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    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013
    Tracy and Monica have unexpected guests, Jax returns with disappointing news for Carly, Luke and Laura face off with Helena, and GH celebrates Steve Hardy's 50th Anniversary.

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    Posted by nancy marie at Tuesday, April 02 2013 02:57 PM

    Found myself getting nostalgic--and more than a little sad today--surprisingly was actually moved to tears--from the first sweet smile of Audrey--and the appearance of Rick especially. Guess I was crying for my lost youth as well as those of the actors/characters. (I have been watching episodes on youtube of Luke and Laura from 1979-80 and everyone was so young--including Rick.)

    Speaking of the present now: Wasn't that a class act from Laura today--with Ethan--so sweet.

    Posted by aussie1 at Tuesday, April 02 2013 02:58 PM

    Hey yourself cbru. So Brenda doesn't have the long nose wipers anymore? Good to hear.

    I'm so glad to hear my fellow Aussies Jax & Ethan returned. what does Hells have up her sleeve? Nothing good I suspect.

    So AJ is still in his room. Is he a man-child or something? Lizzzzzzzz deserves him. Only the very best for her. Oh, and while she's at it I want her to confess to ghost Emily how she was helping Nik "grieve"

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:07 PM


    I'm not a brenda fan either, but I agree with your second post. I miss the GH of old too, and watching the GH marathon over the weekend made me wish that GH was just as good as it was way back in the day too. Today's and yesterday's episodes were so good, that as I said in my earlier post, it will be sad when all this is over, because it will go back to the way things were before the nurses ball.


    Ita with you on family missing on GH! It's sad, but true, and I hope that after all this is over, we'l get more families interacting with one another. As it is, we hardly see anyone talking with their family members, unless, it's to prop a certain storyline, or when the writers want to have a story where someone either is dying, or going to be kidnapped. Very sad.

    Posted by nancy marie at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:08 PM

    Liked the quiet conversation with Brenda and Sonny. So glad that Brenda was dressed classy and looked just swell. The bit of weight looked great. Hair colored and styled beautifully. She looked so put together today.
    And how about that Jax--so relaxed with that tan and the twinkle in his eyes.

    Also love the homage TPTB are paying to the various opening credits of GH over they years--nice. The whole episode today so well done--quiet, thoughtful, giving us time to savor. Loved it that the words over the ending credits paid homage to the loyal fans. Just a great production today. Satisfying

    Posted by aussie1 at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:10 PM

    soapfan, I've been watching the old episodes too and it really shows you how different GH was back then. Even as recent as 2005. I was engrossed in the show back then. Obviously not so much now.

    Posted by akita at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:13 PM

    Haven't watched yet but wanted to say.....considering they've brought back everyone and everything, they better make it a sweet deal so jason makes his appearance. I dont care how but it would be an insult not to try and get him on the 50th. Can i get an Amen?

    Posted by akita at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:14 PM

    Haven't watched yet but wanted to say.....considering they've brought back everyone and everything, they better make it a sweet deal so jason makes his appearance. I dont care how but it would be an insult not to try and get him on the 50th. Can i get an Amen?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:14 PM

    As for the rest of the show...

    I thought it was great that Epiphany was talking to “Doris” about her husband “Frank,” and some surprise he had cooked up for her. That was a tribute to the creators of GH, Frank and Doris Hursley.

    Kowabunga! Brenda looks great. Too bad she admitted to being foolish enough to spend months waiting for Sonny to give up everything to chase after her, but at least she came to her senses and got back together with Jax, the only man she's ever been safe, sane, and happy with. It was so obvious from watching their romance during the Marathon that Jax was always the right man for Brenda, but that her toxic obsession with Sonny, and his with her, was always standing in the way of her true happiness.

    Carly has to realize that her happiness with “THE guy,”Jax wasn't because THEY were so good together, it was because HE was so good to her, and FOR her. They were never the perfect match that he is with Brenda, or soul mates like she is with Sonny. Everyone knows what a great catch Jax is, and Carly only has herself to blame for running off Jax (Oops! I almost embarrassingly reversed those last two words!) into the arms of her most hated rival. I can't wait to see Carly and Brenda in the same room tomorrow!

    I caught one mistake, because I wondered how Jax would discover that he was still legally married unless he was planning to marry again, so I looked on Brenda's left hand for a ring, and there was none. Then, after she recited her sappy love letter to Sonny and told him that she had moved on, she flashed a big, gaudy bauble like you might expect Jax to give her (again). Naturally, Sonny's going to pout, and you can bet that there is absolutely no thought of anyone named Kate or Connie going through his mind right now.

    At the Q Mansion, I loved the return of Alan, and Emily looked as beautiful as ever, but I was puzzled buy Rick's inclusion, and startled by his appearance. It was good to see Rick and Alan bury the hatchet, but what about that mess with the mistress in the attic? Isn't Rick a murderer? It's too bad Alan couldn't broker a merger between Team Tracy and Team AJ to market the Psychedelic Relish together, but I'm hopeful that will still come about somehow.

    On the Haunted Starr it's great to see Ethan again, but once again, this is where the writing fails the logic test when it comes to “evil plans” and dastardly traps. Luke could've shot the door open, and if Helena is on the loose, then by all reason, Dante should be dead, since he means nothing to Helena, but I doubt if that's the case. And then, for no reason (and just like she did at Wyndemere the last time we saw Ethan), Helena changes her mind about killing someone. This is totally illogical. Hels is nuts, but she's not stupid. She's just letting them off the hook because these writers can't figure out another way to keep her from finally killing Laura once and for all, which would be bad form during the 50th Anniversary. They do this all the time, painting their characters into corners they can't get out of, so they have the bad guy break character, like Joe Scummy talking Nuke to death instead of putting a bullet in her.

    They did it again with Helena when she switched Spencer's paternity tests for no plausible reason. She had nothing to gain from that, but TPTB needed to explain yet another WTD storyline.

    Then with the whole “Woman In White” debacle, nobody ever had a clue about what that was supposed to accomplish, but Helena apparently spent years training her own daughter to be a con woman and an assassin, only to change her mind at the end and kill her, herself. Now this pointless business with the Lulu, Ethan, and the Haunted Starr. If Helena wanted Laura dead, there are far easier ways to get that done. She couldn't have even been certain Luke would've brought her along, so there had better be more to this story than the last time. It's bad enough that Luke and Laura are going to miss the Nurses' Ball if they don't wrap this up in a hurry, but if it's all for nothing, it's not worth it. Helena needs to have a reason for doing what she's doing. I mean C'MON! Freezing the World was silly, but at least it was an understandable goal.

    Posted by akita at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:15 PM


    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, April 02 2013 03:15 PM


    Hate to birst your bubble, but Elizabeth is a vet character, just as Sam is, so you'll have to deal with seeing her in a recap, because you don't watch GH, so there will be times that you'll have to see her (lol), or, you could just not read on that day (lol).

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