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    Making Something Out Of Nothing?

    Friday, April 26 2013
    Maxie confronts Ellie, Johnny tries to reach a few contacts in Port Charles, and Britt takes Patrick up on his offer.

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    Posted by raineysmom at Saturday, April 27 2013 09:30 AM


    ITA!! Methinks the writers need an IT person on their writing staff!!!

    BTW......did you also notice that Ellie DID NOT LOGOFF after she finished copying Maxie's records? IT can absolutely determine WHO is involved in any action on any computer in the GH system. I'm surprised that someone as smart as Ellie didn't think about that.

    I work for a major corporation which many people do. Every corporation has security policies in place for IT. My employer has employees take these corporate compliance tests every year to keep abreast of any changes in policy.

    Ellie is flat out WRONG in what she is doing and bringing Spinelli in as an unknowing accomplice. Just wait until Spinelli find out how she used him!!! He'll be the one doing the dumping!!!

    One final thought: some have said that Ellie knows she is wrong in doing what she's doing, but she has good intentions. Hence the old saying: "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

    Enough said.

    Posted by raineysmom at Saturday, April 27 2013 09:51 AM


    Re: Steve Burton/Y&R

    Yes, you're absolutely right. SB is involved in a "Who's the daddy?" storyline. He had a one night stand with Chelsea who was married/now divorced from Adam Newman. Chelsea and Adam shortly reconciled around New Years and, in true soap fashion, had sex and a pregnancy resulted. Adam and Chelsea lost a baby to miscarriage due to a car accident caused by Adam's niece, Summer. The grief they both had caused then to drift apart and Adam was always running to and comiserrating with Sharon Newman, his former lady love and ex-wife of his brother Nick Newman.

    To make a long story even longer (just kidding!!!)..........Chelsea doesn't want Adam to know that the baby is his because she's afraid he will seek sole custody. Chelsea and Dylan (SB) met innocently in the local coffee shop. Adam came in and confronted Chelsea about the baby (Sharon told Adam about Chelsea's pregnancy) and DEMANDED to know who the father is. Trapped in a corner, Chelsea lied and said Dylan is the father. Chelsea is the only one who knows that Adam is the father.

    Posted by raineysmom at Saturday, April 27 2013 09:55 AM

    OT.....NFL Draft

    Matt Barkley was the first pick by the Eagles this morning. I'm glad he was drafted. I think he has a great career in front of him!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Saturday, April 27 2013 10:09 AM

    raineysmom ~ I agree with them needing an IT person on their staff. I too worked for a large company and everyone had different levels of access on the computer system, so I am assuming its the same at GH.
    I also agree that Ellie is wrong, but has good intentions, but as you said the road to H is paved with good intentions.
    I think Scrimmage hit the nail on the head with his description of Ellie's reasons for doing what she is doing.

    Posted by raineysmom at Saturday, April 27 2013 10:24 AM

    Hi back at ya, Lovely!

    I truly hope you're right! I've always like JZ and was sad when the writers took him down a dark path. I also hoped he could be redeemed and the writers "sort of" redeemed JZ by having him take responsibility for his bad deeds and go to prison. I too hope he comes back!

    Posted by thundering herd at Saturday, April 27 2013 10:38 AM

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

    I chuckled when NuConnie called Gwyneth NuMaxie, the writers are having fun with fans, like a not so secret inside joke. Isn't NuMaxie Jen Lilley?

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Saturday, April 27 2013 10:46 AM

    Hello everyone,

    It's so funny that Sabrina confided in Carly, and what Carly had said to her. I wish that Carly really has learned from her mistakes, and maybe she has, but we all know that when she finds another man to date, she's going to go back to the old Carly. I love the memories that Carly has of Jason. Out of all the women in his life, I do think Carly knew him better than Elizabeth or Sam ever had (I know, coming from a Liason fan, but it's true).

    I did feel bad for Sabrina though that Patrick had canceled his date with her so that he could go with Brit. If Brit wasn't the way she is, I could have mustered up sympathy, but her manipulating and talking to Emma the way she's done, no matter what her upbringing was as a child is no excuse for her actions now. I'm cheering Patrina on all the way, and hope that they beat Brit at her own game eventually.

    Felix needs a story other than just propping Patrina. While I like that he's there for Sabrina as a friend, we need more backstory into these characters that come on the show.

    I had to laugh at "new Maxie". i thought that was funny, but was confused as to why Connie had fired Maxie and hired this "new Maxie." I'm glad though she quickly changed her mind and rehired Maxie.

    I knew that Maxie's little spar with Ellie wasn't going to end the way she wanted, because, thanks to Spinelli, Ellie was able to get into the hospital's mainframe of the computer data base, and got access into Maxie's personal files. I was glad though that Maxie said that she would have her fired. We all know that Maxie's lying through her teeth and does have something to hide, and I love how soapy this is! I love that we're seeing a sneaky side to Ellie. I knew that there was a dark side, and it's now coming to light. I like it, but don't want Maxie's secret to be exposed like this.

    For a Friday's show, it was a pretty borring episode.
    If they're any errors, I apologize, but have to take care of something very quickly.

    Catch ya on Monday!

    Posted by Casey1 at Saturday, April 27 2013 10:56 AM


    Raineysmom...Thanks for the info on SB's story on the Y & R. There were a few things I found surprising. Sharon was talking about being bi-polar and Noah has been sorased. I don't know why I'm surprised about that because I know NuLulu played the part of Abby, who would also have been sorased.
    I've lost track of where characters should be age wise, but I find it interesting that GH keeps Cameron as a child when he should be in the same age bracket of Molly, Rafe and TJ, using the excuse Liz looks too young, but Sharon also doesn't look like she could be the mother of someone Noah's age.
    I always had a love/hate thing for Victor Newman and he is the only one I was happy to see. I really have no intention of being drawn back to this show.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Saturday, April 27 2013 11:15 AM


    Rainey-- Headlines on local sports page under picture of Mathieu- "HONEY-I'M HOME". Now that he & Kevin Minter have joined Patrick Peterson, I think the Card's can now be called LSU West.

    Posted by fromthestart at Saturday, April 27 2013 11:26 AM


    ****************OFF TOPIC-GH CLUB DUES/FINES************

    Please check the fine print on page 1,045 - paragraph 6.....

    Member shall be fined a significant amount for non performance by a ex-LSU football player......paragraph 7 continues - ESPECIALLY if they are playing for the Arizona Cardinals.....I personally had that put in as part of a "pork bill" (that means nobody was aware of it until it passed)

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