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    I Love You Both.

    Thursday, March 14 2013
    Starr wants revenge on Todd, Molly gets her credit, and Sonny gets through to Connie.

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    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, March 14 2013 03:51 PM

    Hi everyone,

    In case anybody was wondering today's episode of GH was a repeat of Wednesdays show. We are all on the same page again.

    I'm disappointed in AJ that he would go along with Carly's silly scheme after everything she did to him and what he lost, and then I remember that his focus has been ELQ and Michael, which Carly played to the hilt. I am of the opinion that AJ is really interested in having a relationship with Liz and he will do the right thing and confess everything to Liz. She is his one true friend right now.
    If we have any hope of seeing the end of DID, it rests in Sonny's hands and him sticking with the ultimatum he gave Connie.
    I don't know why Connie is so afraid. The Kate we knew was a fierce, career driven woman with great fashion taste. How can she lose?
    I enjoyed the scene with Maxie and Spinelli discussing the baby and the possibility of each having their own baby one day. I'm looking forward to Spinelli's reaction when the truth comes out, which we know always does.
    Looks like Todd's days are numbered with the strange phone call from his daughter, Dani. I'll miss him and his wacky ways until he comes back.


    Ransomha.....Miss you. Hope everything is well with you.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, March 14 2013 03:54 PM

    I don't know if anyone saw this, but here's the link to a MSN story about the GH 50th. /> There's supposed to be a 50 hour marathon on SoapNet the weekend before April 1st.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, March 14 2013 03:55 PM

    ***OFF TOPIC***

    Hi Lily- I have a meatloaf question. I found this gourmet meatloaf recipe using fresh bread crumbs and sundried tomatoes but, it also calls for ketchup to be placed on the top—what can I use instead of ketchup?

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, March 14 2013 03:59 PM

    poodles - You could use tomato sauce with a bit a vinegar and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Now I want meatloaf.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, March 14 2013 04:02 PM


    Poodles & Lily-- This is amazing! I'm making meatloaf right now. Just got thru the chopping. I'd love to know of something different, too.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, March 14 2013 04:03 PM

    ***OFF TOPIC***

    Lily- you just saved dinner. I never buy ketchup and didn’t see it as an ingredient. Thank you.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, March 14 2013 04:04 PM

    bayou - Have you ever put 1/2 in. cubes of cheese into the meatloaf mix before it goes into the oven?

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, March 14 2013 04:04 PM

    bayou- great minds think a like.:) LOL

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 14 2013 04:06 PM

    @bayoubtr and TipsyTess-- glad you both liked Sonny's song of the day.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, March 14 2013 04:07 PM

    **OFF TOPIC**

    My recipe calls for 1/2 shredded Provolone.

    Lily- should I use vinegar if I use the Worcestershire? This is my first attempt at Meatloaf.

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