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    Here We Are Again.

    Friday, March 29 2013
    Spin and Ellie try to make an important decision, Helena speaks to Alexis, and Maxie asks Felicia the important question.

    Outside Nikolas’ room Liz tells AJ she can’t believe this is happening. Alexis arrives at GH. Liz explains Nick’s heart stopped twice in the night. Alexis sits with Nikolas and gently demands he get better. AJ comforts Liz. She confesses Nick was more than a friend and mentions her affair and the baby mix-up. AJ thinks Helena makes Tracy look like a walk in the park. He tells Liz he’d never judge her and he’s a phone call away. They hug and AJ leaves to see Ellie. In the lab Spin tells Ellie he found clarity speaking with AJ and he’s decided he wants kids. Ellie thanks him for his honesty but won’t reconsider and they argue. Spinelli asks why Tracy was at the lab. Ellie tells him the recipe is safe and gets back on topic. Spin says they are at a crossroads. They don’t know what they are doing but they both don’t want to break up. Ellie bumps into AJ after Spin leaves. AJ asks about the lab results. Ellie confirms results were delivered and pulls up the delivery information on her tablet. AJ reads the signature line that says, "Kiss my tuchess, AJ. I win."

    Felicia brings Maxie food at the apartment. Maxie can’t eat from worry. Felicia explains Frisco is helping to find Lulu. Maxie confesses her dad wants Felicia back. Felicia knows and recounts how Mac punched Frisco. Mac’s mad at Felicia and only speaks to her through Mr. Marbles. Maxie confronts her about sending mixed signals and wants to know who Felicia wants. Felicia says she has to talk to Mac about this and leaves. Spinelli arrives needing someone to talk to about having a future without a child of his own.

    Mac plays ventriloquist with Mr. Marbles at the Floating Rib to practice for the Nurses’ Ball. Frisco arrives mad about being sucker-punched. Mac tells him an apology is all he is going to get. Frisco talks about family and Maxie’s baby. Mac tells Frisco she is just a surrogate and he can’t use that baby to get Felicia back. Mac wonders how low Frisco can go after using his kids all the time to manipulate Felicia. Frisco punches Mac and confesses his love for Felicia. He thanks Mac for being good to his family and tells him to let Felicia go. They are arguing about what Felicia wants when she arrives. Mac tells her to tell Frisco she doesn’t return his feelings. She says she cannot do that, she loves them both. Mac tells her to choose.

    Luke and Laura are lowered onto the Haunted Star via helicopter. Luke wants to sink it when they are done. They prepare to face the dragon lady. Helena finds them with guns drawn in the bar. She tells them it seems like old times and invites them to make themselves at home since it is their boat. Her henchmen come in and Laura hands over her gun. Helena requests Luke’s gun for Laura’s life. Luke obliges and Laura demands Helena give back her daughter. Helena doesn’t know what her sons ever saw in Laura. Laura asks if she will shoot them like she had Nikolas shot. Helena’s surprised and upset. Luke asks, "If you didn’t have him shot then who did?" Helena doesn’t believe them and slaps Luke for his wise-cracking. Laura calls GH to prove it. Alexis picks up Scott’s phone in Nick’s room. Alexis tells them she will stay there until he is out of the woods. She’s caught off guard when Helena says to see that she does or she’ll be killed like her mother. Helena hangs up and Laura demands to see Lulu. Helena denies her claiming Laura’s responsible for what happened to Nikolas. Helena takes a gun and threatens to put an end to everything by taking care of Laura. Outside Dante climbs onto the Haunted Star in a wetsuit.

    Back at the hospital Alexis tells a still unconscious Nikolas that his grandmother actually has feelings. Liz comes in and hears Luke and Laura have been captured. Liz asks about Dante. Alexis says Helena didn’t mention him.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Tracy offers up a toast to AJ to celebrate her victory.

    Bobbie and Carly talk about AJ.

    Sonny tells Michael he loves Connie and Kate.

    Helena threatens Laura at gunpoint.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.
    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by ransomha at Friday, March 29 2013 01:02 PM

    Liked the scenes with Liz and AJ and that's pretty much it.....

    Mac and the dummy was kind of embarrassing,
    Ellie is right not to have children,

    Nice to see Helena and that stunning suit but, we've seen this and heard that so many times.

    Maxie's belly sure got big fast!

    Posted by Texastwin at Friday, March 29 2013 01:07 PM

    I have to say that being immediately captured does not bode well for Luke and Laura. Good thing they have Dante to save them.

    Spinelli needs to dump Ellie now. It will only be more difficult as time goes by. Spinelli go look for woman that you can love and have children with.

    A.J. you have been had - so sad. A.J. accepted stolen property in order to get the receipe so I have no sympathy for him.

    Felicia has never known what she want or who she wants. Nothing new there.

    Posted by Texastwin at Friday, March 29 2013 01:10 PM

    Maxie is only 3 months and I doubt she would need that dress this early.

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, March 29 2013 01:16 PM

    I agree--a bit too early for Maxie's dress--and her "bump."

    Now what for Luke and Laura? Will they be imprisoned by Helena C. or will Dante call in the calvary?

    Surely this is not all of Luke and Laura's "great adventure"?!

    Even Helena gets a stunner of an outfit--per usual. Now I'm awaiting Laura's.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, March 29 2013 01:20 PM

    Nancy Marie ~ Helena always has stunning outfits.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Friday, March 29 2013 01:54 PM

    Hello everyone,

    I love that Elizabeth has AJ as a friend to turn to. I love the progression we're seeing with them, and they're not immediately jumping into anything. That will make their relationship that much more special, when they actually kiss (or I should say if they actually kiss).

    Poor Luke and Laura. Of course, Helena will act as if she has no idea about what happened to Lulu or even Nikolas for that matter. The line of the day for me, IMO was when Alexis told Nikolas that Helena stil had feelings. Yes, she does for Nikolas, but seeing as Lulu is a Spencer through and through, she could care less about her. Come on Luke and Laura! Put that old bat to rest once and for all! You can do it!

    I can understand why Falicia loves both Mac and Frisco, but she does need to choose. Mac was there when Frisco wasn't able to, because he chose a life with the WSB, instead of his children and his wife. Of course, that didn't stop Falicia from running off and cheating on Mac for Luke when she wanted to help him find Lucky. I will feel bad for Mac, if she chooses Frisco.

    I'm glad that Spinelli and Ellie have agreed that they don't want to break up, but it just seems too soon that the varying opinion of children should be an issue in this early stage in their relationship. I hope they can work things out though.

    Other than that, not too much excitement, except for the Luke and Laura stuff.

    Hope everyone's doing well, and hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Friday, March 29 2013 01:59 PM


    I've missed you! Haven't seen you post in quite a while. Hope you're doing well.

    Ita on today's episode with Luke and Laura, and Falicia and Mac. It's old and it's probably going to be very predictable, but as long as Luke and Laura are in a front and center story, I'm all for it!

    Posted by Lady Isadorra at Friday, March 29 2013 02:02 PM

    I completely agree with you Rans!!! Liked the scenes with Liz and AJ but the rest was sub-par!

    I cant help but Love AJ this go around so I hope he gives Tracy a run for her money! Her bullying has always irritated me but I love her and AJ's witty banter! I really shouldn't feel sorry for him because he stole the relish recipe but I don't care, I am just ready for someone to get the best of Tracy!! I think AJ is really trying to do the right thing and rebuild his life and that takes courage so Kuddos AJ!! Let all the haters hate!!

    I cant stand what they are putting Mac through with Felicia and Frisco, we have all been here before with this trio!

    I love Helena, Luke, and Laura but we have been here with this trio too!

    I am over the great children debate! How can you be at odds over something THAT huge and just say "Oh well lets just agree to disagree" and move on like nothing game changing has happened in the relation ship! I just cant get into Ellie and Spin! I love Spin to pieces but I there is something I just cant stand about Ellie?? Who knows! But I am checking out and fast forwarding through this couple and that's sad because I love Spin!

    Also agree its a little early for the maternity wear as well!!

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, March 29 2013 02:05 PM

    didnt that dummy look exactly like Charlie McCarthy??

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, March 29 2013 02:06 PM

    wow wish I could snap my head around as fast as Constance did when she heard Nicholas was shot.

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