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    Here We Are Again.

    Friday, March 29 2013
    Spin and Ellie try to make an important decision, Helena speaks to Alexis, and Maxie asks Felicia the important question.

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    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, March 29 2013 04:25 PM

    speaking of home Hubs is ready to leave cant wait to watch soapnet tonight. have a good evening everyone.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, March 29 2013 04:28 PM

    4ever - Enjoy the Soapnet episodes for those of us who no longer have access to them.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Friday, March 29 2013 04:55 PM

    I only saw the last 3 mins of the show.

    OT.....All went well with my son's procedure today. The Arteries produced blood vessels. Now in the next week or two he'll undergo another test to see how much blood is flowing.

    Praise be to God!
    Happy Resurrection!!!!!!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, March 29 2013 04:58 PM

    been - So happy to hear the good news. Easter tidings to you.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Friday, March 29 2013 05:17 PM

    lily you're so sweet

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, March 29 2013 05:18 PM

    Lovesdogs, yes, Hels always looks great in her clothes and they are striking and beautiful.

    Scrimmage, I so agree re Felicia--never looked more beautiful and simply glowing. Her hair is growing out and looking great, her makeup was impeccable today, and her pants and blouses fit her beautiful--and she has kept her nice figure. She looks more alive than she has in a while.
    I don't blame her! I'd make Jack Wagner drool also. What fun that must be for K. Wagner. Go, girl.

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Friday, March 29 2013 05:42 PM

    I still say AJ is a major jerk. He's telling lies all over town, and claiming to be in recovery. If there are other Friends of Bill amongst our posters, you know what I'm talking about. And as for Felicia and Fiasco, they are both so vapid, they make stupid look smart. I do think they've given Felicia testosterone shots to tone down her Minnie Mouse voice, but a brain transfusion is what she needs more. I am sorry to insult an actor's craft, but IMO she just can't act. Please let this uber-boring couple rids off into the sunset together, that is IF they can figure out which direction to pursue.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Friday, March 29 2013 05:53 PM

    The Haunted Star-Looks like Helena didn't have anything to do with Nicholas being shot. As for Luke and Laura, here's hoping that Dante learned something from Anna.

    Mac/Felicia/Frisco-Perhaps Felicia should ask herself, who can she rely on. She and Frisco have failed time and time again.

    The Relish Recipe-I am rooting for AJ. Perhaps he can get the lab to fax the results to him.

    Posted by cbru at Friday, March 29 2013 06:08 PM


    been-great news.

    4ever-good thoughts for your DIL

    I haven't watched the show yet so I have a question. While Liz was confessing to AJ that she had an affair with Nik, did she happen to mention that she was engaged to his brother too????

    Tracy-you go. Loved the message she left for AJ. It's called payback time.

    Why is Felicia going to Maxie for advice??? GMAB! And if Mac is so bent out of shape that he only is talking to Felicia through Mr. Marbles, he needs to grow up! He and that puppet are rather strange. The customer who got up and walked out was not impressed either.

    Helena is evil personified but she always has stunning outfits to go along with her heart of steel.

    So Defective Detective Dante to Luke and Laura's rescue. I really don't foresee this happening with the keystone cop.
    Maybe what will happen is that he will clomp down the stairs and every one will hear him. This will create enough of a diversion for Luke and Laura to get the drop on Helena and make their escape.

    My bet is also on Jerry Jax. The dragon lady is working with him and he does have Robin. This whole s/l will eventually tie in one way or another.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, 4my, 4ever, tt, TX, dubbs, straight, enad, FUBU, been, bean, blessed, willow, lily, unicorn, from, slades, midas, maja, mayzo, raineys, dex, southGAgirl, poodles, cynic, mamajj, canadagirl, lovesdogs, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed. I hope everyone has a great Easter.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, March 29 2013 06:10 PM

    Hi everyone.

    I want to wish you all a Happy Easter or Passover—may spring be evident in all our surrounding soon. I haven’t had a chance to watch, will try to watch later, maybe after I finish my decorating my chocolate panache Rabbit cake. I was just checking if there was any news from cbru-Sending prayers her way.

    Mama- I know you’re enjoying the first night in your new place. I will assume you won’t be inviting your ex-step mom over for a house warming brunch. LOL.

    Hi Lily- I sure hope Mr. Kitty isn't a DBD-- sure wouldn't want to see him on a billboard. LOL

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