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    I'm Leaving Port Charles.

    Tuesday, March 19 2013
    The Spencers and Falconeri's are surprised by a teddy bear, Scott and Lucy threaten the Mayor of Port Charles, and Liz gives AJ another chance.

    John’s sure he messed up Sam’s life. They kiss in his hotel room. John asks if she’s okay. At first Sam is. John wonders if they shouldn’t proceed. She reflects on what has transpired between them since he came to Port Charles. He guesses they are doing the right thing by not getting involved. She reminds him of all he’s done for her. He agrees it has been a hard year for him. All the good he has experienced was in knowing her and Danny. They decide maybe it is for another lifetime. They kiss and she leaves.

    Carly and Todd don’t want to talk and kiss in her living room. He is eager to take it further but she shuts him down and asks him to leave. He doesn’t. Carly agrees she wants him, but doesn’t trust him. He reiterates what he did wrong and how Carly has punished him. His pleas continue but she is done listening. She gets personal and talks of her failings and ability to sabotage any relationship she has ever had. Carly tells Todd about his wonderful qualities but whatever they had is over. She tells him to say goodbye and walk away. He kisses her and leaves.

    Felix and Liz close the elevator doors on AJ at the hospital. He talks to Michael on his cell but is preoccupied. He asks two nurses where Liz went. They joke he might be a stalker but sell him tickets to the Nurses’ Ball for information on Liz’s location.

    Michael and Starr come home discussing the many uses of Pickle-Lila, excited that Ellie remembered the secret ingredient. Michael’s hopeful AJ got what he wanted and shares the news over the phone. He tells Starr AJ sounded distracted. They go to bed and reflect on things they are thankful for. Starr gets an unexpected phone call. She hangs up and tells Michael she is leaving Port Charles.

    Scott and Lucy argue at the Floating Rib over the merits of waiting for a big wedding. Lucy convinces Scotty that Laura will find out about Luke and Anna and it will be over for him. Lucy decides to help get a marriage license. She pumps up Felix and Liz with enthusiasm for the Nurses’ Ball as they arrive and she and Scotty leave. Liz and Felix stay for drinks and AJ shows up. He gets the cold shoulder but explains his lies and apologizes. He tells Liz how much she means to him and that any plot with Carly to save ELQ is not worth it. AJ pours his heart out and Felix starts crying about how romantic everything AJ said was. Liz stops AJ before he leaves and tells him she will give him another chance if he performs with her at the Nurses’ Ball. He agrees.

    At Dante and Lulu’s, Laura considers Lulu’s question about Luke being free. Olivia enters with Bobbie’s gift. Lulu is excited but Luke interrogates Olivia about the origin of the package. Olivia doesn’t understand what’s wrong. Laura says they’ve made a lot of enemies. Luke shares recent events of the fake ice princess. While Luke and Laura argue about Scotty being involved, Olivia notices the bag is ticking. Luke tries to get them all out of the apartment but Lulu is busy. As they leave she returns to the bag and eagerly goes through it. Luke yells and there’s an altercation. The package spills. A bear with a big clock in the belly stares back at them. Lulu says it is a sleep aid for the baby. Olivia sees the clock and passes out. She recovers quickly and Dante takes her to the hospital. Lulu begins a conversation with Luke and Laura about him being available. Laura’s interrupted by a phone call and leaves to meet Scotty. Luke wonders what’s up with Laura. Lulu tells Luke the real reason Laura is here and why she agreed to marry Scott.

    Lucy and Scott arrive at the court house. An employee tells him it is quitting time and tries to leave. Scotty makes an attempt to sweet talk and bribe the clerk without success. He tells Lucy he needs a marriage license tonight. She runs off after the clerk, losses him, but wrangles the Mayor and her assistant into Scotty’s troubles. Lucy threatens the Mayor into helping Scotty. He jokes her job could be on the line and he could run for mayor.

    Laura meets Scott at the court house and he explains they can get married right now.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Todd confronts Michael and Starr.

    Carly and Sam have a drink together and make a toast.

    John says he has to turn his life around.

    Patrick tells Olivia and Dante that he has her test results.

    Scott wants to spend the rest of his life with Laura.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:46 PM



    It appears that the OLTL's got their send offs from their SO's:

    Sam and McBain~~~no farewell sex!
    Carly and Toddy~~~goodbye(for now, I'm sure)
    Starr and Michael~~~"I gotta leave Port Charles" sex; although sex preceded Starr knowing she had to leave.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:00 PM

    I thought I would play the Devil's Advocate here. I read Sunshinegal's post this morning (11:26 am post) wondering about Luke-Laura and Scott. And why Scott became the villain and Laura and Luke became the "good guys" She has a pretty good point. I suppose somewhere along the line Luke & Laura became viewer favorites. It piqued my interest and I went back and read the history of these three. WHOOA....!!! Snow White & Prince Charming they're NOT. (Neither are you FROM so what's your point

    I kinda remember at the time there was some "flack" about Laura & Luke in the "digests" , etc......Remember this was BEFORE Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and our newest member of the diplomatic corps - Dennis Rodman.

    So I am just wondering where did the transformation take place that these two (Luke & Laura) become America's couple and were "meant for each other" ....I find the development very interesting.

    *************OFF TOPIC**************

    Another busy week for me - hopefully I can get back and read the comments, at least, for this afternoon's show.

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:18 PM

    So Scotty & Lucy threaten Mayor McCheese! Starr gets a call.."Got ta go Michael, they're threatening the producers of the show...oops I mean I have a family emergency and I'll be back hopefully in the near future."Olivia fainting is really becoming annoying, I wouldn't dare play a drinking game on how many times this woman faints.It ranks right up there when Kate use to have a memory and held her hands out dumbly.

    Posted by BarbG at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:23 PM

    Carly you never seem to disappoint me. Knowing that Todd did kidnap Sam's baby and his knowing that Jason was the father you would forgive him. What kind of a friend are you. If Jason's character were alive he would never forgive her. Look at all the time that was wasted with Jason's not knowing he had a son! Of course Carly is destined to be involved with screw-ups only. Jax was the only decent man in her life. I wish he had custody of their daughter and also Morgan! If she invites this idiot (Todd) into her life at least the kids would survive.

    Posted by ladybelle at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:25 PM

    Well I didn't get to see John and Sam make love,but the kiss was good. Are they not going to get together ? Maybe if he comes back from OLTL. Lucy runs her mouth too much. I don't want Laura to marry Scotty. What is wrong with Olivia? As for as AJ and Liz,I don't know. I guess Todd and Starr will be leaving for a while.I think that's what the phone call was for. I guess John will leave since he's turning his life around.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:28 PM

    The sound you're hearing is Carly cranking up the trolling motor. Who will she have her sights on this time? Who hasn't she had? That should be a short list. What was that bear with a clock in his belly about? Child's sleep aid? I thought that's what cute mobiles were for. I think Felix is hilarious, without being overdone. Liz & AJ, don't see this going anyplace good. How many tests do they need to run on Oblivia? Seems like something should have shown up by now.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:36 PM

    from ~ Scotty was always somewhat of a control freak and into manipulating situations in his favor. Luke and Laura became so popular the summer they spent on the run from the Mob. You can find video on utube of this. One of the hi-lights of that summer was their dance in Windham department store.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:41 PM

    Good for Carly for giving Todd the boot. Guess we've seen the last of the OLTL 3 for now, Todd is supposed to come back, but we will see. I'd like Carly to re-connect with Jax. They were really good together.
    If the OLTL people return, there's plenty of time to work them into new story lines. Sounds like it's going to be pretty busy with some of the other story lines for the next couple of months.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:42 PM

    Midas ~ Great Recap.

    OT ~ SouthGagirl hope you are doing ok and they found out what was causing your heart issues.

    Posted by ttoyou at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:50 PM

    That Carly is, lets face it. Easy. Max, Shawn, then Johnny, and five minutes later Todd. I think it was two minutes between Shawn and Johnny. She sure has plenty to choose from, I'll say that for her. So, who's next. I have a funny feeling it will be AJ. She hasn't really been with him. Just been with him once, I think. Not sure.

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