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    Making Something Out Of Nothing?

    Friday, April 26 2013
    Maxie confronts Ellie, Johnny tries to reach a few contacts in Port Charles, and Britt takes Patrick up on his offer.

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    Posted by cbru at Friday, April 26 2013 01:37 PM


    southGAgirl-I went back and read what you posted from your brother. It was wonderful!!! So sorry your next procedures are being drug out until June.

    powder-I hope you are hanging in there. Please post and let us know how you are doing.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, April 26 2013 01:38 PM

    Ransohma ~ That's true.
    I have another problem with this story line. After the threat Frisco laid on Dr Britt, you'd think that she would have changed Maxie's medical records so no one could find out who was the father of Maxie's baby. Particularly after he broke her leg.

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, April 26 2013 01:42 PM

    Scrimmage...I wonder how else Ellie will use her new hacking skills when she doesn't like the results of the reports she's snooping?

    CBRU....You know the world revolves around all things Carly.

    Ransomha..Britt never had intentions of aborting. What else does she have to use in her quest to win Patrick?

    Posted by enad19 at Friday, April 26 2013 01:47 PM

    If all Buttinsky-Can’t Keep A Pregnancy Secret Ellie cared about was Dante and Lulu, who she only knows in passing, then she would discreetly go to Dante and explain how she came by that conclusion and let the father of the baby deal with it. And if that doesn’t work, she could have gone to her Human Resources office, which probably would have been even better considering that the hospital would have no choice but to investigate because the hospital would have been liable. Trout does not want to help Dante and Lulu despite her wordy protestations and excuses, all she wants is to find a way to stick it to Maxie and get revenge because like Britt so succinctly puts it, she will always be insecure about Spinelli and Maxie’s relationship because while she was lying alone in a ditch, Spinelli was with Maxie wearing the coach out. The sooner Trout admits her real motivations behind her dogged pursuit of something that is clearly none of her bloody business, the less, people will hate her. Because let’s face it, no one likes a two face snake in the grass. If she’s angry at Maxie for sleeping with Spinelli, then fine, have at it, but she should quit pretending that she’s only concerned about the welfare of a baby belonging to virtual strangers. If that was the case, Trout wouldn’t be hemming and hawing about it, she’d simply report it by whatever means. I detest mealy mouth characters so much. Ughh

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, April 26 2013 01:51 PM

    OT: Bayou: Oldest here. Did an hour dog walk with me now, catching up with his office.

    Have airport run in an hour.
    Drivers due in about two hours.
    Neighbor / friend just showed up with 2 platters of cookies.
    Wine store run, done.
    Favorites for Denver son, done.
    Weather report: perfect.......
    Thanks for asking.

    lovesdogs: Good point! Why wouldn't she have changed the evidence?

    casey1: Oh, I agree.
    The baby is her way to get back into Patrick and Emma's good graces.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, April 26 2013 01:54 PM

    enad19: Agree 100% ! You said it!

    Posted by enad19 at Friday, April 26 2013 01:55 PM

    That is why I do not believe a word about Trout's explanation that she's only concerned about the baby, the evidence is obviously in Maxie's files (stupidly Britta didn't change it) so Trout could have gone to a superior and all it would have taken to prove that a doctor on staff is committing fraud or whatever you call it, was a stupid password and the problem would have been solved. Trout wants the info to yell, "Aha, I got ya" and expose Maxie for her own gratification. What is so wrong about saying so? She is still upset about what Maxie did and rightfully so, but she's only pretending otherwise, which for some weird reason, I somehow find even more despicable than what Maxie did to Trout when she slept with Spinelli. I hope that she finds out and she keels over in shock.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, April 26 2013 01:56 PM

    I can echo Unicorngirl's comment on page 1 re: Ellie.

    I used to like her, but (and I never wish ill on anyone) but if she got hit by another car, it wouldn't hurt my feelings. Maybe it just straighten her head out.

    She thinks it's ok for her to hack into Maxie's patient records because she thinks (the operative word NOT being used here!) that there is something wrong with the baby!

    Hey, you dumb twit...IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! Spinelli told you to butt out; a doctor (even if it was Britch!) caught you hacking into a patient's PRIVATE medical records.....and you STILL don't hesitate to violate a patient's privacy!

    I wish Epiphany would catch this brainless wonder who thinks the rules don't apply to her! Once Epiphany is involved......the "fit is really going to hit the shan!!!"

    And I for one, would love to see Epiphany drag her bony butt into Monica's office and get her a$$ FIRED!!!

    Posted by akita at Friday, April 26 2013 01:59 PM

    I hope Spinelli drops her like a hot potato. Her intrusions are just too much. When the hell has she cared about Dante & Lulu? If she was coming from a good place I would probably look the other way for a split second but she's not. What trouble could Carly possibly have that Johnny in jail knows about? Gotta say briotch is pretty but I don't like her bunny teeth. Sabby has better teeth and her make-up was nice today.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, April 26 2013 02:05 PM

    ***************SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT******************

    What Johnny knows is that Morgan is in danger from a rival mob family from the past.

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