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    Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013
    Carly's mad at Jax, Patrick pines over Sabrina and Luke and Laura face an unknown fate.

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    Posted by Dexdon at Thursday, April 04 2013 09:12 AM

    Posting before reading other posts.

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Luke killed Helena! So clear, so direct, no mistaking she is dead. I am truly shocked. Brilliant twist. The troops are coming and my guess is we will go into a new head of the Cassadine family…..Valentin? How exciting. >>>or Jerry Jax?

    Maks looks like a natural actor. Milo looks so wooden for me.

    Carly, Carly, Carly…gotta love her. She knows Brenda. Sonny sees right through her as well. The scarf will come back to haunt her.

    Posted by Dexdon at Thursday, April 04 2013 09:15 AM

    What is Sam doing at the rehearsal anyway? I realize the storyline will have her and Maks dance eventually...but the girl doesn't work, never has Danny anymore and seems to be hanging out at the nurses ball but not dancing yet. She has no life and is just following Molly around now? Jason must be coming back to explain no storyline at all.

    Posted by kingG at Thursday, April 04 2013 09:25 AM

    Can you imagen how sonny is going to talk to brenda if she sleeps with michael?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, April 04 2013 10:10 AM

    Let's not forget that Brenda left Sonny, not only because his life was dangerous, but also because he refused, or was unable to accept her son into his family the way he did Michael. Sonny was content with the idea that his child rearing days were behind him, and he had no intention of going down that road again, especially with the spawn of his enemy.

    Brenda also broke up with Sonny because he didn't turn everything over to Jason, quit the mob, and retire with her to Rome. That was when Sonny finally admitted that he's NOT trapped in “the business” against his will as he led Brenda to believe he was. He LIKES being a mob kingpin and craves the power and respect that position affords him. He made the mistake of giving it up for a woman once already, and he isn't about to do that again for anybody.

    Sonny also misled Brenda about his true feelings regarding Carly. He let Brenda think that he shared her low opinion of Carly, and only maintained contact with her because of the children they shared, but the last time around, Brenda realized that Sonny still loves Carly, would do anything for her, and relies on her as much as anyone he knows. To Brenda that is totally unacceptable. Those three reasons, Carly, the mob, and her son, are the reasons why Brenda divorced Sonny, and nothing has changed.

    Yes, Brenda was expecting Sonny to come after her in Rome, but she would've only taken him back if he had abandoned everything from his former life (including his family) that he worked so hard and so long, and even killed to acquire. Brenda is an exceptionally beautiful and incredibly sexy woman, but even she's not worth that level of sacrifice!

    Posted by DianeMA at Thursday, April 04 2013 02:13 PM

    Ok -- i am definitely hoping that Jax and Brenda are doing this to get their ex's back. I cannot for the life of me see those two together - no spark whatsoever. Jax and Carly all the way. They have so much chemistry - and Sonny and Brenda can no longer be -- cant go back -- he is great with Connie (not Kate) - Connie is the real deal and will be great if they can be both, but Connie should be the one who is stronger. Brenda should go back to her son. She left - even after all the years she knew what Sonny was like. Come on! Now she wants him back. Pleeaaase! NOO!
    Carly and Jax - YES!! Sonny and Connie have great chemistry too. WHERE IS ROBIN?

    Posted by DianeMA at Thursday, April 04 2013 02:15 PM

    Milo and Sabrina -- noo way -- nothing there. If Robin isnt coming back, she would be great with Patrick. YES!
    So happy Helena is gone. Her games were old and boring.
    You really should bring a Jason back. I dont like Sam with anyone else.

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