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    Here We Are Again.

    Friday, March 29 2013
    Spin and Ellie try to make an important decision, Helena speaks to Alexis, and Maxie asks Felicia the important question.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Sunday, March 31 2013 02:52 PM

    Hope everyone celebrated the holy day with those who love them. The SO and I had a very nontraditional holiday dinner for us. We helped one of the families in our neighborhood move into a new rental home instead of doing the sit down dinner.
    I hope Monday's show is a great one. Blessing to all of you and your families.

    Posted by akita at Sunday, March 31 2013 03:15 PM

    " That was Laura's idea, i was only the donor " Ill admit i like the character on the show but as i said before....what a looser for father and if thats his excuse, it doesn't work

    Posted by poodles at Sunday, March 31 2013 04:48 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Celebrating Easter always leaves me with the feeling that anything is possible, a since of renewal and over whelming gratitude. I hope everyone had a nice day.

    I want thank those who posted that the 50th anniversary marathon could be watched on YouTube. During the kids nap time I was in heaven watching some of those shows. I saw people I have only heard about. I saw Audrey, Scotty’s mom and dad, Amy Vining, young Brenda (she was beautiful, and not so annoying.) Young Robert, Felicia and Frisco to just name a few. So many great outdoor scenes. I found the clothing to be interesting- Luke & Wedding was spectacular-so many cast members and extras. I have enjoyed watching these classic GH episodes. I look forward to finding the time to watch all of them.

    **OFF TOPIC**
    Lily- how nice of you and the So to help your neighbors today—I’m sure they appreciated it. Your bunny bread bowl sounded so cute--did you cut the bunny shape “freestyle”? I would love to try this next year.

    Posted by Dexdon at Sunday, March 31 2013 05:11 PM

    Off Topic

    Cbru: My prayers are with are stronger than you think.

    Mamajj: Hope your settled in to your new place today! Exciting to have your independence back.

    On Topic:

    Luke/Laura/Helena: That cannot be the end to the adventure, no way, its just beginning. Luke has a backup plan, he always does. Thank goodness they got Laura into jeans and a leather jacket, a little less frumpy for sure.

    Sam: Cheesy. I hope they actually give this actress some storyline that shows her ability to act. I havent seen it yet. "Haven't I seen you somewhere" crap. Really? So Jason disappears, she immediately is into John and now John has been gone a whole day and we have her sounding like she is into Caleb the murderer, and making eyes at some stranger and? She looks like she is ready to pounce. The only scene I have seen her in that was any good was with Carly in the bar...and that was because of Carly, I couldn't even hear Sam.

    Milo may have a rockin' bod...but he comes across as a meatball.

    Ellie: Why do I still have to see Ellie...unless she is the Quartermaine heir I see no point.

    Liz: Enjoyed her scenes with both AJ and Patrick. She rocks. Its about time. I like seeing her relationship with AJ developing.

    Sean: What was the purpose of that conversation with Rafe? He seemed to be intimidating him for the sake of teenage love? Really odd scene to me.

    Richard Simmons: His character was always in overdrive...then softened as he developed a fanbase. The man has helped many, it still doesn't make him a good actor, but hopefully its a very short nod to the past.

    I enjoyed the ballroom scene, the three different scenes all within the same room. I thought it was well directed.

    Mac: I hate ventroloquists. They creep me out.

    Scrimmage: Your take on Felicia and Frisco's voices. So, so true. I cannot believe we both thought of Christian Bale's batman when Frisco first came on!

    Lily Hunter: I liked your speculation about Todd being Spinelli's Dad..maybe thats what all this talk about children is for.

    Looking forward to the Nurses Ball and all the acts!

    Posted by aussie1 at Sunday, March 31 2013 05:18 PM

    Happy Monday everyone.....

    akita & poodles, what's this about a GH marathon? Are they really airing old episodes? I've missed a lot.

    akita, I'm going to look up those YouTube videos you recommended. Thanks for sharing. I would've missed it otherwise.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Sunday, March 31 2013 05:56 PM


    Hope everyone had a blessed & Happy Easter/Passover. Our day has been set back by a 3 hr. power outage. Severe storms have dropped a lot of rain. Been enjoying the marathon, and have really loved the characters no longer on. Can't say I've seen every episode, but have seen so many I missed when working.

    Posted by raineysmom at Sunday, March 31 2013 06:18 PM


    I hope everyone had a very Happy and blessed Easter!

    I'm DVRing the entire GH marathon and have watched the first ten hours. I'm getting a lot of background and I love it! Looking forward to seeing the entire marathon!

    BTW, I bought the PEOPLE magazine collector edition tribute GH
    50 year anniversary. I'm really enjoying it!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Sunday, March 31 2013 06:29 PM


    Rainey-- I watched so many hours yesterday I was groggy. Woke up this A.M. & started again until I had to get ready for Mass. Hope you had a great Easter! Also hope the "girls" had a great one too!

    Posted by raineysmom at Sunday, March 31 2013 07:48 PM


    Thanks girlfriend! The girls and I had wonderful Easter! Hope you and the hubs did too!!

    Gonna try to watch a couple more hours of the marathon tonight. 50 hours takes up 30% of my DVR space, so I'm gonna have to watch at least a couple hours a night! Will try to finish it up next weekend!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, March 31 2013 11:25 PM

    For those of you who, like me, have recorded the GH Marathon, and are planning to watch them at a later date, here's some info on the order of the shows.

    The first seven episodes are actually five historically significant shows dealing with Luke and Laura's relationship, including their wedding and honeymoon (1981), their return to Port Charles after years on the run (1993), and Laura's awakening from a four year coma (2006). These are sandwiched by two, half hour long, black and white episodes, starting with the first General Hospital ever broadcast from April 1, 1963, which leads off the Marathon, and then another episode, also from 1963 in the seventh spot.

    From there and starting with show #8, the episodes are in chronological order, starting with December 13, 1979 (AJ's birth), to November 21, 2012 (Edward's funeral).

    There are actually 51 episodes in all (including the two 30 minute shows), spanning 50 years in 50 hours. It's very interesting the way they can jump ahead weeks or months at a time, but it's still easy to follow the story. One episode, some couple meets, the next, they're getting married or having kids, and then the next, one of them is dead! Very soapy, for sure, but highly concentrated soap.

    The complete list of shows in order, including a synopsis of each episode is available on


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