from the word “go.”

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, May 21 2013 03:14 PM

    When Sam slammed the door in Silas' face, I couldn't help but remember thinking that that was EXACTLY what I thought she should've done the day McBat first showed up at her door after she had learned that he was a cop going after Sonny. Instead, she willingly opened up the door (and herself) to Jason's enemy, and continued to spill her guts to him about things that should've remained between she and her husband. Outside of the problems they had due to her pregnancy, Sam's choice to befriend McBat, and to confide in him was the first crack in her relationship with Jason, which kept them apart, and resulted in Danny being kidnapped, and for WHAT? In retrospect, the way TPTB pulled out all the stops to shove “McBam” down our throats turned out to be a HUGE miscalculation, because in the end, it was all for nothing. When Sam sighed “I'm gonna regret this,” I was thinking that's because you've been there and done this all before, and you DID come to regret it. We ALL did.

    Unfortunately, Silas doesn't remind Sam, or anybody else of McBat because no one on GH is ALLOWED to remember him, so instead everybody thinks of him as Clayleb's uglier older brother. What'll you bet that not even Anna will remark on the resemblance between Silas and her old buddy, McBat. It's SO silly! Nice surprise there Uncle Silas, springing the face of the man who killed his mother on Rafe. Couldn't you have anticipated his reaction, instead of acting surprised and insulted that he wouldn't shake your hand? And not one question about that nice purple shiner he's sporting? Some doctor! Instead of whining about how far you came, how about showing a little common sense, not to mention common courtesy ,and CALLING AHEAD so you don't freak a kid out even more than he has been already? Sheesh! Enough of these dramatic entrances.

    Um, Nulu? You might not remember anything about running a business, but don't you think that even if you don't know your prospective customer's name, you MIGHT want to actually settle on a price, and perhaps even ask for payment in advance for such a last minute deal before you agree to hand over your boat to a stranger? I guess she hasn't changed THAT much.

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