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    This Is The Truth.

    Thursday, March 28 2013
    It's day one of rehearsal for the Nurses' Ball, Patrick tries to reach Sabrina, and Tracy becomes secretary for a day.


    Patrick bumps into Liz at the nurses’ station. She sees the picture of Sabrina and Emma when she picks up his phone. She knows Emma sent it to him on graduation day and asks why he showed up that day. They discuss Sabrina and Liz is pleasantly surprised that Sabrina may have snagged Magic Milo. Patrick says he has baggage and maybe he should let Milo make Sabrina happy like he claims he can. Elizabeth changes Patrick’s thinking and he picks up the phone to call Sabrina.

    At the Metro Court Lucy meets TJ and thanks Molly for the jailbreak. TJ starts helping and overhears Molly update Lucy about Rafe. Lucy is eager to help Rafe while nearby TJ appears tired of hearing about Rafe. Anton bumps into Sam asking if he knows her while Milo is pleasantly surprised for the invitation to the Nurses’ Ball. He offers to help. Milo steps away and Sabrina tells Felix she would have blown Milo off for Felix. Felix tells her their troubles were his fault and hugs her. All of a sudden Lucy starts rallying the performers for rehearsal when a familiar voice rings out, "Richard’s here with joy and cheer!" Lucy gives Richard Simmons a hug and announces he is choreographing their opening number, a song he wrote for the ball inspired by his gossip with Nurse Amy Vining. They start the music and practice dancing the Luke and Laura Dance. Lucy shuts the music off after hearing all of Port Charles’ secrets in the lyrics. Richard defends his song as being the truth and doesn’t care about offending Monica. He thinks Bobbie would let him do it. Lucy argues it’s her Nurses’ Ball. Epiphany breaks up the fight. Sabrina pipes up and asks for a compromise. Lucy says the song is out and Richard says, "No music, no choreographer," and leaves throwing a goodbye to Milo. Sabrina brainstorms and TJ offers Molly up as a lyricist and thinks he can do the music. Felix says they still need a choreographer and Anton volunteers to help. Lucy wants proof. Anton says he needs a partner. Felix volunteers and Anton invites Sam who declines. Epiphany steps forward, and Lucy decides she will test out Anton’s skills. While Sabrina is busy Milo declines an incoming call from Patrick on her cell and deletes his message.

    Spinelli visits ELQ at AJ’s request. He calm’s Spinelli’s fears and tells him he could make it up to him by finding the missing heir. Spinelli agrees to take on the task and hopes it will help his relationship woes. AJ is confused since they are perfect geeks together, but Spin says she doesn’t want children as he does. AJ tells Spinelli not to back down if that is what he wants. AJ has to leave to practice with Elizabeth but Spinelli tells him she is probably at the hospital worrying about Nikolas. AJ leaves for the hospital. Ellie finds Tracy lurking in the lab. Tracy tries to bribe Ellie and offers to open up the Ellie Salmon Laboratory. Ellie refuses the money and Tracy compares her integrity to Spinelli’s. Ellie defends Spin after Tracy threatened to leave him homeless. Tracy is not impressed with her loyalty but Ellie confesses their break-up was about differing opinions about having children. Tracy compliments her. She is a woman of principles and should stand her ground. Thinking they have an understanding, Tracy tries again to get the recipe. Ellie explains it was sent out for an independent analysis and results would be forwarded directly to AJ. Tracy leaves and Ellie calls the lab to check on the results. She is happy Spinelli shows so they can talk. Meanwhile back at ELQ Tracy is going through AJ’s office. A delivery guy comes in to drop of the lab results. Tracy admits she’s AJ’s secretary and signs for it.

    Alexis asks Rafe what he’s doing at her home. He shares the trouble of everyone knowing the history of his parents. Shawn takes an opportunity when they are alone to make Molly’s relationship with TJ clear. Rafe offers to go to the Metro Court to see Molly but Alexis says she’ll be home soon and invites him to stay. She makes a call to check on Nikolas. She is surprised by the news.

    Back at the hospital AJ catches Elizabeth coming out of Nikolas’ room and asks how he is doing.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Ellie lays it out for Damien.

    Maxie tells Felicia she knows Frisco wants her back.

    Frisco slugs Mac.

    Alexis arrives at the hospital to get news about Nikolas.

    Laura holds Helena at gunpoint.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.
    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 28 2013 12:45 PM

    So glad to hear a piece of GH history revised. The rap song that Richard Simmons was playing was actually a rap song from the 80's by Afternoon Delights. You can see the lyrics at this website: › The Afternoon Delights

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 28 2013 12:50 PM

    Seem to be having trouble accessing, so here are the lyrics:
    General Hospi-Tale
    The Afternoon Delights
    Lead vocals: Rebecca Hall
    (H. King/L. Tedesco)

    Rock it hard, rock it steady
    Pick yourself up and get yourself ready
    Wave your arms let me hear you yell
    We're gonna rap about General Hospi-Tale

    It started out in Port Charles town
    Where Frank Smith's mob used to hang around
    No one could prove that he was a crook
    Till Luke stole his little black book

    It had names and numbers all in code
    So Luke and Laura had to hit the road
    They had to find the left-handed boy
    Watch their step, they had to be coy

    The gold involved was worth so much
    Others wanted it like Sally and Hutch
    But there's one thing I must confess
    Sally was a man who wore a dress

    Luke kept his cool, he ain't no fool
    He set them both up cold
    Well Sally died, Hutch survived
    And no one got the gold

    "Paging Dr. Noah Drake to ICU to treat a case of heartbreak"

    They keep me waiting
    I don't mind waiting
    Don't call me crazy
    No I'm not lazy
    My day won't go right
    I can't sleep all night
    My hands start shaking
    My knees start aching
    I just can't cope without my soap

    General Hospi-Tale
    General Hospi-Tale
    Umm, number one
    General Hospi-Tale
    You're my worst affliction
    General Hospi-Tale
    You're my favorite addiction

    Monica likes to have her fun
    That is why she had a son
    She told Rick he was the dad
    Soon found out that he'd been had

    "There's one thing that you can give me that Leslie can't and that's passion"

    Alan was the father, of course
    And he won't give Monica a divorce
    Rick wants to get Leslie back
    Heather's havin' an insane attack

    "I'll get Diana Taylor"

    She's not crazy, uh-uh, no never
    She just wants to get Dr. Jeff Webber
    Jeff wants Annie for his wife
    But he might have to wait all of his life
    Cause good girls don't, and Annie won't
    And you all know what I mean

    Amy Vining likes to blab
    Richard Simmons helps fight flab
    Susan's having Alan's baby
    Noah wants Bobbi for his lady

    Well Luke got another job
    The Quartermaines are the brand new mob
    Laura's the receptionist
    What's missing now is the Ice Princess

    "Yes, Luke Spencer, please"

    Diamonds, not gold, are in it this time
    Scorpio, the house of Cassadine
    On and on and on it goes
    How it ends up nobody knows, cause

    They keep me waiting
    I don't mind waiting
    Don't call me crazy
    No I'm not lazy
    My day won't go right
    I can't sleep all night
    If I don't find out
    It blows my mind out
    I just can't cope without my soap

    General Hospi-Tale
    General Hospi-Tale
    Umm, number one
    General Hospi-Tale
    You're my worst affliction
    General Hospi-Tale
    You're my favorite addiction

    General Hospi-Tale
    Addiction, addiction
    General Hospi-Tale
    Addiction, addiction
    General Hospi-Tale
    You're my inspiration
    General Hospi-Tale
    Gonna stay tuned to this station
    General Hospi-Tale
    Addiction, addiction
    General Hospi-Tale
    Tell me what's goin' on
    Did you see it today?
    General Hospi-Tale
    Tell me what's goin' on!
    General Hospi-Tale
    Addiction, addiction
    I love my General Hospi-Tale

    From: "David Hayman"

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:03 PM

    Midas ~ Thanks for posting the lyrics to the song. That is too cool.

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:09 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    Wow! And so it begins! Luke and Laura are off on their adventure to find Lulu, and the nurses ball is getting under way!

    Today's scenes with everyone rehearsing were hilarious! I have only read the recap, and have already gotten a good laugh!
    ! I think I may actually watch the entire show on soapnet tonight which I haven't done in quite a while!

    Only thing I could have dealt without today were the scenes surrounding Ellie in the lab. That whole relish story just seemed out of place today with everything else going on. Beyond that, Great show today, and looks like tomorrow's is gonna be great too! This whole week's been awesome!

    I hope that everyone's having a good day, and will post as I read comments!

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:17 PM


    Thanks for posting those lyrics! I love that they've been able to incorperate GH's rich history in with everything currently going on today! Awsome! Those lyrics to that song were great! Now, I really can't wait to see the show. thanks Midas!

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:20 PM

    Lovesdogs and mayzo, you're both welcome.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:21 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Seems like an okay episode, although, it sounds more like DWTS, than trying to work out performances for the nurses ball. I can't wait to see those scenes, so that I can hear Richard's song that he had written. That's great! I hope that they can work everything out so that Richard can help as well as the DWTS person (that's what I'm calling him, because I don't remember his name), and it's obvious too that they want him pared with Sam because KM was his partner on DWTS. I'm glad though Epifony stepped up and agreed to dance with him. That's gonna be interesting to see, if that's what ends up happening! Of course, this is the first day or rehursle, so not everything will work out the right way the first time anyway. Lucy's probably ready to explode! lol!

    Ellie and Spinelli seem too young to have a breakup over their different opinions of children. They've only dated a few months, and this issue is creaping up? At least with Dante and Lulu, children wasn't a priority on their lists, until they were married, and if they had talked, it was hypethetical. Maybe, the conversation was hypethetical with Spin Ellie, but seems rather silly right now at this early stage to break up over that.

    So, Milo deleted a message from Patrick on Sabrina's phone? I don't think she would have appreciated that. Thought that was interesting though.

    Hope everyone else is doing wel, and will post as I read comments, and on tomorrow's GH!

    It's gonna be interesting to see Elizabeth and AJ's conversation, after hearing of her relationship with Nikolas. I wonder what the news is that Alexis is shocked to hear? Interesting!

    Posted by Clemben at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:26 PM

    Midas, I was just thinking of this the other day. I was hoping they would incorporate this song during the anniversary. Thanks for the lyrics. I remember some of them, but not all.

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:29 PM

    Hi, Clemben. You're more than welcome.

    Leaving the board for a while. Will check in later.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, March 28 2013 01:33 PM

    Hi all.

    Maks (DWTS pro) was not KeMo's partner. Val was. Maks is his brother & friends w/KeMo IRL Val was suppose to do on but his schedule would not allow it so maks stepped in. I would love to see them dance.

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